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Craft Ideas Using Baby Food Jars

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Baby food jar Christmas tree.

Baby food jars, along with their larger cousins have a long history of being used in the garage to hold small parts. They can also be used in a wide variety of craft projects. This is a guide about craft ideas using baby food jars.


Solutions: Craft Ideas Using Baby Food Jars

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Crafts with Baby Food Jars

Uses for glass baby food jars as suggested from the ThriftyFun community. Post your own ideas here.

Water Globes

One year for a craft bazaar idea, we made water globes from them. You just use contact cement (grown ups do this part ahead of time and let dry. You can ask each child ahead of time, the theme they want and get this part done ahead of time) and you glue tiny objects to the inside lid.

On the day of completing them, you add water with some drops of baby oil to them (the more oil you add, the slower the things fall down when shaken) then you can drop in glitter. Use contact cement around the inside lids ridge and put on the bottle, closing tight. They stay on always. When you shake the bottle then set the bottles upside down and you'll see it snow onto the objects that you had glued into the lids top on the inside.

You can also add tiny shapes from craft foam like fish stars etc punched from hole punches. Make themes like under the sea, trees for Christmas, use popsicle sticks cut for wooden people draw on them first with markers, put plastic beaded jewelry inside to move around when shook up. Or put a wooden stick in the center lid and add rings (toy kind) inside floating around to see if they can land them on the stick. They are real fun to play with. And the kids can even paint the outside with their names, etc., curled up tiny pieces of ribbon work good too for floating around inside.

By theseamstress

Little Jar Candles

Last year I worked with some little ones and we grated old candles of different colors and put this in layers in the jars and put a wick in the centre. Worked real well, glass jars only.

By Dolly

Santa Candy Holder

Decorate to look like Santa on the outside then fill with candy. Use felt, wiggle eyes and cotton for the beard.

By Ann

Snow Globe Link

I really like the water globe idea! How about a Nativity snow globe? It's nearing the season!

By melody_yesterday

Flower Arrangements

My sons' daycare made these for Mother's Day: little flower arrangements in baby jars. They attached silk flowers through the lid (I think through a hole) to the inside and then screwed the jar on the top. I actually got these two years in a row, once with the little jars and once with the bigger, taller jars. They look sort of old fashioned and very cute.

By Jess

Bible Story Jar And Other Ideas

You could put items that represent the bible story you are telling in each jar. I have seen this done during holidays, and also VBS. Another thing you could do is fill the jars with candy and put a Bible verse in representing Mother's day, Children's Day, Fathers day or any holiday you wish. The Bible verse would say something to do about Mothers, Fathers, Children or whatever event you chose. You could also use then for seed starters. Have fun.

By WRogers52

Lighted Christmas Tree

Make a Christmas tree with a string of lights. Remove lids, turn bottles on sides. Use about 10 across for the bottom with hot glue in between to hold them together. Next row is indented on each end. Keep gluing and stacking until only one left for the top.

Take a string of mini Christmas lights and stick one light into each jar and secure with glue (test it first if using a glue gun),then, stuff fire proof angel hair in around the lights to hide the wire. If you wish, glue the bottom row of the tree on a narrow piece of wood (paint stick), and then set that on top of a short narrow cap or something to be the tree holder. I saw this at work and it was just beautiful with the lights on!

By Wanda

Tip: "Stained Glass" Baby Food Jars

Here is a great idea I used a few weeks ago for a craft project for my kids. I take care of a baby twice a week and so I always save the cleaned out baby food jars. I also save gift bags and the tissue paper that fills them. I remembered this craft from VBS when I was a child. You dip out a little thinned glue into a container (I used the lids to the baby food jars).

Provide a cheap paint brush (I found 100 of them at a garage sale for about 25 cents). Let the kids tear up the different colors of tissue paper into 1/2 inch or so pieces. Then they will glue them onto the outside of the jars. Overlap the paper to create a "stained-glass" look. When completely dry, go over with a coat of the glue or modge podge to seal it.

Put a little tea-light candle in it. It looks great! These make great gifts for the kids to make. One note, you might want to spread out newspaper on the table to protect it from the glue. This craft is easy even for small children. Even my 3-year-old mastered and enjoyed it with only a little instruction. Have fun!


Baby Food Jar Votive

Decorated baby food jar votive candle holder.


