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Cleaning Paint from Brick

Green paint on a brick wall.

Bricks have a rough, porous surface that can make paint removal difficult. When removing paint you want to avoid damaging the bricks or the mortar. This is a guide about cleaning paint from brick.



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Question: Removing Paint From Brick

Does anyone have a remedy to remove old paint spots from the outside brick on the house without ruining the brick finish? Thanks.

By Jay from Buffalo, NY

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By connie 1 2 08/29/2010

Do the opposite. Go get paint samples the color of your brick and dab it over the brick to blend in and cover the unwanted paint.

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Archive: Removing Paint From Brick

How can you get paint off of brick?



RE: Removing Paint From Brick

My mother-in-law's BF just did this to his home. I'm not sure if that is what you are referring to or not. Scrap as much as you can loose and then use a power washer and blast it good. It just falls away. (09/01/2006)

By MissAshley

RE: Removing Paint From Brick

I tried the pressure washer on some brick posts and it didn't work. I used a gel paint remover/stripper, it gums it up a bit and it's a lot of scraping, but it came off. (09/04/2006)

By guest