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Uses for Clothespins

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While most of us in the US dry our clothing in clothing dryers, there are still many uses for clothespins around the house. This is a guide about uses for clothespins.


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August 12, 2009

While making tea, the "end papers" kept getting to close to the burner. So I used a clothespin to anchor them in place. Afterward, I opened the tea bags and put them in with the coffee grounds to put on the roses and in the garden.

Source: I got tired of burnt fingers. ;-)

By Great Granny Vi

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March 7, 2011

Who doesn't want to save a little money and keep numerous dry goods fresher longer? Head to your laundry room and grab all the cloths pegs you can. Wooden ones are cheaper to buy.

Keep a stash in your "go to" kitchen drawer. Use a clothes peg to seal up the wax bags in all your cereal boxes, tube of opened crackers, and bags of chips, pretzels, and other snack food. Discard those tie wraps from loaves of bread and replace with a cloths peg. Use them in the refrigerator as well for bags of lettuce, cheese, and even frozen goods.

If you start your garden from seed, as I do, use them to reseal the seed packages and you can even write on the wooden pegs with planting info. I'm sure you'll find many more uses too!


By Angie from Russellville, KY

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July 15, 2009

When you kill insect with a fly swatter, shoe, newspaper, etc., pick up the insect with a clothespin to put in the trash. That way you don't get stung or bitten if it's not dead.

By Barbara from Hickory, OK

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Here are some creative uses for plastic or wooden clothes pins from our ThriftyFun community. Post your own ideas here.

Kitchen Clips

Clothes pins close the many open packages of food in our kitchen. From potato chips to pasta to chocolate chips to frozen peas, we use springclothes pins. We keep a bunch of them in our utensil drawer in the kitchen.


Refrigerator Magnets

Glue a small magnet to a clothespin and hang it on the fridge door. As you create your grocery list and collect coupons for this week's list, put them in the clip to keep them handy. Clothespins can also be used to clip notes to yourself, directions, etc to the visor of your car, to remind you.

By lmlhlinc

Lady Bug Magnets

I decorated a clothespin to look like a lady bug by painting it red and black. I put a magnet on the back and I use it as a fridge magnet to hold notes or recipes. I also use them for closing cereal bags.


Wooden Duck (or Other Crafts)

Use it as the mouth when making a wood duck or other wooden animal crafts. Makes a nice decoration for your desk that can be used to hold out going mail or phone messages.

For Hanging Skirts

They are good to keep in the closet to put on the shoulders of dresses that keep slipping, pants that fall off the pants hangers, or matching skirt outfits. Cheaper than getting the specialized hangers.


For Hanging Sweaters

And in the closet they hold my sweaters on the hangars. Lets not forget to save energy and use them for what they were intended to hang wash outside. Great invention thats for sure!


For Paperwork

Clip clothespins have strong springs which allow them to be clipped over many kinds of materials of differing thickness. I use clip clothespins for:


Use For Adjusting Seatbelt

My sister, Harmony on this site, turned me on to this idea. We use them to make our seat belts more comfortable in the car, so they don't bind and cut. Only problem is, one time SOMEHOW I went to a job interview and later found out my seat belt clothespin was clipped to the back of my skirt! (In case you're wondering, I didn't get that job.) LOL

By Jayne

Attach To Dryer Sheet

I put a wooden clothes pin on my softener sheet before throwing it into the dryer - that way when I remove the clothes from the dryer, I can easily locate the dryer sheet and toss it back into the next load. Good way to use those sheets until completely devoid of fragrance and static guard.

By Anonymous

Closet Hat Organizer

Go to your lumber store and purchase dowel rods. Using a glue gun, glue clothes pins on the dowel rods as far apart to hold these hats that men collect and have all over the place. I can get 8 hats on a dowel rod. Then I drill a hole it the top in order to nail to a wall in our bedroom.

My husband has 1 whole wall with nothing but hats. To keep hats from getting dusty, I put the hats he doesn't use in plastic zip lock and clip to the back of the hat or the brim whichever way you want to hang them. You can paint them to make them attractive or make them to give as gifts to men who have lots of hats. Lets see, my husband has approx. 250 hats on his wall.

By fayth81

Drying Wet Winter Clothes

During the winter months, I tie clothes pins to jute rope and hang them from a hook near the coat rack. I dry little kids mitts this way.

By sherriynn

Ribbon Organizer

I hang them on nails (through the round opening in the spring) and clip large spools of ribbon to my studio shelves.

