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Uses for Bubble Wrap

Uses for Bubble Wrap

Bubble wrap is used to protect the contents of many packages shipped to our homes. Don't throw it away; it can be reused. This is a guide about uses for bubble wrap.


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Tip: Use Bubble Wrap in Vases

Use Bubble Wrap in VasesWhile looking for something to go into the bottom of vases to hold flowers for my daughter's wedding and keep the costs down, I ran across some bubble wrap laying around that was shaped like ice cubes. I cut two piece about 4 inches wide and 6 inches long. I laid each piece in the bottom of the vase and up the sides on either side of the vase. When I added the flowers to the vase, it looked so very much like the vase held ice cubes and was very attractive. I got loads of compliments on the flower arrangements.

Although not a great picture, you can at least get an idea of what I am saying.

By maphisx7 from Gordonsville, VA

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Tip: Bubble Wrap as Refrigerator Liner

I use bubble wrap as the liner in my veggie drawers in the refrigerator. Veggies keep better and when they get soiled just toss and replace. This lets air circulate better too.

    By zook45 [2]

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    Tip: Decorate Bubble Wrap as Window Insulation

    Just read a tip in Ready Made magazine about putting up bubble wrap on a window with tape to mask a bathroom window. I am going one step further. Because bubble wrap also has insulating qualities, I am putting it on a window that needs to be insulated for the winter. To make it decorative, I am going to color in some of the bubbles in a pattern with permanent marker to create a "Stained window effect" - (Great for the kids to do?) PLUS I am utilizing recycled bubble wrap from mailings I have received. So cost = $0

    By pamphyila from L.A., CA

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    Tip: Bubble Wrap Squid

    Bubble Wrap Squid

    I run this as an activity at playgroup: bubble wrap tentacles of a giant squid. Great for kids age 2 - 8 yrs. Just add bubble wrap, acrylic paint, paper and kids.


    By diana.collings [2]

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    Tip: Use Bubble Wrap To Increase Tub's Water Level

    I love long hot baths, but even though I have an older and roomier bathtub the valve around the faucet still drains off the water and lowers the water level. I have found that I can stop up that drain by stopping it with squares of bubble wrap. I push them into the holes on either side and there is some left over, so they are quite easily taken out so now I can enjoy a nice FULL bath at home.

    By pamphyila from L.A., CA

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    Tip: Keep Plants Insulated With Bubble Wrap

    I use to garden in Coquille, OR. The weather really fluctuates. I grew veggies and herbs in those big black containers. I wrapped the outside of containers in bubble wrap-sealed with a glue gun. It maintained a more even temperature for the plants.

    I preferred the large bubbly wrap. It is easy to remove, just slip it off the bottom. I got the bubble wrap free at local stores that shipped delicate items and at Farr's hardware store, in a small town. They were very nice about letting me pick what I wanted. They had to dispose of it. Worked for both of us.

    By Pamelaw from Sun Lakes, AZ

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    Tip: Keep the Bubble Wrap

    Save that bubble wrap you get in packages! It's pricey if you have to buy it and it really does come in handy for all sorts of packing things to mail, and packing up little delicate objects. I use it to pack away my sensitive pickup for my autoharp when I am not using it, so it doesn't get knocked. You also can use squares of it to temporarily stop up the drainage holes in your bathtub to have a fuller bath!

    By pam from L.A., CA

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    Question: Uses for Bubble Wrap

    When I get packages in the mail, companies tend to use lots of bubble wrap for wrapping the item(s). So far, I have a shopping bag of it. I would hate to throw it out.

    By Jerry S. from Oscoda, MI

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    Bubble Wrap to Protect Stacked Pots

    Put bubble wrap between your pots and pans to protect them from scratching each other.

    By Kadi from Weehawken, NJ

    Bubble Wrap to Protect Stacked Pots

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