SSDI and Child Support Arrears


I pay child support out of my SS benefits. My arrears balance kept accumulating even though I wasn't able to work. Can that arrears balance be taken off to the date my application was filed and approved by the state for SSDI?

By Carl



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By redhatterb 1 672 01/29/2013

Talk to your department of child support enforcement and your Social Security Office. None of us can really advise you.

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By cybergrannie 32 882 01/31/2013

Hi - it cannot be stressed enough that each case is sometimes different so no one can advise you but someone at your Social Security office. Go there and ask questions - please.

As a general rule SS/SSI/SSID have nothing to do with child support as child support is a court order and not the US government.
Child support is still owed even if the child/children are receiving SS benefits.

The court can sometimes set it up so that SS benefits can go towards child support but only an attorney can help you with this.
Free Attorney services are usually available for anyone on SSI.

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By brownie_37207 1 11/09/2013

In my situation I was paying 1,700 a month when employed. After my military service I had undiagnosed PTSD, which presented itself in loss of many jobs assaultive behavior an extended jail time. After diagnoses I was plced on temporary disability. In NYC recieving $155 cash an two hundred food stamps per month while awaiting the veterans admin disability decision. All the while being charged 1,700 a month which I couldnt pay. So by the time I was awarded my vets benefits my arrears were $70k. My lawyer advised in NYC if living below the poverty level guideline set by the human resoures admin $15k in NY your eligible for the arrears cap initiative. By law they can only charge you 500 a year for each year you can prove you lived below the poverty leval guideline. In my case it alleviated fifty thousand dollars.

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