By Mam


I have a clothes pin on my car headlight switch. If I turn my lights on in the daytime, I put the clothes pin on my shirt to remind me to turn lights off when I get out of the car.

By Richard

Wooden Pins For Making Rocking Chairs

It has been known here in Trinidad to use wooden clothes pins to make rocking chairs and water wells. To make the rocking chair, all you need is the clothes pins and glue. For the well: wooden clothes pins, glue and an empty sausage tin.

By keisha

Editor's Note: We have the rocking chair instructions posted on the site:

Locker Organization Tip

I am a high school student and I clip different colour clothes pins on my books, binders, reports, etc., in my locker as a reminder of which ones go to certain classes. For example: French class is a blue clothes pin, math is green, career choices is yellow, etc.

By Bobby Joe

Attach To Tarps

I use the clip-type clothespins to keep tarps on things outdoors.

By Jayne

Secure a Trash Bag

I use the pins to secure the plastic garbage bag in my trash can. I hate it when the bag falls into the trash can and I have to pull it up over and over again (I don't like to keep a lid on the can because I think lids are a nuisance). The clothes pins do a great job of securing the trash bag so when your teenagers throw something heavy into the can, the bag will stay secure to the edges of the trash can.

By Joni

Pin Back Dog's Ears

We have a cocker spaniel with long ears. When I am feeding her leftovers that are messy and that her ears would get into, I grab a clothes pin and pin her ears over her head. She patiently waits for me to clip her ears because she knows she will get something good.

By Valleyrimgirl

Attach Paper Bibs

My parents always used clothes pins to secure a paper napkin around our necks during messy meals like spaghetti, ribs, etc. or whenever I had nice clothes on such as dining before or after church. The paper bibs protected our clothes and saved money on dry-cleaning and laundry.

By Todd

Many Uses For Clothespins

Use them on a wire hanger to keep ties or scarves in place. Drape up to 4 ties across the bottom of a wire hangar and clip each tie in place with a clothes pin. Nail the back of a wooden clothespin to the wall, and use it to clip coats, keys, or any similar item (reminders to take something to work). Or nail them up near your dressing area to hang clothing you wish to air out. Pins can be decorated for a fancier look. Paint two wooden clothes pins in a color that coordinates with your curtains, and then nail them (one on each side of the curtains) in to the wall. Use them as curtain tie backs.


Plant Markers

Use as plant markers. Clip to small, round dowel and poke dowel into dirt. Then clip the empty seed package on the clothespin.

Heather S.

More Ideas

Butterfly clothespins are a basic item in my house. I have used wooden butterfly clothespins in a variety of ways:
  1. Traditional use - hanging clothes on a line
  2. Close frozen vegetable bags in the freezer after opening
  3. Close snack bags
  4. Clip snowboots together for storing in a common closet at school
  5. Clip mittens or gloves in pairs
  6. Used on a wire clothes hanger, they serve to hang skirts.
  7. Curtain tie back to allow for the breeze to flow into a room
  8. Anchor a hanger to a cup hook outside to dry an item without the wind blowing the hanger to the ground.
  9. Morning reminder for kids off to school: Plastic butterfly clips usually have a hole in the grasping pieces. Tie a small piece of heavy cardboard to the clip by running a piece of yarn through that hole and a hole in the cardboard piece. Using a marker, write on the new tag what the child needs to take to school such as "PE Clothes". Clip onto the child's lunch tote to be seen as a quick reminder for those recurring but not daily tasks.
  10. Clip outgoing mail or reminder note to purse strap sure to be seen when leaving for an errand.
  11. Clip key ring to a bag as reminder to take it for delivery when running errands.
  12. Clip reminder note onto placemat to remind family member of a task or just to deliver a message without it being whisked off the table by a quick breeze.
  13. Use as a giant paperclip.
  14. Use to hold songbook open on the keyboard book rack.
  15. When no barrette is handy, use clip to pin hair back out of the face momentarily while doing a task where flowing hair is a nuisance.
  16. Clip a kitchen towel to your skirt waistband as a quick apron.
  17. Use as small clamps when doing craft projects or repairs.
  18. Use to clip a napkin to a child's shirt for a quick bib.
  19. Wrap wet bristles of a small paintbrush in plastic when taking a break. Clip plastic to the handle with a clip to seal.
  20. Clip one to the edge of a saucepan to allow steam to escape around the lid reducing boil over mess~


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December 22, 2014

I use spring-type clothes pins to clip treats to the bars of my bird's cage like millet sprays, snow peas, romaine lettuce and omelet. They make a sturdy, cheap holder, easy to fill and can be positioned anywhere.

