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Selling Pop Tabs

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Pop Tabs

Aluminum pop tabs may have some monetary value if you find a crafter or recycling center that will buy them. This is a guide about selling pop tabs.


Solutions: Selling Pop Tabs

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Tip: Best Way To Sell Aluminum Tabs

First problem I saw with all you collectors who would like to sell tabs is you keep putting them in milk jugs, 2 liter bottles, etc. STOP THAT! The proper way to store pull tabs is in zip locks, or boxes if you're into larger amounts. I have sold over 40 million of them to support my 3 charities.

Those who oversee larger collection drives do not have the time to shake 3,000 tabs out of a milk jug, and insurance companies may not want them using knives to cut them open. And the scrap yard is just going to turn you away. Recycle the milk jug instead.

Now, selling tabs, E-bay is where the market is, but you got to play by the buyers' rules. Take your tabs, sort them by type, and color. Remove the damaged tabs, now remove the tabs that are not aluminium (use a magnet if you're not sure). Next, it's needle-nose pliers time. Remove that annoying curly thing, it takes up 36% of the space due to the coat-hanger effect, and accounts for 4.4% of your shipping costs.

Count your tabs into 1,000 count baggies. This bag, which containes 26 cents worth of scrap aluminium, is now worth $4 to the person who needs them for arts and crafts. Colored tabs $20 per 1,000, MONSTER tabs $50 per 1,000. In every case, the buyer pays shipping.

Now, as for the curly things, they are also scrap aluminium. Dump them in the bag or box which has the damaged tabs and drop them off at McDonalds. These tabs will be recycled to allow families to remain near their hospitalized children, and you're making 15 times scrap for the tabs you sell.

    By King Of Utah [1]

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    Here are questions related to Selling Pop Tabs.

    Question: Selling Can Tabs

    How much will I get with a 2 litre container filled with can tabs? Where can I exchange them for money in Johannesburg, South Africa?

    By Refeletse


    Most Recent Answer

    By abbuckeye08/08/2013

    Donate them too charity, schools, churches etc. I saved 11.5lbs in the states (yes 11.5lbs) I received a grand total of 5.50 USD$ I was told that charities get more for them at a better rate.

    Question: Selling Pop Can Tabs

    I want sell my Coke can tabs? I have six bottles of two liters tabs. Godi


    Most Recent Answer

    By Lewissan [32]07/18/2013

    It's worth checking on to see if there is a market for selling them to people making recycled crafts.

    Question: Selling Pop Can Tabs

    I have an unknown number of cans, and I would like to know is it worth the trouble of removing the tabs and selling them separately, and where in Lake City, Florida? Would I sell them for top dollar, if they're worth more than just scrapping the whole cans?

    By Danielle D.

    Most Recent Answer

    By Louise B. [5]01/20/2015

    I think Rose Ann has answered your question. It doesn't seem worth it to get $5 for 1000 of them, certainly not if you are going to bother taking the time to remove them, if you have not already done so!

    Question: Selling Pop Can Tabs

    Where can I sell the pop can because the collection is now to much for me.

    By Wellman from JHB Berea

    Most Recent Answer

    By Jess [119]03/30/2014

    You can get the recycling value from the aluminum at any metal recycler. It won't be more than just recycling the whole can though. As for selling just the tabs, sometimes people want them on eBay for crafting purposes.

    Question: Selling Aluminum Pop Can Tops

    Where can I sell can tops in Orlando, Florida beside a recycling center? Do hospitals buy them?

    By Grace

    Most Recent Answer

    By Kat [7]01/06/2014

    You can sell them on Ebay. People buy them to make certain crafts. Just do a search so you can see the average asking price.

    Question: Selling My Pop Can Tabs

    I am in East London. I collected about 7 bottles of pop tabs and now I don't know where to sell them.

    By Vero M from East London

    Most Recent Answer

    By Nightsong [34]10/25/2013

    E-bay is your best bet. Go there and do a search for pop tabs. See what others are selling theirs for and do your similarily.

    Question: Selling Pop Can Tabs

    Where in southern California, Riverside county can I cash in tabs?

    By Janis T.

    Most Recent Answer

    By Spacecase [11]01/22/2015

    Call Riverside City Hall and ask them where to take them. My neighbor takes theirs to a place not far from us. I live in Montclair/Pomona. The recycling center for us is on Mission Blvd.

    Question: Selling Pop Can Tabs

    Where can I sell pop tabs in Limpopo? How much can I get for almost eight liters?

    By B . Siziba from Thabazimbi, Limpopo

    Most Recent Answer

    By cybergrannie [30]05/15/2014

    Well... Hi from Florida, USA! I have no idea where in this world you live (but I will look it up!) so I am sure that I cannot help you. What I can say is that if you are buying all these sodas you may be better off saving some of that money instead of trying to sell the tabs. Just a thought...

    Good luck with your "sale" as tabs are not usually worth much in the USA.
    In fact, most are donated to a "good" cause/charity to help someone in need.

    Question: Selling Pop Tabs in Cape Town

    I live in Cape Town and I'd like to know where exactly can I take my metal pop tabs for sale?

    By X Rumbu from Cape Town, SA

    Most Recent Answer

    By cassyslate03/13/2014

    You may want to look into listing it on the website . It is a website dedicated to crafters.

    Question: Selling Pop Can Tabs

    Where in Albuquerque New Mexico can I sell my soda/beer tabs?

