Repairing Scratches on Formica

Formica countertop.

Over time your laminate countertops can get scratched. The appearance of minor scratches can be repaired. This is a guide about repairing scratches on Formica.



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Question: Diminishing Scratches on Vintage Formica Table Top

I have a vintage table (50s?) chrome with a red top, Formica I believe. It has some small/thin scratches on the surface. What products might work well to cover scratches and not damage the finish?


By Al

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By joan 5 4 08/02/2010

I had a similar problem with cream colored formica counter tops. Here is how I camouflaged the scratches: I build dollhouses, so I have a large assortment of small bottles of acrylic paints. They are water-based, and come in many colors. You can get them in AC Moores or Michaels craft stores for about a dollar a bottle. Here's what you do: find a red color (mix and match till you are happy with the match with your table color) and then squeeze a small amount of paint right on your table scratches. Spread it around with a soft cloth til you see the color being absorbed into the scratches. Wait a few seconds and buff the paint areas briskly with a clean cloth. You may see a dullness on the table. simply take a cloth, dampen it and wipe the area, using a gentle touch. You don't want to remove the color from the now filled-in scratches. However, this will remove any unwanted color from the non-damaged areas. It worked perfectly on my cream kitchen counters. something tells me it will make your table look great. It just fools the eye, and using water based paint makes this a very safe thing to try. Good luck! Tell me if it works for you. P.S. you may need to re-apply the paint periodically. Just repeat the steps I outlined. There is no chance of a build-up.

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Question: Repairing Scratches on Formica

How can you repair minor Formica scratches?

By Carroll N

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Question: Repairing Scratches on Formica Countertop

I was cleaning my toaster with an SOS pad with a paper towel underneath so as not to scratch the Formica. Well, it happened anyway. I have 6 in. long streaks on the grey Formica which are lighter in color than the rest of the counter. I tried to polish, but that didn't work.
Any suggestions?

By STCS from Wilmington, MA

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