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Painting a Faux Granite Counter Top
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A Beautiful Unique Kitchen Makeover
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Cabinet with Unfinished End

This is another idea to save money when installing new cabinets. If your cabinets do not end in a corner, you need some kind of "cap" to finish them off. I cut a piece of masonite to fit, and then glued can labels that I saved ahead of time....just whatever I used in the kitchen such as beans, tuna, peaches, etc. Thin down some white glue and spread it on the masonite board to cover. A damp sponge works well for this project.

Painting a Laminate Counter Top
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Repainting Kitchen Counters
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Line Kitchen Cabinets with Vinyl Floor Tiles

Line your kitchen and bathroom cupboards with floor tiles. It looks attractive and it provides easy clean-up. Apply a cork tile to the inside of your kitchen cupboard door to pin take-out menus, shopping lists, tips, anything really.

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Sink Cover to Maximize Counter Space
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Bamboo Rod For Mug Storage
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Use Place Mats for Shelves in Fridge

I hate cleaning the shelves in the fridge. I've found that cloth place mats are generally the size of the shelves in the side by side fridges. I've learned by placing the cloth place mats on the shelves, when it comes time to clean, it makes cleaning the fridge so much easier.

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Paint Color Advice for a Kitchen With Cherry...
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Making a Deep Kitchen Cabinet More Accesible

Is there an easy and inexpensive way to modify a deep-to-the-side corner cabinet that's under my kitchen counter to make it more accessible? The way it is now, I have to get on my hands and knees and shove my items to the closed-in side to the right. So, in order to get to these baking pans, etc. I must unload part of the cabinet in front of me first. Any suggestions?

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Backsplash Without Using Ceramic Tiles

I want to put a back-splash behind my stove besides ceramic tiles. Anyone have any other ideas? Inexpensive!

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Uses for Wax Paper
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Custom Spice Rack
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Need Frugal Kitchen Counter Tops

Does anyone have any ideas about how to replace kitchen counters. Mine are pink laminate and we can't afford the hundreds to thousands of dollars it would take to replace them with other laminate, corian-type stuff, stainless steel, butcher block, or even to tile them.

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What Color Should I Paint My Kitchen?
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Makeshift Kitchen Shelf
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Hanger Paper Towel Holder
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Cabinet Door Chalkboard

I never had a place to make a note and could never find a pen and paper when I needed it. I purchased some chalk paint at Home Depot. I taped off a section on a pantry cabinet I have and spray painted the section with the chalk paint.

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What Do You Think of Your White Cook Top?

Does anyone have a white electric cook top? Would you buy white again? Are they hard to keep clean?

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Painting Discolored Grout

My kitchen grout was white when I moved in and now after 3 months,it's turning darker, I am sure it's not mildew, it's just getting dirty. I cleaned it with every available cleaner, but nothing has worked. Does anyone have some ideas on how to make it white again? I am thinking about grout paint, is it a good idea?

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Operating a Garbage Disposal

Could I please have a list for do's and don'ts for a garbage disposal, Thank you, downunder

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Older Dishwasher Repair

I'm hoping one of you can help me with these dishwasher problems I'm having lately. First, the circular "door" for the detergent compartment no longer clicks shut into place.

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Refinishing Kitchen Cabinets
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Kitchen Counters To Go With Ivory And Beige/Gray

We have ivory painted cabinets and a new laminate floor that looks like stone tile- with beige and gray colors. We are having difficulty deciding whether to go light or dark-gray or brown/beige. Any suggested granite colors?

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Bubble Wrap as Refrigerator Liner

I use bubble wrap as the liner in my veggie drawers in the refrigerator. Veggies keep better and when they get soiled just toss and replace.

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Ledge When Replacing Cabinet Hinges

We have just completed an extensive remodel on our condo. We want to make it old people friendly while we can still walk around. DH (aka Joe) is changing out the hinges on the kitchen cupboards. The old ones have 30 years of paint and gunk on them.

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Choosing a New Kitchen Sink

I am planning on getting new granite counter tops, however I'm torn which type of sink I should get: stainless steel, porcelain, or Corian. I think they all have their downside, especially staining. Any suggestions or comments would be helpful.

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Hanging Coffee Cups on Wall

I have a small kitchen and not enough cupboards space. I was thinking of hanging my coffee cups but they would have to be on the outside of the cupboards. Is there anyway I can hang them on the wall? Any suggestions would be great.

