Repairing Bleach Stains on Formica

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Unfortunately bleach will often remove the color on Formica countertops. This is a page about repairing bleach stains on Formica.


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December 12, 2012

I want to know if Super Iron Out is a safe product to take off bleach stains in my colored Formica (salmon color) countertop. I used the other products like ( lemon, baking soda, Oxiclean, silver cleaner, etc.) nothing takes off the bleach stains. Also I need the instructions to apply the Super Iron Out. Any other ideas will be very appreciated. Thanks a lot.

By Ileana


September 25, 20141 found this helpful

Yes you can use IronOut. However, it will only remove the stain if it is rust.

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September 26, 20140 found this helpful

Bleach does not leave a stain, it removes color. Possibly applying some kind of stain or dye could restore a bit of color?

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April 19, 20153 found this helpful

Rub WD-40 on the etched stain. The oil will penetrate the surface made porous by the bleach. I have a dark green Formica bathroom counter that I left some toilet bowl cleaner on.


It left a nasty white ring. DO NOT sand, as others have suggested. Just squirt oil and rub out. Ring will be invisible.

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April 2, 20160 found this helpful

Excallent idea! Not perfect but unless you know it's there you can't see it well at all! Didn't have WD40 so used lock ease. Thanks!

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July 6, 20161 found this helpful

Thanks for the tip. I have a black speckled worktop with quite a large rectanglular bleach stain from soaking a lunchbox in kitchen cleaner with bleach. WD-40 works really well and I just keep topping it up when the stain starts showing through again.

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August 20, 20160 found this helpful

I have very dark brown counter top. Unfortunately I got over zealous with bleach for white sink and scrub brush left a deep white bleach mark.


WD 40 was the answer I thank all you suggested it. Immediately turned it around 90%. Applied again invisible to someone not looking for it.

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July 8, 2004

I have what I can only describe as bleached spots on my black laminate counter top. Does anyone now how to remove them, or are they bleached permanently. Thanks.



By Ann (Guest Post)
July 9, 20040 found this helpful

Don't know what the spots could be but I have a solution that will not look perfect but better than it is now. Cover the white areas with a permanent black marker. I have done this on purses, pants, etc and it has held up through the wash. Good luck.

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By Sharon (Guest Post)
January 3, 20050 found this helpful

Laminate is only paper with coating. When that coating has worn off you will get a different color. They don't make laminate like they use to.


We own a cabinet shop and we get complaints like this all the time. The only thing you can do is us a permanent marker or replace the counter top.

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By joey (Guest Post)
January 19, 20050 found this helpful

how do i get white out out of balck pants

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By Carol (Guest Post)
July 2, 20060 found this helpful

Does anyone know how I can clean my black laminate benchtop. No matter what I use, it always seems to look dirty.

Any ideas?

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November 23, 2011

Bleaching a Formica counter top for me has been awful. I thought it was a stain from someone setting something on it, so I soaked the spot with bleach and it got worse. Now I have the same stain only bigger. It's frustrating. If anyone knows what to do please let us know.


By Maggie


November 28, 20110 found this helpful

If bleach has taken the color out, it is not a stain, but the total loss of color. You can't remove this mark. I think you will have to either live with it, or cover it with a cutting board.

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July 3, 20160 found this helpful

I spilled toilet bowl cleaner on my formica countertop does anyone know if anything I'll take that out.

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June 17, 2008

I have white Clorox stains on my dark Formica counter top. Please help.

Liz from Pine Hall, NC


By Louise (Guest Post)
August 29, 20080 found this helpful

Really can't bring back what's lost for color. If you can't hide it under something you may have to replace it. Sorry.

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November 27, 20100 found this helpful

There are new products out now. Home Depot carries a product that allows you to re-color your counter tops.


It's approx. 20.00 I don't know the square footage it covers. Otherwise, buy a potted plant because it's ruined.

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January 29, 2009

I have a Formica countertop in my bathroom. It is only about 3 years old. I have places on my countertop that look "bleached out" from bottles of cleaner I have used and evidently they leaked a little bit. What can I do? I really don't want to keep it like this.