    By dra

    Most Recent Answer

    By Jacquelyn Valentine [13]07/20/2015

    Check on earth911. com. You can just put in your city and it will give you information for recycling in your community.

    Question: Selling Pop Can Tabs

    I have a two litter bottle full of can tab lifters. How much can I get for them?

    By Miss bee

    Most Recent Answer

    By sthabile [1]10/15/2013

    I want to sell my pull tabs.

    Question: Selling Pop Tabs

    I have bulk pop tabs but I don't know how I can sell them. I am in Johannesburg South Africa.

    By Daphne B

    Most Recent Answer

    By falcondraco09/12/2013

    I know it used to be stylish to make soda pop tab bracelets. You could try selling the tabs themselves online, or you could make them into bracelets or necklaces, etc. and sell the finished product. Just a thought.

    Question: Selling Can Pull Tabs

    Where can I sell can pull tabs?

    By spokes h from Johannesburg, SA

    Most Recent Answer

    By Louise B. [5]08/04/2013

    You can sell them at a place that recycles scrap metal, if there is such a dealer in your area. Their value is for the scrap aluminum that they are made of. It is hardly worth the effort. I believe some charities collect them, and then manage to make some money out of it. You would be far better off collecting the whole can for recycling.

    Question: Selling Soda Tabs

    I have a whole milk gallon jug, filled with soda tabs and I was wondering if anyone knows where I could recycle them for cash? I'm from Anaheim, California.

    By Jesus A.

    Most Recent Answer

    By Kat [7]06/29/2013

    Sell them on Ebay, you'll make more than selling them to a recycling center, people use them to make bags and belts.

    Question: Selling Pop Can Tabs in Canada

    I have pop can tabs, like over 3,000, and am looking to sell them to some one in Ontario.

    By Fabian M

    Most Recent Answer

    By delhunts02/25/2014

    If you can ship to Manitoba, I'll pay you $5 for them.

    Question: Money for Pop Tabs

    Where can I change the pop tabs for money?

    By Jailene from Miami, FL

    Most Recent Answer

    By Deanj10/25/2010

    Well, most pop tabs for money is a scam to some degree. If you saved a million pop tabs they would be worth about $350 dollars. A hundred is worth about 3 cents. That is about what a scrap dealer would pay. So collecting and storing a million of those things take up some space plus lugging them to the scrap dealer. A bit more money could be had in collecting the cans and redeeming them for a nickle per can if your state has a recycling law. Or saving the cans and selling them to a scrap metal dealer.

    Question: Selling Pop Can Taps

    Is there a place in the Thomson, Georgia area near by that buys the taps off cans? If so what is the address of the place and the name of it?

    By WM

    Question: Selling Pop Can Tabs

    Where can I sell the tabs at in Daytona Beach Florida?

    By Carol

    Question: Selling Pop Tops

    Where can I sell my pop tops in Miami?

    By Ying P

    Question: Selling Soda Can Tabs

    Where can I take soda pops in Reading, Pennsylania to turn them into cash?

    By John

    Question: Selling Pop Can Tabs

    I was told the police department gives you money for these tabs; is this true?

    By John Z

    Question: Selling Pop Can Tabs

    Where in Kentucky can I cash in my pop pull tabs for the most money?

    By Sheila

    Question: Selling Pop Can Tabs

    Where must I take my tin tabs. I am at Brakpan in GP.

    By Xolile from Tsakane Ext. 11

    Question: Selling Pop Tabs

    Where can I find a place to sell pop tabs in Johannesburg, South Africa?

    By Wilfred I from Joburg

    Question: Selling Pop Tabs

    Where can I sell pop tabs in Las Vegas, Nevada? I need money. Also, what is the easiest way to count them? Thanks!

    By Sophia

    Question: Selling Pop Tabs

    Where can I change the pop tabs for money? From main and Mooi street? If you know where, please tell me?

    By mandisangcobo55

    Question: Selling Pop Can Tabs

    I have pop can tabs and I don't know where I can exchange them for cash.

    By Innocent S.

    Question: Selling Pop Can Tabs

    Where can I sell Coke tabs in Phalaborwa or Tzaneen in Limpopo?

    By Leon N.

    Question: Selling Pop Can Tabs

    Where can we can sell pops tabs in South Africa? It's been a year that I have been trying to find the place to sell them.


    By B Nkomo

    Question: Selling Soda Can Tabs

    I live in Gauteng around Honeydew and I have 2 litres full of soda can tops. I don't know where I can exchange them for cash and how much can I get for a 2 litre bottle?

    By Charles from Johannesburg, SA

    Question: Selling Can Pull Tabs

    I am in King Williams Town, Eastern Cape, South Africa and I wanna sell a 2 litre container full of can pull tabs, where can I sell them and how much are they worth?

    By Zim B

    Question: Selling Pop Tabs on eBay

    I need someone to tell me how to go step by step onto eBay and be successful on selling these can tops. I have no clue and I wanted it to be easy, fast, and successful. Please help.

    By Monica from la Quinta, CA

    Question: Pull Tabs Recycling in South Africa

    Is the pull tab recycling project still active?

    By DumisaC from Centurion

    Question: Selling Pop Tabs

    Who buys pop tabs in Johannesburg, South Africa? Can I get a contact for the buyer?

    By Chris S