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Painting Kitchen Cabinet Hinges

I want to replace my current copper (could be brass) kitchen cabinet hinges with new stainless ones. My kitchen cabinets are probably as old as my 30+ year old house.

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Making Your Own Countertops

I need kitchen countertops! I've read all the great ideas on how to update kitchen countertops frugally and I'm so impressed by the ingenuity! But, I have no countertops at all!

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Make Your Own Kitchen Towel Rack
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Rope Lights Under Kitchen Counters

I recently had my husband install white rope lights under my kitchen cabinets. The package actually came with hooks that could be attached to the underside of the cabinets with screws. The lights provide nice, soft, indirect lighting for the countertops.

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Granite Tile Counters

We are re-doing our kitchen. We have painted the walls, redone the cabinets, now it is time for the counters. My question is: We have ceramic tile floors, we are thinking of taking out the counter tops, and installing granite tile counters. We have visited a tile store and got instructions on how to do this, but is it worth it?

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Kitchen Wall Tile Color Advice
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Choosing a Kitchen Cabinet Color
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How Do I Build a Kitchen Island?

I just bought a fixer-upper and badly need a kitchen island, but with all the other expenses, I can't afford one. I have an antique table that would work, but it's not tall enough. Has anyone ever made a kitchen island, and what did you use to make it?

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Protecting Cabinets Above Stove

I am renting a small house. In the kitchen, cabinets are above the electric cooking stove, they are approximately 2 feet from stove top. Needless to say the front of the cabinets have grease on them or other things from cooking. Does anyone have any suggestions for what I can put on the cabinet doors? They hang too low for an exhaust fan.

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Frugal Ideas For Replacing Cabinet Doors

Does anyone have any frugal ideas for replacing cabinet doors?

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Replacing Kitchen Cabinet Doors and Drawers

I have 2 kitchen cabinets that need a door replaced and a drawer replaced. I have no idea how to find someone to make replacements for these 2 pieces and what the cost would be. Does anyone have any idea who to contact about this?

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Help for Sluggish Dishwasher

Hi There! Lately my dishwasher will not rinse all of the soap out of the soap dispenser during a wash cycle. It has water, but acts like the spray action isn't strong enough. I feel like the dishes aren't getting clean...any ideas? Thanks. :) Aeromama

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Changing the Color of Tile Grout

The grout in my floor tiles is dirty looking; can I dye it? If so who does this type of work?

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Island Stove Top Results in Grease Splattering on Carpet

My stove top is in the island. Oil splatters over into the carpeted walkway in back of it and also to the right side. I have been tying to figure out what I could put behind the stove that would be easy to take to the kitchen sink for cleaning.

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Installing a Tip Out Sink Tray

Can anyone please tell me how to make a kitchen tip-out drawer? Under the sinks I have those 2 sealed drawer covers that do nothing.

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Backsplash Ideas for Granite Countertops

I am looking for some advice and designs on installing a kitchen backsplash after installing a granite countertop. I would like to see pictures if possible or designs or suggestions. Please help!

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Should I Choose a Dark or Light Counter Top?

I am needing to choose a counter top for my kitchen. I have light maple cabinets and the kitchen is not very big but it has a lot of windows and a big sliding glass door. I have looked at so many colors and I am stuck on whether to pick a dark or light counter top. What is the rule of thumb on this subject, or is their one?

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Refurbishing Kitchen Cabinets

I was wondering if anyone has any ideas for re-doing kitchen cabinets.

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Kitchen Counters and Cabinets that Go With Oak Floors

I am thinking about replacing my kitchen cabinets and counter tops, but I am not sure what color I should choose for the cabinet and counter top in order to match my floor (oak wood floor with natural color).

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Wax Paper as Shelf Liner

Use wax paper to line your kitchen shelves instead of buying expensive shelf liner paper. It's easy and cheap!

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Table for Small Kitchen

I have a very small kitchen and do not have any space for a dinette table and 4 chairs. I only have 2 adults in my family, and was wondering if there anything else I could use for a table.

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Choosing Kitchen Backsplash Color
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Kitchen Backsplash Ideas

I have a small galley type kitchen. I am painting my cabinets light gray, the trim white, and walls sunny yellow. The cabinet hardware is flat black and the countertops are black. I have one stretch of cabinets 11' long and the other, between stove and fridge, is approximately 5' long.