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March 18, 2008

Well I have a strange tip, but a good one. My husband and I camp. We had bags open with food in them and had forgotten to bring things to close them with so I grabbed a couple of clothes pins the kind with the spring you squeeze to open. They are fantastic, work great and the nice thing is that they are cheap.

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Clothes pins can be an inexpensive alternative to buying more expensive chip clips. This is a guide about use clothespins as chip clips.

A pile of clothespins on a white background.

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January 5, 20130 found this helpful

This is a guide about crafts made with clothespins. Clothespins can be used in making a wide variety of craft projects.

A cute bird made with a clothespin.

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May 22, 2008

We are moving from a trailer to a house and I need help! I want to make curtains. I am very crafty, but the last time I used a sewing machine I attached 2 of my fingernails to the shirt I was sewing. I am not needle friendly. I saw a picture a while back of towels clothespins for the curtain hooks. I love it for my laundry room. But how do I do them so they don't fall every time you brush passed them. I would really appreciate the advice. THANKS!

CJ from Liverpool, OH

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May 23, 20080 found this helpful

Hi there,

A few years back I moved to an appartment with a small window. Instead of sewing the towel, I have cut three pieces of ribbon for each towel. To hold the ribbon and towels together, I used a simple safety pin. It worked great and I was able to open and close my "curtains". Hopes it works for you too.

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By guest (Guest Post)
May 23, 20080 found this helpful

I once made drapes for my bathroom out of towels. I used some that went really nice with the towels. I had and not having a sewing machine, I sewed them by hand. When I was finished I sewed them the other way to help make them stronger. They lasted along time and were really a lot warmer in the winter and helped with the heat in the summer. Also you can buy flat sheet's and make drapes. They have fabric glue out you could use, fold over the top part leaving enough space for your rod and I am talking a plain rod.If you do not have the money for embellishment's make your drapes now embellish next month. You can buy lace and so many other thing's to match any room. Lace etc use your imagination. And if you have a Gabe's near by, I bought 2 different kind's one long pair and one short pair of lace drapes (each pair) only a dollar a pair. Unbelievable isn't it. It is amazing the thing's you can do any more! Lot's of GOOD LUCK! Darlene

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May 23, 20080 found this helpful

You can buy sheep-blanket safety pins from any feed store or eBay, or They are about four inches long and would work great.

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May 24, 20080 found this helpful

When I was a kid, my mom used the clip-type curtain rings. She clipped the top edge of some pretty towels and hung them in our bathroom. Good luck with your project!

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May 30, 20080 found this helpful

When I moved from a trailer to a home I used beautiful twin sized sheets available really reasonable and you just slip the curtain rod through the hem! you have to come up with some fun tiebacks to use too!Also,

be sure to let your friends and family know you have a need.They may pitch in and bring you something you love!

Give it a try!

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June 13, 20050 found this helpful

What do you use clothes pins for other than hanging clothes on a clothes line?

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March 7, 20110 found this helpful

There are lots of uses for clothes pins! I have a hard time holding little nails still while I am getting ready to hammer them in the wall. Then I found about a great little tip - I hold the nail in place with a wooden spring type clothes pin.

Besides using as clip chips, I also hot glued a couple inside my cabinet to hold my rubber gloves. They also can hold small objects together while waiting for glue to dry. And hold curtains back in a pinch (you could even glue cute buttons on the front as a decorative touch).

By Carol from Landisville, PA

Editor's Note: What are some of your favorite uses for wooden clothespins? Post them here!


Clothespins For Many Uses

No reason to buy expensive bag clips, just use a clothespin! Also, attach notes to your wall calendar to keep them safe. (03/30/2009)

By Toolgirl

Clothespins For Many Uses

My family used lots of towels when they shower. We had to cut down on expenses in order to make ends meet. Instead of washing their towels everyday, I let them hang their towels and reuse them. So now I only wash towels every other day, which saves money on the water and power bills each month. I write each one's name on a clothes pin and pin it to the damp towels after each shower. The next day, they know which dry towel is theirs by looking for their name on the clothes pin. (03/30/2009)

By dixie35481

Uses for Clothespins

I use them to close all kinds of bags: bread bags, cereal bags, chip bags, frozen veggie bags, you get the idea. I use them in the cupboard, counter, in the fridge and in the freezer. Love, love, love them! (03/31/2009)

By Katie A.

