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Home Improvement

Kitchen Improvement

This page contains tips and advice about home improvement projects for your kitchen.

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Hanger Paper Towel Holder
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Refinishing Wooden Cupboards

Is there a company that would take my Tasmanian oak kitchen cupboard doors and strip off the old stain and re-stain them?

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Protecting Painted Laminate Kitchen Countertop

I, on a whim, painted my laminate kitchen countertop without any real prep; it is now chipping. Will applying Minwax polycrylic help? If not, is there anything I can do or am I doomed?

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Staining Kitchen Cabinets

I put a weathered gray stain on my cabinets in my kitchen. The cabinets were sanded to bare wood and I put a wood conditioner on them. They turned out gray blue. What to do to to correct? The manufacturer has no help for me.

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Installing Tile Countertops
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Painting Laminate Countertops
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Thrifty Kitchen Makeover Ideas
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Coordinating Kitchen Countertop with a Backsplash

I am doing my kitchen and I have off white shaker doors and solid mocha color Silestone countertop, but the back splash has been discontinued.

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Table for Small Kitchen

I have a very small kitchen and do not have any space for a dinette table and 4 chairs. I only have 2 adults in my family, and was wondering if there anything else I could use for a table.

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Glazing Kitchen Cabinets
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Making a Faux Tin Kitchen Backsplash
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Countertop Color Advice

I am remodeling my kitchen (DYI). My cabinets are distressed antique white with brushed nickel knobs, my floor is light grey tile, my 10' walls are painted a very light grey.

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What Color Should I Paint my Kitchen Walls?

My cabinets are medium shade of oak with black and chrome appliances. The flooring is a woodgrain pattern. My countertops have black and brown with some cream colors in it.

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Inexpensive Fix for Worn Painted Cabinet Doors

Any ideas for inexpensive fixing of painted (but worn) rental cabinet doors?

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Choosing Kitchen Backsplash Color
Read 4 Questions
Considering a Copper Kitchen Sink
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Kitchen Wall Tile Color Advice
Read 6 Questions
Staining Kitchen Cabinets

The original stain on the cabinets is natural, but I am interested in having them stained in a cherry mahogany color. Where can I find this color stain?

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Coordinating Granite Countertops With Kitchen...
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Homemade Spice Rack Ideas
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Installing a Tip Out Sink Tray
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Bubble Wrap as Refrigerator Liner

I use bubble wrap as the liner in my veggie drawers in the refrigerator. Veggies keep better and when they get soiled just toss and replace.

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Painting Countertops or Buying New

I am moving and I wanted to do some refreshing of my current house. Should I paint my countertops with one of those kits or just go ahead and spend the money on new ones?

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Choosing a Kitchen Cabinet Color
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Choosing the Right Kitchen Countertops
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Problems Painting Laminate Countertop

I was searching for a durable finish for a laminate kitchen countertop that was texture sprayed. We took on this project of painting the counter top after removing the other paint finish that was thinning and had bare spots. (This was previously done by a professional 6 years ago.)

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Applying Envirotex Over Acrylic Polyurethane

Can you apply Envirotex lite epoxy resin over acrylic polyurethane? The acrylic poly had too many bubbles. I would like to try the epoxy. Any suggestions?

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Building Your Own Countertops
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Painting Countertops

I've used acrylic crafters paint on my laminate counters, is there a wait time before beginning to apply several layers of polyacrylic? (I know it should be at least two hours between coats of the quick drying poly.)

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Setting Up a Commercial Kitchen at Home
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Painting Kitchen Countertops

How do you not use your kitchen counters while the paint dries and the sealer cures? I've been wanting to paint my kitchen counter tops for a few months now, but I don't see how it's possible not to use them while the sealer cures.

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Sealing Laminate Flooring to Use on Countertops

I have a black forest oak laminate flooring and I want to use the same laminate on my countertops. My question is how do I top coat it and make it heat resistant and waterproof? I want to bring the same color from the floors to the counter "it is our cabin". I think it will look very good.

