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Uses for Spray Bottles With Hose Connectors

Spray Bottles With a Hose Connector

The spray bottles with a hose connection, that came filled with fertilizers and other products, can be used in a variety of ways around your home and garden. This is a guide about uses for spray bottles with hose connectors.


Solutions: Uses for Spray Bottles With Hose Connectors

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Tip: Recycling Weed and Feed Spray Bottles

These type of bottles fit on the end of your water hose and contain a concentrated solution that is sprayed out with the water to fertilize a yard. With one of these type of bottles, rinsed well and a spray nozzle for your water hose that has threads on the sprayer end you can accomplish many outdoor tasks.

  1. Tree web worms are a very bad problem in this part of the country. The safest, easiest way I have found to eliminate the problem to fill the bottle half full with water, put in a really good squirt of Dawn dish soap and attach to the threads on the spray nozzle then to the water hose, this will allow you to cut off the water flow at any given moment. I like to have a lot of water pressure so I can reach high into the tree without getting on a ladder then I squirt the webs with this mixture, saturating very well, the worms will die shortly.
  2. This will work for wasps, they will drop out of the air and it keeps you out of harm's way while being able to saturate the nest.
  3. Use bleach instead of Dawn. Never mix the two (read the Dawn bottle for precautions) to clean siding, lawn furniture, porches, boat decks or anything that needs a good bleaching.

I'm sure there are many other uses for these great bottles. I can't wait to find out what everyone else can add to this post.

By Tina from Lufkin, TX

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