Cleaning Rust Stains from a Plastic Bathtub

Rust stains running down tub from overflow drain.

Old plumbing can cause rust in the water to leave stains on your bathroom fixtures. Removing these stains can be a challenge. You will need to use the best solution for your tub based on the material it is made of. This is a guide about cleaning rust stains from a plastic bathtub.



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Question: Rust Stains on Plastic Tub

I have rust stains on a plastic tub. I've moved into a mobile home just a week ago and can't use the tub. What product can I use to remove the rust and yellow stains on my plastic tub? Thanks.

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By Evas 02/09/2013

Apparently the acid that is released from Rhubarb is really efficient at removing rust. There is a product called White N Brite made from rhubarb, apple, spinach and vinegar acidics. It is a white creme you spread on the surface with a damp sponge, let sit and rinse away. have no smell, all Organic and Non-Toxic I use it to remove, calcium and lime as I live in the country and it is also for my glass cooktop. you can find more info at www.yourbestcleaners.com

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