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Crocheted Easter Baskets

large crocheted easter basket

A fun crochet project is a handmade Easter basket. This is a guide about making crocheted Easter baskets.


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Crocheted Easter Basket Pattern

large crocheted easter basketCrocheted covers for common plastic containers for a personalized Easter Basket.

Approximate Time: 1-2 hours depending upon size


  • worsted weight yarn
  • size US H crochet hook
  • tapestry needle

You can easily modify the pattern to whatever plastic container you have around. The one with the pink centered daffodils is made for a small Cool Whip container. The one in the same photo with the yellow centered daffodils is made for a GladWare quart container. The pink one is on a small sized basket. The blue one is on the large sized basket.

To modify the pattern, just crochet the base to fit your container, then work the sides even until it reaches the rim of the container. Then follow the pattern instructions to finish.

The handles on the both the Cool Whip and the GladWare ones were made with a strip of plastic canvass for stiffening.

Gauge: 4 dc = 1 inch


  1. Read all instructions before beginning.

  2. Pull your slipstitches tight.

  3. Before beginning remove handle from bucket. Save it, as you will need it to finish the Easter Basket.

Small Basket Instructions:

Round 1: Ch 3, (do not count as first dc) 12 dc in the 3rd ch from hook. Join with a slipstitch in first dc. (12 sts)

Round 2:Ch 2 (do not count as first dc from now on), 2 dc in each st. Join with a slipstitch in first dc. (24 sts)

Round 3: Ch 2, (dc in 1 st, 2 dc in next st), repeat around. Join with a slipstitch in first dc. (36 sts)

Round 4: Ch 2, (dc in 2 sts, 2 dc in next st), repeat around. Join with a slipstitch in first dc. (48 sts)

Round 5: Ch 1, working in back loop only (sc in 3 sts, 2 sc in next st), repeat around. Join with a slipstitch in first sc. (60 sts)

Compare to bottom of the container you are using. Piece should be about the same size as container bottom or slightly smaller.

Round 6-11: Ch 1, dc in each st. (60 dc)

Round 12: Ch 1, sc in each st. (60 sc)

Round 13: Ch 2, dc in 13 sts, ch 1, skip 1, dc in 29 sts, ch 1, skip 1, dc in 16 sts. (58 sts, 2 ch 1 spaces)

Round 14-15: Ch 1, sc each st. (60 sc)

Round 16: Ch 1, *sc in 4 sts, sc dec over next 2 sts, repeat from * around. (50 sts)

Round 17: Ch 1, *sc in 3 sts, sc dec over next 2 sts, repeat from * around. (40 sts)

Fasten off and weave in ends.

Fit over container, spaces in round 13 should be over where the handle attaches.

Tie: Chain 75. Fasten off. Using yarn needle and tail weave in and out of Round 17. Pull snug and tie in knot or bow.

Handle: Ch 3, yo insert hook in first ch, yo and pull loop through, yo and pull though 1 loop (this creates the base ch you will go into on the next st), yo pull through 2 loops, yo pull through 2 loops. *Yo insert hook in base ch, yo and pull loop through, yo and pull though 1 loop, yo pull through 2 loops, yo pull through 2 loops. Repeat from * until piece is as long as the handle, with a odd number of bars.

Fasten off, leaving a tail for sewing.

Weave the basket handle in and out of the bars. Reattach handle to basket and tack the first and last bar to the basket cover.


Embellish with flowers and leaves. There is a pattern for my crocheted daffodils here:


  1. Read instructions completely before beginning.

  2. Photo shows daffodils in three sizes.

  3. I used orange and white for my daffodils.

  4. Pull each slipstitch tight.

Round 1: With center color, ch 2, 7 hdc in 2nd ch from hook. Join with slipstitch in top of first hdc. (7 hdc)

Round 2: Ch 1, sc in each stitch. Join with slipstitch in first sc. (7 sc) This next round is going to feel awkward, but the rev sc is so worth the effort.

Round 3: Ch 1, rev sc in each stitch around. DO NOT join, but fasten off and use tail to close round.

Now you have completed the cup or trumpet part of your daffodil.

Round 4: Using the outside petal color, join yarn to any unused loop of hdc on round 1 with a slipstitch. *Ch 2, 3 dc, ch 1, slipstitch all in the same st as slipstitch, slipstitch in the unused loop of next hdc, repeat from * around. DO NOT join, but fasten off and use tail to close round. (7 petals).

Weave in ends.

Using the same instructions you can make a larger center by starting with 9 or 11 hdc on round 1. That will give your daffodils 9 or 11 petals.

Stems And Leaves:

Leaf: Ch desired length for leaf. Slipstitch in 2nd ch from hook, sc in next 2 ch, hdc in remaining chains.

