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Tips for Selling Crafts

If you enjoy crafting, you may be considering trying to sell some of your creations. This is a guide about tips for selling crafts.

Tips for Selling Crafts
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March 25, 2010 Flag
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Any ideas how to promote my hand crocheted items? I've been doing craft shows and I have a site on It's I've put a lot of time and money into this, but I'm not seeing the rewards. Maybe I'm being a bit impatient, but it's been about 3 months now. Any suggestions how to get my name out there?

By Sheila from Burlington, NJ

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January 28, 20070 found this helpful
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Hi Sandy; Have you tried visiting small shops (ie. florists, spas, boutiques) any store that would compliment your craft and ask to display them on consignment? They have nothing to lose and everything to gain if they sell. You can also make a brochure with pictures of your crafts with contact information; and then of course there are the craft fairs and ebay. Good Luck to you!

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March 25, 20100 found this helpful
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Have you tried selling them in a yard sale or have a stand at a local flea market?

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March 8, 2015 Flag
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I want to make things to sell, but I am not good on sewing or jewelry making.

By Rebecca L.

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March 9, 20150 found this helpful
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If you want to sell things that you have made, you need to develop the skills and experience in a craft or crafts such as knitting, crochet, painting-oil & watercolor, pottery, woodworking, metalurgy, etc.

Choose a craft and dedicate yourself to the ongoing learning and continual practice it will take to achieve the skill level to produce items to sell. This will require many months, at least, and perhaps years before you can start to sell your crafts. Good Luck!

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July 13, 20150 found this helpful

You don't have to be an expert crafter to get started crafting. Here are some crafts you could sell and get started with fairly easily:




Ribbon angels or doily angels

Christmas ornaments or cards

The internet can be very helpful. Search for something that's not too complicated that you enjoy doing and try selling your finished products. It will be trial and error as you figure out what people want to buy.

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February 13, 2014 Flag
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If you were making them to sell for a charity, how much would you ask for them? How much do they sell for?

By Brenda

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February 15, 20140 found this helpful
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Depends on the size. If you make the mask ones for headache $5.00, then go up a couple dollars for each one until you get to the big ones. I sell big ones for $15.00 to $20.00. Make sure you have information to send with them for use. Hype it up like it is a new idea or breakthrough and you will sell more.

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February 21, 20140 found this helpful

I was always told, cost of material then half again. Hope this helps! Debre

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May 4, 2010 Flag

I'm looking for a way to display children's aprons and chef hats at my local market day. I looked into buying a mannequin, but they are very expensive. Is it possible to make one? I plan one having my daughters modeling them. I just don't know how to hang or display what I have for sale. Thanks in advance.

By Kristina from south TX

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I have sold vests and they hang very nicely on the edges of the awning you will (most likely??) have to use. They sway in the breeze and attract attention.

You also asked about keeping the "line" of items the same. This has been successful for others, but that does not mean you can't make some cards and let people know you can and do make other things as well.

In business, just keep this in mind..."fast nickles are better than slow quarters". If you items are smaller, you save time and money making them, and the buyer saves money buying them.

Also, and this is just me, I like to sell things that are flat or can be for ease in shipping. You may not have to ship, but keep in mind, a lot of your customers will. Having a product you can put in a quilted envelope is a real selling point.

Good luck and do display what you are selling?? We would all love to see it!!

Poor But Proud

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May 6, 20100 found this helpful

If you want a head shape blow up a balloon cover it with paper mache, several layers, let dry, let the air out of the balloon. Paint a face on or cover with a cloth. Watch second hand stores for stryrofoam wig stands also.

From personnal experience, too much variety confuses customers, stick with a couple of related items and have a nicer variety. Poor But Proud had great ideas about shipping and ease of handling your product.

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September 27, 2011 Flag
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What crafts are selling these days?

By Annie from NH

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September 27, 20110 found this helpful

A lot will depend on the area you live. Not all things sell equally in all parts of the country. You could go to and see what people are selling there.

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September 28, 20110 found this helpful

Good advice. Also ebay and look at handmade or home made. I will help with that right now. ... _catref=1&_trksid=p3286.c0.m1538

If you lose the linc, simply go to ebay and put "crafts" in the both search fields, then "handcrafted finished pieces". Also, fabric squares sell well, granny not as well but you can always try.

If you live in a colder clime, crochet or sew items for smaller dogs, kids, or elderly citizens. Anything for pets and kids or helping people stay organized is a great way to start out. Keep your costs down and sell them for less than they might find them, if they can, at discount stores. The holidays are coming and ornaments sell well.

Good luck and let us know how you did?

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January 30, 2008 Flag
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Where do you sell handcrafted items? I need some ideas.