Uses for Clothespins

I have used clothes pins to hold a piece of sponge. This is a great way to let your toddler or preschooler paint. They hold the clothes pin, dip in paint and then put on paper or object being painted. No mess, no fuss, easy cleanup. (04/01/2009)

By shirleyamh

Uses for Clothespins

I always keep a couple of clothespins in my suitcase, because it never fails - every hotel I've stayed in have curtains that gap at least a little and let outside light in(or peeping eyes!), so I clip the curtains together and prevent the gap.

My mom killed the battery in her car several times by forgetting the headlights were on. She began clipping a clothespin on her visor(pull visor down so it blocks vision) or her steering wheel. Then when she would get in, she'd see the clothespin and transfer it to her keychain before starting the car, so that when she turned the ignition off, there would be the clothespin on her keychain to remind her to turn her headlights off and put the pin back where she saved it.

I always thought my mom's method would be a good way for busy parents to remember their child is in the car and maybe prevent the ever-growing incidents of infants being forgotten and dying in vehicles. (04/14/2009)

By lyonpridej

Uses for Clothespins

I do a lot of knitting and crocheting using instructions I have put into see-through sheet protectors. When trying to follow line after line of instructions, it's hard to not lose your place. My remedy is this: Take a spring type clothespin, a popsicle stick and some wood glue (I use Titebond ll). Hold the clothespin open and put some glue onto one side (where it clips onto the clothes) and put the popsicle stick flat-side down on top of the glue. Be sure to wipe off excess glue (if there is too much), center it as to where you want it placed and close the open side down onto the popsicle stick. Let dry overnight...(I always let glue of any type dry for 24 hours). When it is ready, I use it to clip onto the side of my page of directions and use it as a line by line marker. I've made several to use as I always have more then one project going at any given time. Keep in mind that the marker does not go all the way across the page, but, all in all it works wonderfully (at least for me). =(^-^)=

By 1burrell

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January 16, 20110 found this helpful

What do you use clothes pins for other than hanging clothes on a clothes line?


Uses for Clothes Pins?

I use clothes pins to close potato chip and snack bags, chocolate chips, etc. They are less expensive than the plastic ones. They take up less space it our camper, too. I love using the snap clothes pins for re-closing bags. I would never spend money on those 'bag clips' sold in stores. The clothes pins are so handy to use, and being "inexpensive" is my favorite reason!! Another great use for them is to close frozen veggie bags, just twist the top of the bag after you have taken out the portion you want and put the clothes pin on to hold it in place. - Michelle, Carol, Diane, Mike & Evelyn (07/27/2001)

By ThriftyFun

Uses for Clothes Pins?

I use pinch clothespins for closing bread wrappers, pretzels or chips. Also for hanging skirts on hangers. Try it. (07/30/2001)

Uses for Clothes Pins?

I use a clothespin to clean the lint screen in my dryer. Using my fingers always resulted in "sanding" the edges of my fingernails. - Harlean (07/30/2001)

By ThriftyFun

Uses for Clothes Pins?

For a very inexpensive way to hang curtains, nail twine or even fishing line to your window facings, then using clothespins, hang your curtains at the window. Use a color that matches the room, or a contrasting color for interest. Red, white & blue look really cute in a childs' room with a nautical or patriotic theme. Or pretty pastels in a litte girl's room to coordinate with her bedspread. - Barb (07/30/2001)

By ThriftyFun

Uses for Clothes Pins?

Clothespins make very good clamps for small gluing projects. Also when we used to make big pots of tea I would clip one on the tags so the bags would be more easy to get out of the pot,less burned fingers are always a good idea. I love the clothespins with hooks on them. I hang loads of things besides laundry with them. Pot holders calendars pictures craft projects wet scouring pads & dish cloths Recipe cards Towels & wash cloths in the bathroom Printouts in the computer room. Like I said:The list is based on your needs & imagination - Linne (07/30/2001)

By ThriftyFun

Uses for Clothes Pins?

I also use them to hang up skirts and pants on hangers. They are easy to use and the kids can use them too! - J Leary (07/31/2001)

By ThriftyFun

Uses for Clothes Pins?