April 19, 20151 found this helpful

Rub WD-40 on the etched stain. The oil will penetrate the surface made porous by the bleach. I have a dark green Formica bathroom counter that I left some toilet bowl cleaner on. It left a nasty white ring. DO NOT SAND, as others have suggested. Just squirt oil and rub out. Ring will be invisible.

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April 19, 20150 found this helpful

Rub WD-40 on the etched stain. The oil will penetrate the surface made porous by the bleach. I have a dark green Formica bathroom counter that I left some toilet bowl cleaner on. It left a nasty white ring. DO NOT sand, as others have suggested. Just squirt oil and rub out. Ring will be invisible.

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October 20, 20150 found this helpful

Thank u sooooooo much!!!!!!

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July 29, 20160 found this helpful

This worked for me just today! Took my white circle stain out immediately with WD40! Great tip!

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October 12, 2019

I just bought a 2005 mobile home. I have an old white formica kitchen counter top, and a medium laminate base cabinet that has bleach bubbles on both. How can I repair it?

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May 21, 2019

I have white formica cabinets; they got stains from a tile acid cleaner. How can I take those stains off?

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July 12, 2016

I bought a house with Formica bathroom counters. They have what looks like bleach stains. Has anyone ever tried to dye Formica with clothing dye? My other option is to bleach more areas and make it look like it is intentional.

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May 3, 2006

My children stained my dark gray formica countertop with toothpaste (whitening toothpaste). Is there a way to restore the color or draw out the "bleached" stain?

Mike from NY


By Vanessa (Guest Post)
June 4, 20061 found this helpful

For starters, thanks for the lesson. I won't make this mistake in my future now! Who knew!?

If I were faced with this, I'd try to find a permanent marker of the same or similar color and try to "stain" it back to the original color. Hairdye might also work. You may have to do "touch-ups" every so often, but it's better than having "loud" white marks all over!!

Good luck!


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August 9, 2004

My almond formica has a lighter ring mark where I set down a gallon of bleach while doing some other cleaning. How do I fix this color difference and make the ring disapear?



August 9, 20040 found this helpful

A similar request was submitted in the past, you can find it here:

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March 8, 2013

I had a stain on the kitchen worktop- white. I cleaned it with bleach and it has made the stain worse.

By Carol

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June 17, 2008

I left a cleaner with bleach in it on top of my Formica countertop. Now there is a bleached out ring. Is there anything I can try before replacing the entire top?

Valerie from Florida


Bleach Stain on Formica Counter Top

There is nothing you can do once the bleach has taken the colour out. It happened to me. However I did sort of solve the problem, I got the local hardware store to mix up a perfect match MELAMINE paint, very carefully applied 2 layers to the offending bleach stain (NOTE** allow the first layer to completely cure for 24 hours before applying the 2nd) and it worked quite well. It was 2 years before we were ready to replace the counter top, and the painted area held up extremely well.

Make sure the Melamine paint is in the same finish as your counter top ie: matte, semi-gloss, high gloss

Make sure you use a very small foam roller > a brush will leave stroke marks and look like an eyesore

Good Luck. (06/12/2007)

By lesley

Bleach Stain on Formica Counter Top

I would try and get a permanent marker pen in a similar colour, apply it to an old rag and brush lightly over the ring in circles I doubt it would wash off. I wouldn't colour the ring direct but apply it on a slightly damp rag. (06/13/2007)

By carol

Bleach Stain on Formica Counter Top

Try Kaboom. Spray it on and let it sit--keep repeating if necessary. This has worked for me, but I did spray it immediately after the bleach left its mark.

I hate Formica Countertops--they stain so easily!

Good Luck! (06/15/2007)

By ginger

Bleach Stain on Formica Counter Top

A temporary fix that I have found works is any oil based wax. It re-darkens the area (which is now more porous due to the bleaching). I used a beeswax based wood care product and it held up for weeks. I simply reapply now and then. (07/20/2007)

By Hawaii Guy

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October 19, 2006

I recently made the big mistake of using bleach to clean stains from my formica kitchen counter. I left it on a long time while going off to do other things. So now there are yellow stains from the bleach. Short of replacing (or painting) it all, any suggestions out there for me? Thanks in advance!