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Painting Laminate Kitchen Countertops
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Applying Daich Coating to a Countertop

This is a guide about applying Daich coating to a countertop. Rather than replace your laminate countertops, there are spreadable coatings that will renew and beautify them.

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Applying Daich Countertop Material

I have a rental with Formica countertops and would like to update them. Some of the counters have 90 degree angles on the front and sides and I was wondering how this roll-on product adhered and finished on those angles. Also, does it give the appearance of a "solid surface" like Corian?

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Adding More Color to Giani Coutertop Paint Kit

I have recently used the Giani countertop granite paint kit, I love this product and the results were remarkable. I did each step and loved the look of my new countertop, I went from 80s red to a beautiful Sicilian sand granite.

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Refinishing Kitchen Cabinets
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Reusing Leftover Wallpaper

I had a roll of wallpaper leftover and decided to used it to reline the drawers in kitchen and bathroom. It worked great and saved money.

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Use Place Mats for Shelves in Fridge

I hate cleaning the shelves in the fridge. I've found that cloth place mats are generally the size of the shelves in the side by side fridges. I've learned by placing the cloth place mats on the shelves, when it comes time to clean, it makes cleaning the fridge so much easier.

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Painting a Refrigerator

Has anyone ever painted a refrigerator? If so, please tell me how you went about it and if the paint has held up.

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Giving Kitchen Cabinets a Facelift

My kitchen cabinets are beyond ugly! They're the worst I have ever seen. I'm on a very tight budget, and would love some simple and cheap ideas for fixing them. I have a very small kitchen so space wise I don't have a lot of options. Thanks.

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Cabinet Door Chalkboard

I never had a place to make a note and could never find a pen and paper when I needed it. I purchased some chalk paint at Home Depot. I taped off a section on a pantry cabinet I have and spray painted the section with the chalk paint.

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Filling a Gap in Laminate Countertop Before Painting

I am truly working on budget here. I have read the many posts as to how to paint counter tops and am excited. But, I also have an issue with the counter top in that it was not cut straight where the two pieces join at the corner.

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Refurbishing an Older Formica Kitchen Counter Top

I have a very old counter top in my kitchen (1970s) and I would like to redo it. It is a laminated top and it is coming up on the edges and is stained terribly. I cannot afford a new one, so I would like to see if anyone knows of a way to redo the old one.

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Renovating Your Kitchen on Budget
Read 3 Questions
Health Concerns With Painted Countertops

Are there any issues with food preparations on the painted countertops, especially with the use of Envirotex or the poly?

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Uses for Wax Paper
Read 12 Solutions
Choosing Countertop Colors

My kitchen cabinets are mocha colored. What color granite countertop would go well with them?

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Adding Molding to Laminate Cabinet Doors

Before painting laminate cabinet doors in a kitchen, I would really like to add trim to make the flat surfaces look more like real wood. Is this possible? And how do I do it?

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Using Peel and Stick Tiles on a Countertop

I live in an old home and can't financially replace my countertops with Formica or the other normal ways. I found some peel and stick tiles at our local home improvement store.

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Removing a Rusted Bolt Under Kitchen Faucet

We are trying to replace our kitchen faucet, but one of the bolts to hold it in place underneath is rusted so badly WD40 won't loosen it at all. Any suggestions welcome. We are trying to do this on our own without an expensive plumber bill.

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Choosing a Countertop Color

I have cappuccino colored cupboards, the flooring is a medium brown laminate with light brown grooves going threw, and my walls are a light brownish color with a burnt orange accent. I need to know what color quartz countertops to get.

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Mounting a Spice Rack on Your Wall
Read 3 Solutions
Take Photo of Tile Design to Assist Installer
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Painting a Laminate Counter Top
Read 9 Solutions
Sink Cover to Maximize Counter Space
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Makeshift Kitchen Shelf
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Kitchen Backsplash Ideas

I have a small galley type kitchen. I am painting my cabinets light gray, the trim white, and walls sunny yellow. The cabinet hardware is flat black and the countertops are black. I have one stretch of cabinets 11' long and the other, between stove and fridge, is approximately 5' long.

