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Remedies for Greasy or Oily Hair

Remedies for Oily Hair

No one likes their hair to look stringy and greasy. If your hair is extra oily though it can be difficult to avoid having your hair look that way. This is a guide about remedies for greasy hair.


Solutions: Remedies for Greasy or Oily Hair

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Tip: Dusting Powder for Greasy Hair

Instead of baby powder I use scented dusting powder as I don't really like the smell of baby powder! You can also combine using powder to de-grease hair with the modern dry shampoo sprays. This will help you get over the residue on your scalp, which often necessitates you washing your hair soon after a powder dry shampoo. This will make the commercial dry shampoo spray last longer, as you will need less.

By Pam from Los Angeles, CA

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Tip: Use Dish Washing Liquid

When I was younger I stayed with my grandma, due too a bad winter storm we were snowed in and ran out of shampoo. We used the original green Palmolive dish washing liquid, it made our hair soft, clean, and grease free for several days. I would not use this everyday, but I think a few days a week would be OK. Hope this helps.

Source: My Grandma lived during the Depression and had hundreds of tips like this

By Vickie from Norfolk, VA

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Tip: Lemon Juice or Vinegar for Greasy Hair

Mix the equivalent of the juice from 1 lemon with 1 cup water. Pour through your hair, and then rinse with warm water.

Soak your hair in a small basin of water with 1/4 cup cider vinegar, or put the concoction in a spray bottle, and spray on your hair. Then wash it out with warm water.

These remedies also help control nasty shampoo buildup.

By Rhonda L. from Charlotte NC, Upstate South Carolina

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Tip: Use Baby Powder for Greasy Hair

Put baby powder in your hair and then brush it out. I suggest brushing it out outside or in your shower for easier clean up.

By Ann from PA

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Tip: Use Dawn for Very Oily Hair

I have always had oily hair, but in the last several months the oiliness has just gotten worse and worse--to the point that I could wash it as usual and it would be extremely oily only a few hours later.

I tried several different things, lemon juice and a water solution being one, and then my mom and grandmother and I were talking and it was decided among the three of us that Dawn dish washing liquid might work wonders. And it surely has.

I wash my hair with Dawn dish washing liquid. I think I paid about $1 and some change at Wal-mart. Anyway, I wash it twice with Dawn dish washing liquid and then with the shampoo of my choosing. I have found it to be extremely helpful and you can tell a big difference in what it's done for my hair.

This may sound totally silly, and maybe it is, but if it works then so be it, I'll continue to use it for sure. Using Dawn is definitely much better than having really oily hair.

By Shanda from Millers Creek, NC

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Tip: Baking Soda For Greasy Hair

I was raised partly by a grandmother and she was very thrifty with everthing. She taught me many easy solutions to all kinds of problems.

When your hair is greasy and you do not have time to wash it, try this. Take ordinary baking soda, put some it your hands and rub it all through your hair. Then brush your hair really well. All the grease will completely disappear.

It works great. I have used it many times on my own children.

By Lois from Baltimore, MD

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Tip: Using Corn Starch for Greasy Hair

We used to do with my bedridden grandmother. Sprinkle a little baby powder or even better, a bit of cornstarch in her hair to refresh it. Then brush it briskly to remove the oils with the powder being brushed out. Worked great!

By Diane from Owego, NY

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Tip: Use Clarifying Shampoo for Greasy Hair

To keep oily hair under control, I use a clarifying shampoo every other time I wash my hair. I always follow a thorough rinsing with a mixture of one quart water and 1/4 cup cider vinegar. I massage it into hair and rinse again.

Source: The vinegar solution was what my Mother taught me. The clarifying shampoo came from trial and error.

By Sandy from Midland, MI

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Tip: Temporary Fix for Greasy Hair

A quick temporary fix to greasy hair is to just sprinkle a bit of baby powder or talcum powder in it, and fluff it through. It will buy a bit of time until the hair can be washed!

When camping somewhere without running water, a quick way to wash your hair is to put just a little shampoo in a gallon of water, shake it up and use it to wash your hair. No rinsing necessary.

By Pam T from Storm Lake, IA

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Tip: Using Olive Oil for Greasy Hair

Hair gets greasy when shampoo is too hard. To solve this problem, just give your hair the oil it needs:

  1. Put 2 teaspoons of warmed olive oil in your hair.

  2. Massage your scalp.

  3. Put a towel around your head and keep it there at least 1 hour but preferably overnight.

  4. Then shampoo your hair with a gentle shampoo. Do not use too much shampoo, just a little at a time.

  5. Rinse, shampoo a second time, and rinse well.

Do that once a week for at least one month, and then regularly once a month. Your hair will be strong, light, shiny and no longer greasy.

By Olga from Miallet, France

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Here are questions related to Remedies for Greasy or Oily Hair.

Question: Remedy for Oily Hair

Why when I wash my hair, the next day it's oily and dirty looking like it hasn't been washed in days?