Short on cupboard space? - remove some of those less than full bags of cereal from the box & clip a clothespin on the folded over bag top.
Clip different color clothespins on certain bills to keep them together & easy to find - i.e., red/utility bills, green/mortgage(rent), blue/, etc. (you get the idea).
Crafters - keep pattern sheets/pieces together, use as clamps for small, lightweight objects.
Bookmark for magazine/book pages.
Clip a note to: lampshade, purse strap, article of clothing, etc..
Keep gloves, mittens, socks, etc. together.
Clip together money to have ready to pay the pizza delivery person (so it won't blow to the floor).
Use one to hold a nail so your finger is safe from the hammer!
Also, to hold a screw so both hands are free for better torque (& safe as well) These ideas should serve to spawn many more creative ones! - Martha V. (07/31/2001)

By ThriftyFun

Uses for Clothes Pins?

Make a small line & use the pins to hang messages on! Or glue a small magnet (available at craft stores or dollar stores) & use them as fridge magnets to hang messages, coupons, etc. on the fridge or metal filing cabinet. - Alekscat the frugal feline in Richmond, VA (07/31/2001)

By ThriftyFun

Uses for Clothes Pins?

A fun way to use a wooden clothespin is to pour some heavy cream into an old clean mayonnaise jar with a lid. Add a clothespin and seal the jar tightly with the lid. Have the kids take turns to shake it until it turns into sweet creamy butter. This is especially good if they are baking bread at the same time, or before toasting it over the (camp)fire. It takes a while..but it is a fun way to help kids learn where food comes from, and tastes great. Margaret (08/01/2001)

By ThriftyFun

Uses for Clothes Pins?

I use a nail brush or sponge on my lint screen & also use clothes pins to pin quilts up in my windows in winter & of course to pin the curtains across in winter too. - Linne (08/01/2001)

By ThriftyFun

Uses for Clothes Pins?

When my son was in preschool he came home with loads of art work everyday. Instead of putting these masterpieces in a box, I hung them on clothes pins that I painted (different colors and designs) and hot glued to the window frames and created a very unique window treatment. ~Lynn R~ (08/02/2001)

By ThriftyFun

Uses for Clothes Pins?

I hammered a thin nail (so as NOt to make a very large hole in wall) in one side of the clip clothes pin and them hammered them on the wall and hang all the baseball caps on them. Also painted them to match the kids room. Great way to hang their pictures on the wall without the use of tape, glue, etc. Makes a nice little display area. (08/02/2001)

Uses for Clothes Pins?

I have an in the house mail drop. but when I want to mail something, I use a clothes pin to clip the mail to the flap of the in the house mail drop. Works great ! - Geraldine (08/03/2001)

By ThriftyFun

Uses for Clothes Pins?

At a craft fair I saw a clothespin with a washer glued on it. It was labeled "Redneck Washer & Dryer". I'm pretty sure Margaret means to use the kind of clothes pins without the metal thingy to hold them together when making butter. I would be scared to use the other kind, don't know what the reaction might be. - Linne (08/03/2001)

By ThriftyFun

Uses for Clothes Pins?

Paint two clothespins a pretty color with leftover paint. Carry the clothespins in your purse or pocket. Now you can turn a large dinner napkin into a 'bib' for children by clipping the napkin (or two together) to their clothes or around their neck. - Burnice (08/10/2001)

By ThriftyFun

Uses for Clothes Pins?

When the wick of a candle has burned down low into a jar, tear a match from a match book and before lighting it, pinch the very end with a clothes pin and then strike the match. This way you won't burn yourself when holding the candle up and at an angle to light it. After you finish, clip the clothes pin to the matchbook to have it handy the next time. Leigh (10/10/2001)

By flaws5

Uses for Clothes Pins?

Use clothes pins to reseal chip bags, etc. Also keep a few extra with you in a diaper bag and use in place of a bib. Just clip on a napkin with the clothes pins and you have a throwaway bib. (04/09/2004)

By Connie

Cheap Chip Clips

Instead of buying the "fancy" clip bag closures to close up the potato chip bag, use a "spring-type" clothespin instead. Serves the same purpose and is cheaper!

By Mary (05/07/2004)

By ThriftyFun

Uses for Clothes Pins?

When packing for a vacation, throw 3 or 4 clothespins in the suitcase. You will find a use for them! You may need to wash out a clothing item and hang it in the shower at the motel room - you may need to pin the motel room curtains together to keep the gap from letting in light. You may want to use a clothespin to hold the map folded to the page showing the area you are traveling. I have never yet not needed them! (05/07/2004)

By Becki in Indiana

Uses for Clothes Pins?

