Setting Up a Commercial Kitchen at Home

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It is important to follow your local health deoartment's rules and regulations when planning to produce food in your house. This guide is about setting up a commercial kitchen at home.



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Question: Home Kitchen Certification

What does one have to do to get her kitchen certified for jelly and jam making that is going to be sold?

By Faye from Carroll County MD

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By Jean [2] 04/01/2010

I would start by calling your state Health Department. If they aren't the ones to handle this, they should be able to point you in the right direction.

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By April [187] 04/01/2010

In Missouri, it is regulated by the county health dept. I had to put in a seperate kitchen in my basement. Things required here were a 3 sink set up for washing, rinsing and disenfecting, and a 4th seperate sink for handwashing. All surfaces had to be smooth (no carpet), no textured ceilings. They also had to test my water, and I had to be clean!

Also the checked to verify I had gloves on hand to wear while handling food, the temp of my oven and refrig, and they also checked my frig for bacteria. Also the checked that I had no lead water pipes, no peeling paint, nothing above my stove (such as a shelf or cabinet) that would allow for things to fall off of and onto the contents of what I was cooking on the stove. If you are processing foods that you grow, they may also test your garden soil for certain bacterias as well.

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