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Custom Spice Rack
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Putting Tiling Over Laminate Countertop

I am interested in putting ceramic tiles over my laminate kitchen counters and backsplash. How can you do this?

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Painting Countertops

How do I paint laminate kitchen countertops? Thank you.

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Painting the Inside of Kitchen Cupboards

The inside of the kitchen cupboards, like the shelves, have been marked over the years by canned goods, etc. My wife would like to paint them. Would you suggest Melamine paint or another product?

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Changing the Color of Tile Grout

The grout in my floor tiles is dirty looking; can I dye it? If so who does this type of work?

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Ledge When Replacing Cabinet Hinges

We have just completed an extensive remodel on our condo. We want to make it old people friendly while we can still walk around. DH (aka Joe) is changing out the hinges on the kitchen cupboards. The old ones have 30 years of paint and gunk on them.

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Cabinet Colors for Kitchen With Black Countertops

I am replacing my kitchen cabinets. I have black and beige granite countertops and beige tile floors. I wanted to know what the rule of thumb is regarding cabinets with dark granite. Should I go with light cabinets or dark? Thank.

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What Product Can I Use to Make Old Formica Countertops Look New?

Is there a product out now used to make older kitchen Formica countertops look new? Something I can do myself? Thanks!

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How Do I Build a Kitchen Island?

I just bought a fixer-upper and badly need a kitchen island, but with all the other expenses, I can't afford one. I have an antique table that would work, but it's not tall enough. Has anyone ever made a kitchen island, and what did you use to make it?

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Use Cutting Boards to Save Counter Tops

To save my white counter tops in the kitchen, office, bath, and laundry/sewing room, which are expensive to replace as we know, I go to K-Mart and buy their clear acrylic or glass cutting boards in as close to the size of the area I need as possible.

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Kitchen With Black and Silver Granite Countertops

My kitchen countertops are black with silver granite. What colors would be best for countertop accessories and walls?

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Painting Arborite Composition Countertops

How would I paint my kitchen counters? They are blue Arborite, a paper and melamin composition material similar to Formica. I did hear that Hardrock paint is good; is that true?

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Brightening Cabinet Finish Without Stripping

Does anyone have a way to make dark kitchen cupboards with an antique finish look brighter? I don't want to strip, but they are way too dark for the small area. Any hints will be welcome.

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Removing Formica from Countertop and Staining Underlying Wood

I am thinking about removing my Formica from my countertop and staining the wood. I would like to know what would be the best products to use to seal it and make it permanent?

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Finishing the End Panel on Cherry Cabinets

I have few cherry wood cabinets. There is no panel cover on the side of cabinets. I need to find cherry, wood color paint or 1/6 inch cherry colored wood to cover the side of the cabinet. Any suggestions for where to look?

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Refurbishing a Fiberglass Sink

I have been using fibreglass sinks in my kitchen, it's been over 10 years now and it has scratches and stains. Is there any way of maybe re-coating or polishing it to make it look new again?

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Refinishing Kitchen Cabinets

I want to re-finish my oak kitchen cabinets which are in good shape. From what I've read here the liquid sandpaper works best for painting over varnish.

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Painting a Kitchen Countertop With Back Splash and Trim

Do you have to remove the tile back splash and trim around your kitchen counter or can you paint and seal right over it? Great job on everyone's projects!

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Wood Stain Not Drying on Cabinets

I stripped the stain from cabinets that have quite a bit of age on them. Now that they are stripped, I have applied Minwax stain on them, but the stain is not drying. What did I do wrong and how can I fix my dilemma?

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Line Kitchen Cabinets with Vinyl Floor Tiles

Line your kitchen and bathroom cupboards with floor tiles. It looks attractive and it provides easy clean-up. Apply a cork tile to the inside of your kitchen cupboard door to pin take-out menus, shopping lists, tips, anything really.