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February 9, 20080 found this helpful

Here are several places you can sell some handmades

that I found a link to here:

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March 7, 20080 found this helpful

Please visit SILKFAIR ( ). We are a new online general goods marketplace, and will be offering a new dedicated indie site shortly. Products for sale at indie site will be listed in our main marketplace.

Currently, we offer free store / listings, and you'll be able to forward your own domain name and be supported by our system. In addition, we support full PayPal and GoogleCheckout integration.

You can test-drive our system in our sandbox, which is accessible from our home page at .

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November 14, 2006 Flag

Are there any laws against selling crafts in front of your house? Like a table full of koolaid handbags? from Miami

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November 15, 20060 found this helpful

Better check with your city. Where I live, this would qualify as a yard sale. We are only allowed two per year and you have to buy a license to have one or you will be fined.

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August 23, 20090 found this helpful

I would say how successful you would be would depend on your neighborhood. If it is high traffic you would probably do alright without advertising.

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January 18, 2012 Flag
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What is a good item that I can make to sell at yard sales?

By Debra

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January 18, 20120 found this helpful

A lot will depend on where you live. Go to some yard sales and see if they have homemade craft ideas and see if they are selling. Where I live homemade craft things just don't sell, even if they are marked dirt cheap. Your best bet might be to get a bunch of things made up and hit flea markets/ art in the park events. You do have to pay a registration fee to sell at these things and you also have to have your own display area to set up.

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January 23, 20120 found this helpful

You can also consult Craigslist and click on Arts and Crafts. It's either going to be supplies or things people make. That will give you an idea of what is selling in your area.

If you belong to a group like at a church, book club, etc, then pick peoples brains and find out if anyone tried and made it or didn't and why.

For instance, I wanted to see if my granny squares would sell well, so I kept track of eBay's sellers. Most didn't sell. But, when I clicked on fabric squares, it was a hole other story. Now, I know what will most likely sell and what is perhaps a waste of time.

If you crochet, you might start out with something simple like scrubbies or dish cloths. These are simple and cheap to make. I wouldn't make a ton, but perhaps 1 of each of the colors of the crayon, green, purple, etc. Advertise them on CL and see what happens.

I have found that people are not looking for crafts at yard sales any more than they would look for second hand stuff at a craft shop. The two don't tend to mix. That said, see if you and some of your friends can get together and have a small "craft sale". Does someone have a nice garage? Perhaps a spare room they would rent out? How about a pretty and big porch on a nice busy street? Advertise on CL and facebook, and see what sells. Maybe you can make something, another person can make something else, etc and then find out at the end of the day who's sold.

I can tell you from a small business stand point, that "fast nickles are better than slow quarters". If you make something that takes you 3 hours and cost 30.00 for materials, you will lose money if you sell it for less than 60.00-75.00 dollars.

But, if you make something that costs you .25 and you can make 30 of them in an hour, you can sell them for 1.00 and make a pretty good profit.

Another tip is to leave most of the Holidays alone. In other words, if you do only seasonal, you may be left in the dust with all the craft fairs etc that you find during the Holidays. But, if you pick things that are non seasonal, things that people would either need every day or want for occasions like for gifts and such, you have a wider variety.

Babies are everyday, and so are pets. Personalized items are popular.

I once crocheted a cell phone purse that can also hold id, money and such, for about .50 and it took me 1 hour. I sold it for 15.00 and I was sitting in front of my tv while I was doing it.

Do some research, find a niche and start small. I hope all this helps. Sandi/PBP

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August 1, 2011 Flag
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I am good in craft work; I produce some craft things, but I don't know what are the best ways to sell my product. Can someone please give me some ideas?

By Kalidas from Coimbatore, Tamilnadu

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August 2, 20110 found this helpful

You should create your own website. Take pictures of them and put them online on ebay or something. You could always set up your own little station at a flee market.

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August 3, 20110 found this helpful

I agree with By If you check on ebay you will find a lot of baby products that are hand made and really cute. One seller actually has patterns for sale if needed. They have made so many more things that weren't available two years ago. I'd check it out and then use your imagination. I've also seen jewelery that is hand made. Just check out crafts on ebay and see if anything is interesting. All types of organizations have craft shows and rent out tables if you'd rather stay local, or see if you can post items for sale in local stores.

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April 22, 2013 Flag
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I have a variety of craft items to sell, but not necessarily a large quantity and want to sell them as best as I can. Please advise. Thank you. Marian

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April 29, 20130 found this helpful

If you know someone who has a craft website, you might be able to take some really good photos of your things and offer them 10% for their time.

Go to and set up an account. It's very easy to work with them and they only take .20 each item, etc.

Look for local church bazaars or community markets that you can share a booth with someone.

And finally, advertise that you are selling crafts/supplies at a yard sale.

Good luck!

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January 7, 2013 Flag
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I lost my job last year and haven't had any luck finding something else. I have recently had access to unlimited material in very old ratty looking clothing.

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