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Building a Corner Support for New Countertops

I am redoing my kitchen and do not like corner cabinets and the way doors open. Plus the area is small and the stove/oven will have to fit next to the 45 degree turn. The problem is what do I build in this corner to support the countertops.

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Kitchen Sink Color Advice

I have black appliances and am replacing my sink in the island which includes a black cook top. What kind of (color) sink and faucet should I choose. I have medium oak cabinets along the walls, with green cabinets in the island. The countertop will be a black/brown/green granite.

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Thrifty Kitchen Update

How do I update a kitchen on a limited budget?

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Restain Old Kitchen Cabinets

If you want to redo or give a face-lift to aged kitchen cabinets, here's an inexpensive way to do it. It does require your time and effort. Try mixing two wood stains together to about the color of wood your kitchen cabinets were originally or if you prefer you can change the wood color altogether.

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Moving Handles on Cabinets

What can I do to update my kitchen cabinets? They are pecan finish and they still look great so I don't want to change the color. The problem is they have center pulls to open them, yep, right smack dab in the middle of the door.

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Cabinet Color for Small Kitchen

I have a small kitchen, I would like to know the best combination for the cabinets and countertops? Would you recommend the dark cabinets or light? I have white tile floors. Thanks.

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Revamping Kitchen Cabinets

I need ideas for a way to revamp my kitchen cabinets! They are old home made kind with thin wood. I would like to put a trim on them and either paint or stain them. Any neat ideas for a color out of the ordinary? We are also putting in new wood floors that we haven't yet picked a color for! Help.

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Use Magnets To Keep Cupboards Closed

I live in an older mobile home and let's just say, they didn't put in the best quality kitchen cabinets. I had a hard time keeping my cupboards shut whenever I closed them until I used magnets.

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Color Choice to Make Kitchen More Modern

I am in the process of renovating my kitchen and need some advice. I've already purchased the cabinets. There's a dark grey-brown grain that runs through them. My dilemma is this: I adore the cabinets, but I'm having a hard time coming up with a granite counter top/tile floor/wall color combo that will make them look more modern. I don't want white walls. Any ideas?

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Updating Laminate Kitchen Cabinets

I want to update the look of my kitchen. I can't afford to get a new kitchen, my cabinets are dark brown laminate. Any suggestions for the wall color?

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Making a Kitchen Splash Guard

I need to fashion a splash guard for my kitchen sink. Does anyone have any ideas?

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Black Grout Countertop

Apparently, HGTV did a countertop "using black grout, spreading it on, smooth it, let it dry, sand it smooth". Can anyone tell me more about this, or give me a link about it?

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Making a Granite Counter Top Shine

I have a matte finish granite counter top. Is there a way to make them shine?

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Dull Finish on Countertops

My condo is less than 3 years old. I moved in when it was brand new. I'm a very careful person and always use cooling racks on my arborite (matte finish) counter tops. An area about 8 - 10 inches on the "island" is very dull. I've tried vinegar-water; Mr.Clean, and a few other cleaners to bring up the colour but no luck!

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Temporary Solution For Ugly Kitchen Cabinets

I was checking online and found this site I was hoping someone could help me. I live in an apartment and the kitchen cabinets are ugly. I can't do anything permanent on them so I was wondering does contact paper come off? Or is there something else out there I can use? - Nani

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Coordinating Granite Countertops With Kitchen...
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Homemade Spice Rack Ideas
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Filling a Gap in Laminate Countertop Before Painting

I am truly working on budget here. I have read the many posts as to how to paint counter tops and am excited. But, I also have an issue with the counter top in that it was not cut straight where the two pieces join at the corner.

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Renovating Your Kitchen on Budget
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Using Peel and Stick Tiles on a Countertop

I live in an old home and can't financially replace my countertops with Formica or the other normal ways. I found some peel and stick tiles at our local home improvement store.

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Mounting a Spice Rack on Your Wall
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Removing Formica from Countertop and Staining Underlying Wood

I am thinking about removing my Formica from my countertop and staining the wood. I would like to know what would be the best products to use to seal it and make it permanent?

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Wood Stain Not Drying on Cabinets

I stripped the stain from cabinets that have quite a bit of age on them. Now that they are stripped, I have applied Minwax stain on them, but the stain is not drying. What did I do wrong and how can I fix my dilemma?