  • clean glass baby food jar
  • Elmer's glue
  • white glitter
  • decorative small silver stars
  • ribbon
  • votive candle


  1. Take an empty jar (I used the 4 oz.), wash well and remove label. It doesn't matter if all the glue is off as long as all the paper is gone.
  2. I used a sponge brush to apply Elmer's glue all the way around the jar, but not the grooves where the lid went.
  3. While the glue was wet, I sprinkled with white glitter and silver stars.
  4. To hide the grooves for the lid, I wrapped ribbon around the top and tied a bow.
  5. I used a scented votive candle and wrapped each in tissue paper for gifts.
By Jenn from Lenox, MA

Tip: Decorated Baby Jars For Storage

I have found a use for all of my empty glass baby food jars! I bought some glass paints at my local hobby store and decorated the jars with a nice pattern. I use the jars to store things like bobbi pins, earrings, miscellaneous small items found around the house, and even my own spice mixtures. The possibilities are endless. And they look great.

By Aeowyn from Ohio

Tip: "Gerber" Baby Favors for 1st Birthday Party

Baby food jars filled with candy as a favor.

Editor's Note: This tip was entered in the feedback. We asked Donna to send in pictures and she was kind enough to do so.

For my daughter's first birthday party, I made her into the "Gerber" baby by creating new "labels" for the jars. I started with a Word document and inserted a picture of her from my Kodak files, then shrunk the picture down to the size needed to fit the baby food jars. After that, to the left of the picture I typed "ingredients" to include mom, dad, grandparents, and added aunts, uncles, cousins, etc. On the right side of the picture I typed her birth statistics and her height/weight a year later.

I even inserted lines and bars to make her very own "barcode" with the numbers of her birthdate under each bar. I copied and pasted 6 or 7 to a page, cut them out, then glued them to the baby food jar. I filled them with M & Ms, Skittles, and cereal to give as gifts at her birthday party, and for table decorations.

Ingredients: 60% Dad, 50% Mom. Other contributing ingredients include DNA and lots of love from Grandma & Grandad plus blessing from Heaven from Maw Maw & Paw Paw. As well as lots of fun from cousins . . ., Hugs and Kisses from Aunts and Uncles . . .

Christmas Glitter Candle Holder

Candle holder made from a baby food jar and covered with glitterI made this candle holder out of a baby food jar. The smallest baby food jars work the best.

You will need:

  • 1 small baby food jar
  • sequins
  • school glue
  • hot glue and hot glue gun
  • glitter
  • votive candle


All you do is hot glue sequins around the top of the jar to cover the rings where the lid screws on, smear on some Elmer's glue and roll it in glitter. Hot glue your small votive candle in the bottom and you're done.

This craft is easy enough for a pre-schooler to do as long as an adult hot glues on the sequins first.

I made these for my Sunday School class last year and we lit the candles and sang "Happy Birthday" to Jesus.

By luv2craft from Normalville, PA

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Question: Craft Ideas Using Baby Food Jars

I have a 9 month old baby girl and plenty of baby food jars. They are just to cute to throw away. In a month, I am having about 10 girlfriends over for an evening of fun. I would like to use the jars to make individual gifts for all the girls. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

By Pepsi


Most Recent Answer

By Carrie [2]09/16/2005

Don't forget to add glycerine to the snowball jars so the "snow" will "float" a little slower.

Question: Craft ideas Using Baby Food Jars

Since I now have a grandchild, throwing away the baby food jars is hard. I have used them for inside drawers putting in small items, and have used them to keep things like nails, etc., but now I am looking for crafty ideas to do with them. Ideas?

By Vicki


Most Recent Answer

By vickie [2]09/07/2011

Try filling them with potpourri, and cover the tops with lace and tie with ribbon. They make great table decorations for showers.

Question: Ornaments Made from Baby Juice Jars

I saw an ornament at a craft fair that was made out of baby juice jars that looked like they were melted a little and pressed together. Before they melted and pressed it together, they had placed a picture of a snowman or whatever on the inside. Does anyone know how to melt the jars and press them flat like that?

Most Recent Answer

By Linn Hill02/10/2009

Hi, the short answer is that they do it in an electric kiln using a technique called "slumping". Tthe bottles are placed in position on a specially treated surface in the kiln. The kiln then heats up until the glass starts becoming soft and collapses ("slumps") to make the item you saw. Do a search for "glass slumping" to find someone in your area. Have a nice day!