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Using Magic Jack

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Using Magic Jack

Using a computer phone service can present challenges. This guide is about using Magic Jack.



Here are questions related to Using Magic Jack.

Question: Using Magic Jack With Satellite

Can you use the Magic Jack phone with satellite internet? I would love to cancel my phone service and dial up and get satellite. I've read the reviews on the site and am willing to try it to save money. Thanks.



Most Recent Answer

By Phil8812/23/2011

I still have my old magic jack, but the call quality is somewhat good and bad, but I gave magic jack another try by purchasing their new magic jack plus unit. Guess what, this upgrade is totally awesome, no dropped calls and sound quality is like just my regular phone line, no low sounds quality. I have it connected directly to my wireless router and always on (without my computer being on). Good job Magic Jack!

Question: Using Magic Jack

Does the computer have to be on for the phone to work when using Magic Jack?



Most Recent Answer

By NMF05/08/2009

Yes your computer has to be on. It can be in a sleep state or hibernate but you cant completely turn it off, the phone wont work. I use to have Vonage which basically works the same way as magic jack, you need the internet in order for it to work. Also if your in the process of restarting your computer, which shuts down the MJ, it wont work either and MJ will have to reload but once your on, your golden.

Question: Using DSL and Magic Jack Plus

I have DSL with AT&T. Can I use Magic Jack Plus?

By Irmi M.

Most Recent Answer

By lavonneann [6]11/28/2012

I have DSL and also use MagicJack Plus. Works great!

Question: Recording a Voice Mail Greeting on Magic Jack

How do you add a personal greeting to magicJack voice mail?

By Glenda from Mercedes, TX

Most Recent Answer

By Lynne [1]08/04/2010

It's really easy to record your own message with Magic Jack. When you call your number to get your voice mail messages, immediately press zero, which takes you to a menu to record a variety of different things. (You can do this either from your phone handset, or from your computer itself) From there, it gives you the option to record an "away" or "busy" message, a regular voice mail greeting, or just your name, if you wish. Just choose the voice mail greeting. Easy to do and you can change it as often as you want. I love my Magic Jack & have never had problems with it. Hope this helps. :)

Question: Best Fax Machine to Use with Magic Jack

Has anyone used the Magic Jack to send and receive faxes and if so what brand fax machine? I can receive faxes through my Lexmark, but am unable to send. I want to buy one that can do both.

By Jeff from Tampa

Solutions: Using Magic Jack

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