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Inexpensive Countertop and Backsplash Ideas

I am looking for cheap kitchen countertop and backsplash ideas.

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Are Painted Laminate Countertops as Durable as the Original Finish?

Can you use the counter tops that are painted the same way as the original Formica top? Or are there restrictions?

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What Color Countertops Should I Get?

I need a blue for my kitchen counters. Not so dark that it looks black at night, but not light. We really like quartz. We are looking for that blue and yellow French look. The walls are yellow and the cabinets are white with blue flowers.

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Kitchen Cabinet Color to Coordinate With Oak Floor

What color kitchen cabinets would I get, if I have oak hardwood floors?

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Cabinet Hardware Advice

My cabinets are brown. I wanted to just paint the doors and add different handles. What color would go with the brown? I am just trying for a quick fix, as I am retiring in a couple of years.

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Considering a Copper Kitchen Sink

I'm considering installing a copper kitchen sink. Would I need to have copper faucet as well? Does anyone have pros or cons re: a copper sink?

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Beware Using Glitter When Refinishing Counter Tops

I refinished my counter tops with granite spray and enviro and thought it would be a good idea to use glitter to resemble granite. What a disaster! The glitter stood straight up, made bumps all over the counters. I haven't tried sanding them, but plan to do that soon. If that doesn't work, I will try to pour another layer of the enviro over the counters.

Redoing Fake Butcher Block Counters

My counter top is fake butcher block, I would like to redo it somehow. Any ideas that are cheap and easy to do? My kitchen is done with pale yellow walls and apple decor. Thanks.

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Prepping Formica To Paint

If I can paint the back splash of my Formica counter tops with a semi gloss, will I have to prepare them by sanding? The space all total might be 6'x6'. I just want a change, without getting new ones. Thanks for all the help.

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Orange and Pearl Color Scheme In Kitchen

I just bought a small house and am having trouble decorating the kitchen. We want the kitchen to have some cozy color thus we looked for orange and pearl (for the cabinet) with black for the surfaces and edges. However, we do not know which color for the floor.

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Refinishing Formica with Spreadstone

I am thinking of refinishing my Formica counter top with Spreadstone product. Do I need to remove the sink or can I go up to the lip, or even over the lip to make it look like an under mound? If anyone has already used this product please let me know how it is holding up.

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Buying Cabinets Vs. Building Your Own

Were going to be putting in new kitchen cabinets, and doing a new tile floor. I have priced ready built cabinets, but am also considering building them. Can someone tell me the cost difference in the two? I would like to go with oak cabinets.

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Kitchen Wall Color Advice With Black And Cherrywood

What wall colors can be used for black counters, floors and cherrywood cabinets?

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Installing Tile Countertops

I have some relatively ugly laminate countertops from the 70s. I was wondering if I could put tile down on top of them? If so, what do I need to use to prep the counters before putting the tile down?

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Replacing or Refacing Kitchen Cabinets

I am thinking of remodeling my kitchen. Even though the kitchen cabinets are in good shape, I don't like the materials. I cannot make my mind on replacing or refacing the cabinets; any suggestions will be a big help to me. What is the different in terms of the cost and the feel?

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Renovating a Kitchen Counter Top

I want to know how to do different things to my kitchen counter top. Not replace but paint, add designs or other ideas.

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Regluing Countertops

Some of my vinyl countertops are coming loose at the corners, and I'd like to glue them back in place. What's the best glue to use for this? By zballoongirl

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Adjusting Oven Temperature

We have an old stove in the house we just bought and it cooks above the noted temperature. Does anyone know a way to correct the temperature gauge without having to call an expensive repairman? By Christine

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Thrifty Kitchen Makeover Ideas
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Glazing Kitchen Cabinets
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Considering a Copper Kitchen Sink
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Sealing Laminate Flooring to Use on Countertops

I have a black forest oak laminate flooring and I want to use the same laminate on my countertops. My question is how do I top coat it and make it heat resistant and waterproof? I want to bring the same color from the floors to the counter "it is our cabin". I think it will look very good.

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Painting a Refrigerator

Has anyone ever painted a refrigerator? If so, please tell me how you went about it and if the paint has held up.

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Choosing Countertop Colors

My kitchen cabinets are mocha colored. What color granite countertop would go well with them?

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