My sister-in-law took the hinges out of wooden clothes pins and glued the halves into a miniature rocking chair and put a little teddy bear in it as a gift to my daughter.

Add a small bag of them to your camp gear, along with a small piece of rope. You never know if you need to hang dry something.

Use them to clamp electrical cords together. If they aren't too thick or too many of them it should hold well.


By Tawnda

Uses for Clothes Pins?

There is an enamel spray you can buy to spray over it. Look near the spray paints in the store. (05/26/2004)

By Princess Frogee

Clothes Peg Chip Clip

This is a really obvious tip but maybe not everyone has thought of it. When we open a bag of something in the kitchen (e.g. bag of nuts, packet of rice) but don't use all of it immediately, I keep a strip of cardboard with wooden clothes pegs on it in a drawer and we use one of those to close the bag - easy, frugal and they last for years!

By Gill (06/14/2004)

By ThriftyFun

Uses for wire twist ties

I use a cigarette lighter to burn the paper off to make a U shape from the wire. It makes great hangers for salt-dough ornaments or polymer clay figures.Just stick it into the top of the ornament. You can get two hooks from one twist tie. Saves lots of money on wire. (06/18/2004)

By Ruth I.

clothes pin match gun

(b)Clothes Pin Match Gun(/b)
Does anyone know how to alter a clothes pin to light and shoot a wooden match? It's a neat little trick and I can't remember how to do it. (07/02/2004)

By Steve O

Clothes Pin Match Gun

Hey guys I found it! (07/02/2004)

By Steve O

Clothes Pin Bib

Keep a few extra with you in a diaper bag and use in place of a bib. Just clip on a napkin with the clothes pins and you have a throwaway bib.
- Connie (07/07/2004)

By ThriftyFun

Use a Clothespin to Help Light a Match

If a candle has burned down low in a container, pinch a match with a clothes pin, and carefully strike match. This will give you an extra 5 inches and you'll be able to light the wick without getting burned.

By Flaws5 (07/07/2004)

By ThriftyFun

Uses for Clothes Pins?

I keep a clothespin clipped on my sun visor in the car. It comes in handy every so often for this-and-that!

By melody_yesterday

Uses for Clothes Pins?

I have a cocker spaniel dog that has long hair on her ears. When I give her a bowl to lick clean her ears drag in the bowl. Taking a clothes pin and clipping her ears above her head keeps the hair on her ears clean. Once the bowl is licked clean I remove the clothes pin. (10/16/2004)

By valleyrimgirl

Keeping Bags Closed Tightly

Put those old clothespins to use. Instead of bread ties to keep your bread closed use clothespins. Also works well for keeping frozen french fries closed in the freezer and a multitude of other things. (11/08/2004)

By ThriftyFun

Uses for Clothes Pins?

I use one on my mailbox (I live in the city and have a box that is hanging on my house) when I have outgoing mail, I clip it with the clothespin so it doesn't blow away!!


By sarah_b.

Uses for Clothes Pins?

I use clothes pins as a classroom pass for my students. My name is printed on the pin . When a student has permission to leave the classroom, they take the pin as proof they they have business outside the classroom. (11/13/2004)

By Joe

Plastic Clothes Pins as Chip Clips

Plastic clothes pins do just as good a job as a chip clip as do the special clips at keeping your frozen food closed and chips fresh. They cost far less, too!

By Robin (11/22/2004)

By ThriftyFun

Bag Clips

I use clothes pins to close my chip bags or any other kind of snack foods, even some refrigerator items, like a bag of salad. They are so handy around the house. They come in large quantities and don't cost very much.

By Daisy (12/09/2004)

By ThriftyFun


A bag of plastic clothespins from the dollar store has so many uses. I keep a handful in the kitchen to re-close opened bags of veggies.

By Linda (01/11/2005)

By ThriftyFun

Uses for Clothes Pins?

My kids (3 year old and 5 year old) have several matched sets of clothes where the pants and shirts match. Regardless of putting them in their drawer together, they never managed to come out with a matching pair. Recently, I've started folding their clothes and then clipping the shirt to the pants with a clothes pin. When they get dressed, they come out with a matched set and know to put the old pin back on the counter to be used next time I do laundry. (01/11/2005)

By Beth Ann

Uses for Clothes Pins?

