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Removing Rust Stains from Toilets

Removing Rust Stains from Toilets

It is nice to be able to keep your toilet clean and stain free. This guide is about removing rust stains from toilets.



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Question: Toilet Keeps Getting Rust Spots

In one of my bathrooms I have a commode that gets two rust spots in the same place, all the time, even on the very rare times that I have gotten rid of them. It is a brand new toilet. The really weird thing is that the new toilet gets the rust stains in exactly the same place as the old toilet did. How weird is that?

I've tried a lot of things: CLR, special rust free products, Comet, toilet wands, Greased Lightening. Anyone with a wonderful idea? Thanks so much!


Most Recent Answer

By Sherry [2]10/24/2008

I have dealt with iron in my water for years and have found that SnoBol brand toilet cleaner will get rust off. The rust will come back though and you will have to clean again. I would not recommend that it be used on chrome fixtures. I will ruin the finish. I hope this helps.

Question: Cleaning Rusty Stains in Toilets

We have purchased an old building that sat empty for a couple years and the pipes are rusty. The toilets have rust in them even though they have been replaced and are used regularly. How do I clean the rust out? CLR doesn't work nor does any toilet bowl cleaners. Thanks.

By Trish


Most Recent Answer

By gbk [45]07/17/2012

I have some rust in my water and I use white vinegar on my shower, shower curtain and my toilet. Just spray on full strength and let sit and it will take a swish with a brush in the toilet but will come clean. the shower I don't do anything with it but shower and before I get out or just after while wet I spray with the white vinegar. Good luck

Question: Removing Rust in Toilet Bowl

How do you get rid of rust in toilet bowl? I've tried bleach cleaners.

By Sandy

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