I've done the same thing. Soft scrub worked for me. (05/16/2002)

By Sandy

Bleach Stains on Formica

I have had all kinds of stains on my "almost white" kitchen counter tops! After using a juicer w/ cranberries, I had a red stain about a foot in diameter. Ah! Get out the bleach, right? Wrong. What was a soft red stain immediately turned BRIGHT ORANGE with the bleach! I thought I had ruined the counter. My Bar Keeper's Helper, soft scrub - Nothing fazed it. I thought of lemon juice. (Don't know why.) The lemon juice (reconstituted) almost immediately faded the stain. I use the lemon juice (the cheap, big bottle) for the Formica cabinet tops exclusively now. (06/30/2004)

By Sharon

Bleach Stains on Formica

Glad to see the lemon juice trick. Will give that a try myself. Did the same thing with bleach trying to clean up coffee stains off the counter.

By Mamie

Bleach Stains on Formica

I tried absolutely everything, until I read this on the internet. Reconstituted Lemon Juice is the answer. It took the stain off the cream colored counter not problem. Great solution, thanks for the advice (04/05/2006)

By Georgiana

Bleach Stains on Formica

Try a combination of 1/4 c. hydrogen peroxide, 1 T. baking soda, and 1 T. white vinegar. Rub it in the stain and let stand for at least 10 minutes, then remove the solution with a clean damp cloth. I am not going to say magically the stain disappears, but it makes it drastically less noticeable. (04/28/2006)

By Felicia

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January 29, 2009

I have bleach stains (rings) on my dark green Formica countertops. What can I do to remove them?

Sueboo From Jackson, MS


Bleach Stains on Formica

I have an old '50s Formica countertop, white with metallic flecks (you remember those, right.) I must admit that I am very careless with it and get all kinds of stains from craft projects, including Rit Dye, and Clorox Cleanup always gets rid of them. It's my favorite cleaning product for kitchen and bath. (10/23/2006)

By Claudia-MD

Bleach Stains on Formica

I have used everything from Lemon juice to vinegar to Tide stain remover to Shout to Oxi-clean. I could not find anything until I read that someone used Super Iron Out multi purpose rust stain remover. Believe me it really did work. It comes in a powdered form, I believe I got it at the dollar store. I poured the powder on the stain THEN I added the water, let it set for a short time and the crystal will turn to an orange color, then just wipe away and the stain is gone. They do have a web site listed on the back of the bottle.
Hope it works for ya'll like it did me. (11/01/2006)

By dawn

HELP! Big ugly stains on Formica

Hey everyone,

I have sort of a problem here. I had a lovely blue candle sitting on my Formica counter top and after I picked it up I noticed a nice blue ring (from the wax's dye) sitting on the counter. I've tried a few products on it- don't worry, I know that bleach and Formica don't get along so I'm not doing that one- but does anyone have any ideas as to what I can do to get rid of the stains? I have to get rid of them or I don't get my apartment deposit back! (03/11/2007)

By Melissa

Bleach Stains on Formica

The RUST OUT worked on terrible stains caused by me using bleach on Formica. I tried the lemon juice but it only "muted" the stain. I sprinkled the RUST OUT on the stains and rubbed with a damp paper towel. The stains were gone.
Thank you for the great tip! (05/14/2007)

By Patrice

Bleach Stains on Formica

The hydrogen peroxide, baking soda and vinegar works like magic. (06/25/2008)

By ann

Bleach Stains on Formica

I have an orange Formica countertop which unfortunately has a stain on it from a bottle of cleaning solution being tipped over in the middle of the night. I now have a light orange color instead of a bright orange color. I have tried using a sharpie which isn't working and am currently trying to use an orange acrylic paint - which doesn't look promising. Any suggestions on how I can turn the light orange back to bright orange? (06/30/2008)

By College Student

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