Zucchini Plant Not Growing Fruit

Zucchini Plant Not Growing Fruit

Your zucchini plant is growing very well and even flowering, but not setting fruit. This is a guide about a zucchini plant not growing fruit.



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Question: Cat Losing Hair on Ears and Neck

I have a 1 year old female cat who very recently started losing hair on her ears, back of head and neck, and down almost to her shoulder blades in some spots. It's pretty uniform across her ears and back of head and then when it gets lower it's just in spots. I thought it could be because I'd gotten a new collar, but I took it off and she's still losing hair. We did just get a new pet, but since we got her we've added 8 other pets and she's never had a reaction like this. No changes in behavior. The only significant change has been the addition of wet food to her and our other cat's dry food once a day. They split one of the small cans between the two of them. Since I started doing that she has gained some weight and it's been since then that she started losing the hair. Is it possible that she's having allergies to wet food that she didn't have to dry only?

    By Elizabeth B. [1]


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    By orugun1 [5]08/03/2015

    Dinovite claims to help with this problem. It's on the Internet.

    Question: Zucchini Plant Not Producing Fruit

    I have a few zucchini plants that are not producing fruit. They all look very healthy, big, tall, and keep extending their territories. All have lots of flowers, but the female flowers wilted before they bloom.

    Is it seed problem? soil problem? The seeds were from last year's crop which yielded on average 5 or 6 good size fruits per plant. I use mostly cow manure and compost soil, supplementing with "Miracle Gro" 15-30-15.

    There has been plenty of sunshine and they are well watered. Lately I added some cedar mulch to help retain the moisture. Yet nothing seemed to get the female flowers to bloom.

    Hardiness Zone: 5a

    By Wing from Toronto, Ontario, Canada


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    By ladybanksia99 [1]08/02/2011

    Pollination should be your first consideration. We don't have enough bees anymore to do all the work; I go out first thing in the morning and look over my zukes and other squashes. Oftentimes, a single plant will produce both male and female flowers. Mostly male early on, but the female (fruiting) flowers should come on shortly.

    I hand-pollinate by removing the male flower from the stalk, peeling back (every so gently so as to not disturb the pollen) the flower petal part (eat this, its subtle flavor is yummy!) and leaving just the base and the center. Then stop by one or two female flowers and pollinate them by hand. They should go on to produce fruit as long as they are getting enough water.

    The flowers should be new that day; older flowers tend to be too far past prime.

    Works for me in AZ most every time. Good luck!

    Question: Zucchini Not Setting Fruit

    My zucchini is growing lots of big bushy leaves and lots of blossoms, but none of those blossoms are growing into veggies. Why? I would welcome any advice.

      By Linda L. [82]

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      By Julie06/26/2015

      Have they only been blooming a week or two?
      Squash have both male and female flowers. You can easily see the difference. Not only are the centers of the flowers different, but the female flower has a baby squash at the base. But the male flowers always start blooming a week or two before the female flowers start blooming. If you're in that time frame, hang in there. Pretty soon you'll have plenty of zucchini.

      Question: Zucchini Blooming But Not Setting Fruit

      I have several of zucchini plants this year and they are huge! My problem is that they bloom with flowers and then all of the sudden the flowers close up and then eventually fall off. I do not have any animals getting inside the garden and I have checked for any pests and there are none. I water ever other day usually as long as it's not extremely hot and in that case every day! Can you help me with any suggestions? I have managed to only grow one zucchini so far.

      By Shelly

      Most Recent Answer

      By emily [2]08/03/2011

      Believe it or not, zucchini flowers are considered a treasure. For years, Italians have made zucchini flower fritters. Please let me know if you care to receive the recipe.

      Question: No Female Flowers on Zucchini

      I get only male flowers on the zucchini plant. It's been about two weeks so far. What should I do?

      By Gene W

      Most Recent Answer

      By DCA [4]04/09/2015

      The female flowers arrive a week or so later than the male flowers.

      Question: Zucchini Plants Stopped Setting Fruit

      I'm growing courgettes in green houses. The problem is that my production has stopped after a few weeks even though my plants are strong and have green large leaves. Bees are also working very well. I don't think there is poor pollination. Can you give some suggestions as to what may be the problem?

      By baljeet

      Most Recent Answer

      By David J Smith08/02/2015

      Try feeding dried blood

      Question: Identifying Male and Female Flowers on Zucchini and Cuke Plants

      How do I know the difference between a male and a female zucchini and cucumber plant?