By Peggy

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Most Recent Answer

By tazzyferreira 1 04/23/2015

No matter how frequent you wash your hair, it will still be oily. Reason being that you have a naturally oily scalp. This means your sebaceous glands are over productive. Unfortunately this is the case with certain people like yourself and I too have a problem with oily hair. I'm a hairdressing student and I have learnt that if you want to rid your hair of all the unwanted oil, the best thing is camomile, mint and lemon.
These three ingredients are meant for oily hair so I suggest that you buy a shampoo and conditioner with a base containing one or more of these ingredients. That should definitely do the trick. I recommend trying head and shoulders citrus fresh or purchasing professional products from your salon.

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Question: Shampoo for Oily Hair

My husband has extremely oily hair. He can shower and by the end of the day, it is totally oily. Is there any kind of shampoo that can counteract this or any other solution?

By Elaine

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Most Recent Answer

By Ginnee 2 187 05/13/2015

I agree with 'Pepper'. I dissolve baking soda with hot water and add it to a bottle of shampoo that is partially used, so there is room to add the soda solution. Usually about 2 tablespoons of soda with 1/4 cup of water works for me. I shake the bottle of shampoo to distribute the soda a bit (it tends to settle at the bottom) when I wash my hair. Now when I get a bit warm, my scalp doesn't smell... so embarrassing.

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Question: Solution for Extremely Oily Hair

I have extremely oily hair with dandruff and it is falling out. What can I do?

By Suhani from Punjab

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Most Recent Answer

By katrina 5 232 11/08/2010

Chemicals can cause all kinds of problems. You might try using a J R Liggett's shampoo bar. I just discovered these, although they have been around for centuries. These contain no chemicals at all. They do contain lye which simply bonds all soaps, and you can make your own just like body soap if you choose to do so. I wanted to try them before I wanted to make some, so my health food store ordered some in. Saved on S&H from buying from the site.

They have all kinds of them, and while you might not like the way your hair feels, (I didn't) after washing, it will dry beautifully. This is because it does not strip the oils from your hair (result will be no dandruff!). I think you are dealing with a chemical problem which is why I am making this suggestion. There are other chemically made shampoo bars which will simply cause the same problem you are having. Do check them out, and good luck to you!

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Question: Remedy for Greasy Hair

I take a shower everyday, but my hair always looks greasy/oily. What can I do?

By Marta G.

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Most Recent Answer

By katesnanna 12 36 12/14/2013

First thing is to stop washing your hair every day. This stimulates the oil glands then when you brush it the oil is spread throughout the hair. The longer you can leave it the better it will get. Start by washing every second day then add an extra day as you can. Use a very mild shampoo then rinse with lemon juice. Leave it in your hair for as long as you can then rinse.

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Archive: Solution for Extremely Oily Hair

My handicapped sister has hair that is far more oily than any I have ever seen or heard of. It's a terrible problem and even washing every day doesn't help much.

Does anyone have any ideas for something that would help? There used to be a dry shampoo that was used mostly for people who were hospitalized or bed ridden, but I haven't seen it in decades. Thanks for any help you can give me.

Jeane in TX

RE: Solution for Extremely Oily Hair

Way back in the "old" days before hospitals had someone to come and wash your hair, they would rub cornstarch into the hair, and then brush it out. The cornstarch absorbs the oil, and a good brushing will remove it. Hope this helps, but it can't hurt to try it. (06/15/2005)

By Granny in WI

RE: Solution for Extremely Oily Hair

I've heard of using baby powder before. I tried this once. It did alright, but gave my hair static electricity. After a while it was OK and laid down. I bet the cornstarch would work better. (06/15/2005)

By badwater

RE: Solution for Extremely Oily Hair

Avon sells waterless shampoo. They also sell a spray that is supposed to help you get an extra day out of shampooing again. That may help cut down on the oil. I have also heard about and have actually done, is to use dry oatmeal in the hair. The cornstarch and powder would all help get the oil out. (06/15/2005)

By Sandy

RE: Solution for Extremely Oily Hair

We have a medical supply store in our area (NC) which carries the waterless shampoo. You may have a medical or hospital supply in your city. Also, your local hospice may be able to help you locate a supplier. (06/16/2005)

By NanaB

RE: Solution for Extremely Oily Hair

My grandmother used Dawn dishwashing liquid in her hair about 1-2 per month and that seemed to help her. (06/16/2005)

By Doris

RE: Solution for Extremely Oily Hair

Baking soda will help absorb the oil and will keep the head fresh smelling, brush it out after letting it work. (06/16/2005)

By kidsNclutter

RE: Solution for Extremely Oily Hair

Try tea tree shampoo. (07/05/2005)

By Natasha

RE: Solution for Extremely Oily Hair

Using any dish detergent on your hair is not good, it strips away all the essential oils your hair needs. This in turn makes your scalp produce more oil to make up for what you stripped away. I think Bumble and Bumble makes a dry shampoo, at least they used to. Try using a lightweight conditioner, too (if you're using one) and focus more on the ends than the roots. (06/08/2006)

By Crystal

try this!!

Boil mint for 15 minutes, strain the solution and mix with 1/4 cup of shampoo. (09/06/2008)

By oil no more

RE: Solution for Extremely Oily Hair

Using baby powder works well, but use sparingly. (01/26/2009)

By Ann

Archive: Solution for Extremely Oily Hair

I have a 12 year old daughter with long hair that is greasy the next day after she washes it. We have tried stopping all conditioners and even washing her hair with Head and Shoulders. So far that has dried her hair and made it frizzy.