Uses for Disinfectant Wipe Containers

Disinfectant Wipe Containers

These plastic containers can be reused in a variety of ways. This guide is about uses for disinfectant wipe containers.


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Tip: Uses for Disinfectant Wipe Containers

Disinfectant Wipe Containers for Yarn Storage: Have you ever gone to wipe your shopping cart off with those disinfectant wipes but found the container was empty. When this happens to me, I take the empty container to the nearest cashier and let them know the container is empty (so they can replace it). Then I ask if I can keep the empty container for storing my yarn. These containers are just the right size to put a whole skein or ball of yarn in to stop your frisky cat from attacking your yarn when you knit or crochet! Just dump out the remaining alcohol and let dry. Then simply put the skein (or ball) of yarn into the container and thread the end of the yarn through the cross-cut opening at the top. Then you can knit or crochet away!

There's even enough room to store your crochet hook or double sided knitting needles in there with your yarn. And even if you don't have a cat, these containers are a great way to transport your yarn with you if you're like me and like to knit while your hubby drives on trips or to take on vacations, camping and such. The container protects your yarn from dirt, debris and tangling.

Anyone have any other ideas of ways to use these containers cause I have a bunch?

By Cyinda from Seattle

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Question: Craft Ideas Using Clorox and Lysol Wipe Containers

Does anyone have any craft ideas for cleaning wipe containers (such as Clorox, Lysol)? I use a lot of them and would like to be able to use the containers for something?

s0128g from Newark, DE

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By tallatlprincess 12/16/2010

Keep one to store plastic grocery bags in. It holds a ton of them

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