      By Jaye L

      Most Recent Answer

      By BracyP09/16/2013

      There are three ways to determine which is which.
      1. Stems - The male blossom has a long, slender stem, while the female blossom is on a short stem.

      2. Blossom Attachpoint - Male blossoms have only a slender stalk directly attached to the stem. The female blossoms have a small bulbous area below the flower. This is actually the ovary which is an unfertilized zucchini.

      3. Inside flower - Look inside the blooms. The male blossom has a stamen in the center of the flower. Female does not. The pollen on the stamen pollinates the female plant.

      Question: Zucchini Blooms but Does Not Set Fruit

      My zucchini plant will bloom, but I don't see where it is producing fruit. What should I do and is it too late?

      By Linda

      Most Recent Answer

      By JazzyMe [12]05/19/2012

      No. It's not too late, it's actually too soon. Now that the flowers are there the bees and butterflies will polinate them. Then the fruit will start to grow. Give it more time.

      Question: Zucchini Not Setting Fruit

      My zucchini plants look beautiful and have large green leaves. They were grown from seeds (which were planted 1-16-12). There are beautiful large blooms, but no zucchinis yet. What is the problem?

      By BRT

      Most Recent Answer

      By JazzyMe [12]05/19/2012

      You answered your own question with the word "yet". Just wait, the butterflies and bees will pollinate them, then they will show up. It's too soon.

      Question: Courgette (Zucchini) Flowers Are All Male

      Why are all the flowers on my 4 courgette (zucchini) plants all male?

      By Chris from Kent

      Most Recent Answer

      By denise07/02/2010

      The first flowers are always male; they are because the pollen will be waiting for the female flowers. Just wait a few days.

      Question: Identifying Male and Female Zucchini

      What does a male and a female zucchini fruit look like?

      By Tracey

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      Archive: Zucchini Plant Not Producing Fruit

      By Ellen Brown


      I live in New Jersey and have a problem with Zucchini plants. The plants are huge and healthy and producing an enormous amount of flowers, but no Zucchini. The flowers fall off and no fruit is produced. I don't see any female flowers forming. What can I do to help the plants produce fruit. I have never experienced this problem before with the Zucchini plants. Please help.

      Hardiness Zone: 6a

      Dennis G. from Saddle Brook, NJ



      If this is the first flush of flowers on your Zucchini plants, don't worry. What you're seeing is normal. Zucchini plants, like all members of the Cucurbitaceae family of vine crops (melons, cucumbers, squash, etc.) produce male and female flowers on the same plant. During the initial first flush of flower production, usually only one gender of flower (usually the male flowers are first) is produced for the first few weeks. These flowers naturally shed their pollen and drop off. After this initial flush of flowers, a second wave of flowers develops that will contain both male and female blooms. I'm not sure exactly why this is, but some scientists think it's nature's way of "luring" in the bees, sort of giving them time to catch up and discover the flowers. Successful pollination requires proper timing and this first flush of "bait" flowers may be the plant's way of making sure there are bees at the ready when both genders of flower emerge. If the female flowers on your plants (the flowers with the slight swelling below the back of their petals) continue to drop off once both types of flowers are being produced, it's an indicator of pollination problems (the female flowers will abort if not pollinated). Then you may need to consider hand pollinating your plants.


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      RE: Zucchini Plant Not Producing Fruit

      This is a common problem with Zucchini. The flowers need to cross pollinate themselves for the fruit to grow and mature. Sometimes you may even notice the Zucchini growing and rotting at like 4 inches long. Bees are essential to cross pollinating and if there are none around or not enough, you can help the plants along. Take a Q-Tip and rub some of the pollen from one flower and then rub it into the next flower and so on. This will ensure proper pollination and should help produce plenty of Zucchini. (07/12/2006)

      By jcs523

      RE: Zucchini Plant Not Producing Fruit

      I don't think that everyone knows how important bees, the black bumblebee, wasps, and the wood bores are to pollinating fruit trees, vegetables and berries. Some of my neighbors use insecticides and other sprays for their lawns. These are so harmful to the pollinating creatures. My one neighbor had used weed killer on their lawn and we were finding dead robins. I called our local bird watching group and they said that the weed killer poisoned the worms and bugs, and the birds eat these, which kills the birds. Please, everyone, try and use environmentally safe products. (07/13/2006)

      By Malinda/Pa

      Archive: Zucchini Plant Not Producing Fruit

      I have planted a zucchini and it has started producing a lot of male flowers (a month ago), but it hasn't produced a single female flower. What can I do to encourage my zucchini plant to produce female flowers, too?

      Hardiness Zone: 9b

      By Araz from Aleppo, Syria