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Removing Old Caulking

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Re-Caulking Around Toilet

The first step in recaulking around fixtures, countertops, and other areas is to remove the existing caulking. This is a guide about removing old caulking.


Solutions: Removing Old Caulking

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Tip: Tool for Removing Old Caulking

caulk removing toolI needed to remove the old caulking between the backsplash and the counter. I found a really neat tool at Lowe's that made this task very quick and easy! Originally I had tried a razor blade, but without much success. All you do is slide the tool along the surface and it scrapes up the caulking without damaging the surfaces.

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Here are questions related to Removing Old Caulking.

Question: Removing Hardened Bathtub Caulking

How do I remove old caulk from a bathtub? I have a tool but the caulk is so hard I can't remove it.

Wanda from Dayton, OH


Most Recent Answer

By Gerald Groomes09/30/2009

If you're a "Penny-pincher" as I am, use a hammer & chisel to remove the hard stuff. Just be careful not to use a lot of muscle when hammering- tap the chisel.

This should remove most of the caulk. Finish by using a putty knife or scraper. Be sure to thoroughly clean the area with alcohol. This removes the 'oily' residue and helps the caulk adhere.

Question: Removing Caulking From Shower

How do I remove caulking from my shower?

NC from CA


Most Recent Answer

By Jessica [3]08/26/2008

There is a remover you can purchase at your local hardware store, goo gone is also an option. In addition they actually make a triangle type scraper that will remove the remainder of the goo.

Question: Removing Caulk from a Faucet

How do I remove rubberized caulk from chrome faucet?

Cissy from Tulsa, OK

Most Recent Answer

By lisa [5]06/29/2007

Hi Cissy,
have you tried to carefully cut it away with a razor scrapping tool? That's what my dad (a licensed plumber) does and my son, (a card carrying plumbing apprentice) when they reset my fixtures.

Here's a tip too, bleach products are apparently very bad to use on Chalk sealants. I know because I loved my bleach pen in the bathroom, but it didn't love me, LOL. Both explained (repeatedly) how it should NEVER be used on sealant as they replaced it all cause the bleach made it come off all the places it wasn't supposed to, including the seal around the bottom of the toilet.
Good luck

Question: Caulk Removal in Shower

What's the best way to remove caulk in a shower between the tile and aluminum glass frame so that the new caulk will seal completely?

By Andrew M.