If you put a clothespin on each of your fingers and keep them there for a little while such as a minute is is supposed to give you more energy. Stop if there is pain or numbness of course.

Clothespins used to be dropped in a milk jar that was empty as a target game for kids.

Matching cups and colored clothespins can be a learning game for kids.

I like them for hanging wet paintings on a line outside to dry,

Also they can be a reminder to take pills every day if you place the clothespin on the basket the pills are in after you take them. One color for morning one color for noon dosages and one color for night doses.


By Racer

Uses for Clothes Pins?

Uncommon Uses for Clothespins

Clip for a quick pick. Keep a bag of clothespins in the laundry room. When you have an item that needs special attention before it's washed, clip a clothespin to it. That way, if you forget, you'll be reminded as you start to put it in the washer.

Keep fingers from getting burned. If you put a match into a spring-type clothespin to light charcoal, candles, fireplaces, etc. you'll have a little more safety distance between your fingers and the fire.

Ensure your privacy. Carry a few clothespins when traveling. If you get a hotel room with drapes that don't quite meet, just pull the edges together and clip them. You'll keep out any distracting outside light as well as unwanted peepers.

Make handy holders. Attach a row of clip clothespins to a closet wall with a glue gun. They make convenient holders for scarves and gloves.

Use all your toothpaste. It's frustrating to throw away a tube of toothpaste when you know there's more inside. A clothespin can help hold the back of the tube flat as you use up what's left in the front of the tube.

Keep snacks fresh. Clothespins are perfect for re-closing bags of potato chips, crackers, cookies, etc.

Don't cross your wires. If you change your own spark plugs, you might get confused about which wires go to which spark plug. You can fix that by writing numbers on wooden clothespins with a marker and clipping one to each wire.

Spread them. If you want to encourage the branches of your young fruit trees to spread out, clip a couple of spring-type clothespins together, and wedge them into the fork formed by the branch and the trunk.

Excerpt from FC&As Uncommon Uses For Common Household Products


By racer

Uses for Clothes Pins?

I clip one to my car antenna when at the mall so I can find the car. I sometimes make them with ribbon streamers, but a bright colored one works just as well. (01/11/2005)


Using Clothes Pins

Get a dollar store bag of plastic clothes pins and keep a bunch in the kitchen. I use them to reclose bags of frozen veggies, bread bags and chip bags. I like to use them to clip my coupons together, too.

By Linda (06/13/2005)

By ThriftyFun

Uses for Clothes Pins?

Use them as weights when you have a tablecloth on a table outside and the wind is kicking up. (06/13/2005)

By mmgmom

Uses for Clothes Pins?

I have used the spring type clothespins to hold my hair back away from my face. The first time I did this my husband didn't even notice the two clothespins on top of my head. His excuse for not commenting was he thought I was losing my mind! (06/13/2005)

By mkymlp

Uses for Clothes Pins?

Well, the only one I didn't see was to put magnets on the back of them and use to clip things to fridge! I use them all the time for this! (06/14/2005)

By imhiz4eva

Uses for Clothes Pins?

We use a clothes pin to show are location in the building. We have a chart hanging outside our classroom door. Also for regular straight clothes pins; I have made worry dolls with scrapes of fabric and yarn. gail2656 (07/19/2005)

By gail2656

Uses for Clothes Pins?

If you are shopping and you can't hold all your bags and you have ice cream, take the clothespin and clip it to your jeans, and you can eat the ice cream with both hands! (12/03/2006)

By Mahum

Ideas for Clothespins

While teaching younger children grammar (even older ones love this), we put a different punctuation mark on each clothespin. For example, a period on one, a question mark on another, one side of a set of quotation marks on another ("), and so on. then I write sentences in big letters on long strips of paper, give them the clothespins and they simply clip the punctuation where it belongs. It's a great way to teach them higher levels of writing with out all the writing, which can be hard on their hand and attention at younger ages. I love it. They love it. I hope you'll love it. (08/29/2007)

By mindy

Ideas for Clothespins

If you don't have skirt hangers, simply use clothespins to clip the band of the skirt to the upper part of the clothes hanger.

This works great for two-piece dresses also. Clip the skirt on the bottom part of the hanger and then hang the blouse on the hanger, keeping both pieces together. (07/02/2009)

By clynnaltemus

Ideas for Clothespins

Another way to make a gun to shoot matches with clothespins. This one is a little trickier then the one above but it is fun.

By mctc

RE: Ideas for Clothespins

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