Fasten off leaving a long tail for sewing.

Stem: Chain desired length for stem. Slipstitch in 2nd chain from hook and each remaining chain.

Fasten off leaving a long tail for sewing.

There are patterns for three sizes of containers, only the small is included here. The other sizes are available here.

crocheted easter baskets

By Suzie from Bellingham, WA

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Easy Crocheted Easter Basket

With the help of a pre-made crocheted doily, you can have a nice Easter egg basket decoration! Crochet Easter basket with colored eggs.

Approximate Time: 2-3 hours


  • 4 inch crochet doily pre-made
  • hook size E
  • pastel crochet thread
  • Dollar Tree eggs
  • hot glue gun
  • scrap ribbon


  1. Take the commercial doily and place hook anywhere in the edge.
  2. Chain 3 and make two more double crochets in the same stitch. Do not make any stitches between the 3 double crochet clusters. Make another one in the next space, and keep doing this around.
  3. Join, and make a chain of 6, slip stitching into the center of each of the 3 cluster below all around and joining, binding off.
  4. This gives you a handle that you can weave a ribbon through. With your choice of ribbon, weave it under and over the length of the handle, securing the ends with hot glue.
  5. Turn over the basket, and glue the ends of each handle to the bottom of the basket. Then, hot glue at the place where the handle and the edge of the basket doily meet.
  6. Put your eggs on the basket and hot glue them to the base and to each other. Once you get enough on, glue the edge of the basket to the closest one of the eggs. This will keep the edges up and give your decoration a nice firm feel and look.

By Sandi from Yorktown, VA

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Crocheted Easter Bunny Basket

pink bunny basketThis adorable Easter Basket is crocheted over a 2 or 3 liter soda bottle.

Approximate Time


  • paper punch
  • crochet hooks size F and size J
  • hot glue gun
  • Sharpie marker
  • 4 ply yarn 4 oz. main color
  • 4 ply yarn 2 oz. contrasting color
  • small amount of felt: blue and white for eyes
  • polyester stuffing or strips of quilt batting
  • pom poms 1 black 1/2 inch for nose
  • pom poms 2 white 1 inch for face
  • pom pom 1 white 2 inch for tail
  • optional flower stamens to use for whiskers


With a Sharpie, mark bottle 4 inches up from the bottom. Cut. Also cut one piece from below the shoulder of the bottle 1/2 inch wide for the handle. Round the ends. With a paper punch, punch holes about 1/4 inch apart around the edge of the bottle and down the middle of the handle.


With MC and F hook, make 2 SC in each hole along first side, 8 SC in end hole, 2 SC in each hole along opposite side and 8 SC in second end hole. SK ST to join.


With MC and F hook, make 2 SC in each hole around, working clockwise. Join with SL ST. Change to J hook, turn and work counter-clockwise. Mark beginning and work rest of basket without joining at ends of rounds.

First Round: SC in each SC around.

Second through 12th round: Working in back loop of stitch only, SC in each SC around.

NOTE: Pull work down to make sure it covers the bottle. If necessary, add additional rounds until it does. At this point, pull work down over bottle and stuff lightly with polyester stuffing, or hold a few strips of quilt batting (cut about 4x16 inches) around the bottle as you pull the work down.

Next Round: (Work in both loops of stitch for remaining rounds) *SC in first 3 STS. Skip 4th ST. Repeat from * around.

Next Round: *SC in first 2 STS. skip 3rd ST. Repeat from * around, continuing until opening is closed, then fasten off.


With MC and J hook, CH 13. DC in 4th chain from hook. DC in next 2 CH. HDC in next 3 CH. SC in next 3 CH. 3 SC in last CH. Working along opposite side of chain, 3 SC in same CH as last 3 SC. SC in next 3 CH, HDC in each of the next 3 STS. SC in each of the next STS, CH 2 and fasten off in same CH as last DC.

Repeat with MC for second ear. Also make 2 pieces with CC. Holding one of each color back to back with the CC facing you, using MC, crochet pieces together by making a SC through each ST of both pieces. Stuff lightly.

Cut 2 eyes as per pattern above right (see PDF).

Fasten 2 inch pom pom to basket at beginning of Round 1. Glue ears upright over edge of basket opposite side from the tail. If you prefer you may sew them in place. With a length of MC yarn, tie handle to basket positioning each end midway between ears and tail. Using photo as a guide, glue face on front of basket. Add Easter grass to basket.

Click Here for a PDF of these instructions

By Harlean from Arkansas

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Recycled Crocheted Easter Basket
Recycled Crocheted Easter Basket
*** Here is a frugal Easter basket project. Crochet an Easter basket from recycled plastic grocery bags. Here is the free pattern link

By Cindy from WA