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Removing Rust Stains From Tile

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Removing Rust Stains From Tile

A stubborn stain to clean off can be rust. This guide is about removing rust stains from tile.


Here are questions related to Removing Rust Stains From Tile.

Question: Removing Rust Stain from Tile

I have tile in the bathroom. It's green in colour and there is stain where water normally stays. I have tried Tide and Janola, and rubbing with steel wool. I have also used cement powder. Please help.

By Shainaaz

Question: Removing Rust Stain from Slate Tile

How do you get a rust mark off of slate tile?

By Kay from Nashville, TN

Most Recent Answer

By kay [4]10/30/2010

I found Whink at ACE Hardware and it worked like magic! Thank you so much!

Question: Removing Rust from Tile Floors

I have a problem. I have metal cabinets on floor and we moved them. How to get the rust and old wax of the tile floors? I have tried just about every thing. Thank You - Harley

Most Recent Answer

By Wendy (Guest Post)07/31/2005

Try baking soda, it isnt as abrasive as chemical cleansers and works just as well

Solutions: Removing Rust Stains From Tile

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