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Storing Avocados

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Avocados from Florida

Knowing how to best store your avocados will ensure that you fully enjoy these delicious fruit. This is a guide about storing avocados.


Solutions: Storing Avocados

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Tip: Using Only Part of an Avocado

When using avocado for sandwiches or on crackers, I cut off the top like an egg. I use the pulp from the top and a little bit around the tip inside. Then, I lightly squeeze the top and put the top back on just inside the avocado, leaving a much smaller area exposed. I can do this several times leaving the seed in until the last sandwich or cracker.

    By Trixie Pettman-South [1]

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    Here are questions related to Storing Avocados.

    Question: Storing Cut Avocados

    Does anyone have any tips for storing avocados after they have been cut into? Should they be refrigerated? Is it best to leave the pit in, or take it out?

    Laure from Maryland


    Most Recent Answer

    By Sami (Guest Post)08/22/2008

    The absolute failsafe way to store a cut avocado and stop it discolouring is to wrap it in tin foil and put it in the fridge. My brother is a chef and all the restaurants store them that way. Wrapping any vege in foil will keep it longer too.

    Question: Storing Fresh Avocados

    How can I keep avocados fresh? Will wrapping them and refrigerating them keep them from turning brown and last longer?

    By Myrna


    Most Recent Answer

    By thintieguy [10]04/22/2012

    How can I keep avocados fresh? Will wrapping them and refrigerating them keep them from turning brown and last longer?

    Avocados are sometimes fickle: I've had some that never ripen, and I've also had some that just stay hard on the outside, but rot on the inside.

    That aside, you can speed up the ripening process by putting them in paper bags. That allows the natural off-gassing of the fruit (methane?...I don't know exactly what gas it gives off) and will help it self-ripen. Once they get a bit pliant (they have a bit of 'give' if you squeeze them with your thumb) I put them in the fridge and there they can last as long as a couple of weeks. I don't wrap them at this point: they are fine just sitting on the shelf as is.

    Please note that if you put an avocado in the fridge too early - before it ripens, it will stop the ripening process altogether and they will never get soft. Again, I'm not sure why, but that would be the source for another question on this forum (any takers?).

    Also, if you like avocados, try avocado shakes! Add a half an avocado to some soy milk, add agave nectar to taste and, boy, do you have one killer beverage!

    Question: Preventing Avocados from Turning Brown

    For an avocado that's ripe when cut into, how long will the avocado keep with the lemon juice? It is just cut in half, not sliced or mashed. One side has the pit in it yet. The other will have the lemon. How long will it keep without turning brown?

    By Nancymae C.


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    Garden: Florida Avocados

    My sister has a grove of Avocados in Homestead, Florida, (just south of Miami) and she brought me some beautiful Butter Avocados and just could not resist sharing this picture. These are smaller than normal if you can believe that!

    By whiitewolf from Fort Pierce Florida

    Avocados from Florida