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Painting a Faux Granite Counter Top
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Building a Corner Support for New Countertops

I am redoing my kitchen and do not like corner cabinets and the way doors open. Plus the area is small and the stove/oven will have to fit next to the 45 degree turn. The problem is what do I build in this corner to support the countertops.

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Island Stove Top Results in Grease Splattering on Carpet

My stove top is in the island. Oil splatters over into the carpeted walkway in back of it and also to the right side. I have been tying to figure out what I could put behind the stove that would be easy to take to the kitchen sink for cleaning.

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Inexpensive Backsplash Ideas

We have recently retired and moved to GA. We purchased a single wide mobile home with a beautiful "stick built" addition. The kitchen however, is just "mobile home" quality. I'd like to paint the cabinets, install a back splash, and "clean it up"!

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Inexpensive Countertop and Backsplash Ideas

I am looking for cheap kitchen countertop and backsplash ideas.

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Are Painted Laminate Countertops as Durable as the Original Finish?

Can you use the counter tops that are painted the same way as the original Formica top? Or are there restrictions?

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Kitchen Sink Color Advice

I have black appliances and am replacing my sink in the island which includes a black cook top. What kind of (color) sink and faucet should I choose. I have medium oak cabinets along the walls, with green cabinets in the island. The countertop will be a black/brown/green granite.

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Thrifty Kitchen Update

How do I update a kitchen on a limited budget?

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Restain Old Kitchen Cabinets

If you want to redo or give a face-lift to aged kitchen cabinets, here's an inexpensive way to do it. It does require your time and effort. Try mixing two wood stains together to about the color of wood your kitchen cabinets were originally or if you prefer you can change the wood color altogether.

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Ideas for Transforming Kitchen Countertops

I am looking for ideas for transforming my kitchen countertops.

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Is Envirotex Safe to Use Near a Range Top?

I'm considering painting my countertops and either using Envirotex or polyurethane as a top coat. My concern is that I have a cook-top, not a free-standing unit, and was wondering if the heat emitted from that would have any affect on the counter-top?

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What Color Countertops Should I Get?

I need a blue for my kitchen counters. Not so dark that it looks black at night, but not light. We really like quartz. We are looking for that blue and yellow French look. The walls are yellow and the cabinets are white with blue flowers.

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Color Suggestions for Counter Tops

I'm remodeling a kitchen. I have white appliances, brown flooring. They chose a cherry wood for cabinets. What color counter tops would somebody suggest?

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Painting Kitchen Cabinet Hinges

I want to replace my current copper (could be brass) kitchen cabinet hinges with new stainless ones. My kitchen cabinets are probably as old as my 30+ year old house.

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Painting the Aluminum Strips on Older Formica Counters

I am doing faux painting on my laminate countertop. I need to paint the aluminum strips that are along the front and side edges. What can I do to prep the aluminum?

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Repairing a Hollow Veneer Cabinet Door

How do I repair a hollow veneer cabinet door? In sections the veneer has been sanded through some of the layers. This is a raised panel, hollow core kitchen cabinet door, painting isn't an option.

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Installing a Tip Out Sink Tray

Can anyone please tell me how to make a kitchen tip-out drawer? Under the sinks I have those 2 sealed drawer covers that do nothing.

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Cabinet Color to Coordinate with Butterscotch Oak Floor

What color should my kitchen cabinets be, if my hardwood floor is butterscotch oak?

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Paint Advice for Backsplash

Can I use Rustoleum hammered finish on my kitchen wall backsplash? Will it look metallic?

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Choosing a New Kitchen Sink

I am planning on getting new granite counter tops, however I'm torn which type of sink I should get: stainless steel, porcelain, or Corian. I think they all have their downside, especially staining. Any suggestions or comments would be helpful.

Read 8 Answers
Kitchen Cabinet Color to Coordinate With Oak Floor

What color kitchen cabinets would I get, if I have oak hardwood floors?

Read 3 Answers