Crafts Using Wine Bottles

Recycled wine bottles can be used in crafts for the home and garden. This is a guide about crafts using wine bottles.

Craft Uses for Wine Bottles
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I receive a couple of e-catalogues (I can't afford anything in them but they're fun to look at anyway) and an item for sale in one of them simply floored me. They're asking $99.00 - $249.00 plus shipping for just ONE wine bottle candle hurricane lamp! Oh my!

I immediately got online and checked out how much it would cost for a bottle/jar cutting kit and found a couple of sites that sell them for only about $40.00 and they are complete with cutter, polisher and instructions!

I am not a wine drinker but I know plenty of people who are (in moderation of course), and they will gladly donate the empties so I can make a bunch of assorted sizes and colors by simply cutting off the bottom of the bottles to give away as gifts, maybe even sell at local craft fairs or keep for personal use! The candles can be purchased at the dollar store.

Oh, and you can use the glass cutting kit for jars and assorted bottles to make vases, pencil holders, candy and nut holders, etc by cutting off the tops instead of the bottom for future projects too. And recycling is good ;-)

By Deeli from Richland, WA

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I save all the wine bottles and paint them with decorative glass paint. I let them sit overnight. Then cure them in a 325 degree F oven for 35 minutes to make them permanent and dishwasher safe.

They make wonderful salad dressing bottles for hostess gifts. I put my favorite recipe on an attached card or sometimes fill the bottle with the dressing.

Homemade gifts are well received, fun to give, and fun to make. Plus, I feel I'm helping to save the environment. Decorative tops can usually be purchased at the dollar stores!

By Elaine from Niles, IL

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I would like ideas for uses for wine bottles. Has anyone tried to cut them with a welding torch? Thank you.

By Sheilah

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I had a friend in Tucson that turned her's upside down and E6000 glued them to a table top and made a gorgeous end table out of them. She used that deep blue like the Crystole bottles are made of. It was gorgeous!

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I have a large collection of empty blue glass wine bottles. I'm looking for design ideas for reusing them. I love the cobalt blues and all the different shapes and sizes. Ideas?

Linda from Cookeville, TN

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I take the blue and clear or frosted wine bottles, turn upside down, and line my flower beds with them. I take the labels off first.

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Painted Wine BottleThe movie "Sideways" got you wine tasting, and even wine drinking... now what do you do with all those wine bottles that are starting to accumulate? Keep them - they are good for something. Take a look at what you can do with them with a little spray and brushstrokes.


  • Wine bottle (Washed and cleaned. Minimize hand/thumb marks. Dry.). Larger ones with tapered neck is best!
  • Spray paint (Flat/Semi-Flat/Satin finish recommended)
  • Textile or Acrylic Paint
  • Newspaper or any paper to protect working surface from paints.


  1. Wash and dry wine bottle to make sure you have a clean surface, devoid of dust which prevents good adhesion.

  2. Arrange the paper to protect your working area. (Do this outside where there is good ventilation.)

  3. Place the wine bottle on top of the papers. Make sure it is flat.

  4. Spray the bottle (Follow the spray can instructions.). Spray one layer around, wait for a while, then paint another layer. Do this a couple of times until all outside surfaces are covered evenly. Some areas needing attention: Bottle lid area - make sure it is also covered but beware of spraying too long here as too much will make the spray paint drip! Bottle bottom - that can be an easily-missed area specially if your paper is crumpled.

  5. Let dry.

  6. When dry, plan the design that will be painted on the bottle surface.

  7. Implement design with textile or acrylic paint.
Painted Wine Bottle

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Any ideas on how to paint the inside of a clear wine bottle, so that the end product is a kilned colored piece of glass. My friend makes cheese boards out of wine bottles and my favorite wine bottle is clear! I need some help troubleshooting a technique and what brand paint to use. I have a Michael's craft store at my disposal.

Dede from Macon, MO

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Ok, I have been experimenting painting insides of wine bottles. Latex paint won't stick (straight or diluted with thinner). Spray paint seems to be the best, but how do you deal with the blow-back? I have not tried the "water & Spray paint" method, but I will tomorrow.

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Does anyone know of a use for vast quantities of wine bottles, the typical 750 ml. size? My family loves good wine, and the proof has taken over the garage.

By blakekr

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Make some of your own homemade bubble bath. Pour the mixture into the wine bottle, add a label and tie a ribbon on the neck of the bottle.

These can be given away as gifts.

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How do I fuse glass "gems" (the glass pieces bought at craft centers that look like squished marbles) onto a glass wine bottle without using a kiln?
Sorry, no photo, I have not figured it out, nor found a resource.

By Colleen

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I agree with thriftyvicki that to truly fuse them, you'd need a kiln. An adhesive I'd recommend is E6000. That's some stout stuff! If you do a quick internet search, you should be able to find images so you know what you're looking for. It should be readily available at craft stores.

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I saw an article with pictures many years ago in Architectural Digest with cut off wine bottles of all sizes and colors. They were placed upside down, making a row. Has anyone seen this design and can help me to do this on my horseshoe driveway. I have a picture in my mind, but find it hard to put it in the ground. Thanks.

By Texas Judy from Trinidad, TX

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Here is a whole path done in bottles from Garden Web.

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Grape Leaf Wine BottleSomeone was interested in decorating wine bottles with grapes and how to attach them. I'm interested in sharing my ideas.

Ludie from Bardstown, KY

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I am looking for high end wine bottles for a decorating project. Any ideas where I can get them? Doug

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Did you consider approaching local area bars and restaurants? Having worked in the business, we just toss these anyway and would be happy to have them taken away for us. Approach them between the hours of 1-4pm which is the slow period and ask to speak to the floor manager or bar manager and you're sure to at least get considered.

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Save all your clear wine bottles after use. Rinse them out and clean the labels off. After you have collected about 5-10 of them, fill them with water and add food coloring of your choice. Line them up on a buffet table or fireplace mantle, light some tea light candles in glass cups, and place behind the bottles. In an instant you will have an elegant glass sculpture or centerpiece for your dinner party.

By RRementer2003

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I drink a glass of wine every evening with my meal for my health. I've accumulated many wine bottles and was wondering if anyone had any ideas on how I could use these empty bottles.

By Eth0301 from Warren, AR


Craft Uses For Empty Wine Bottles

My brother used to collect pretty colored bottles and sit them on his window sills. The light would shine through them and made them look even better. (04/16/2009)

By vguy

Craft Uses For Empty Wine Bottles

Fill wine bottles with sand and turn bottles upside down and bury it half way into dirt (or put upside down bottles on to dowels) to line a garden bed. (04/17/2009)

By Cyinda

Craft Uses For Empty Wine Bottles

Have you ever seen those fancy bottles of flavored olive oils in the gift shops, or in the deli section of grocery stores around Christmas time? They are really very easy to make and make great gifts. And right now is a good time to start them.

Just get a large quantity of olive oil, pour it into large jars, add some gloves of garlic, sprigs of your favorite herbs, cover and let sit for a while in a dark place. Whenever there is a gift occasion, strain some oil into a wine bottle, add some fresh cloves of garlic and a sprig or two of the fresh herbs, cork it and you have a great gift ready to go.

You could also add it to a gift food basket that includes packages of assorted pastas, cheeses, dell salamis, and a bottle of wine. You could also include some pour caps like you would see on the liquor bottles in a bar. Those work great on the bottles of flavored olive oils.

Enjoy the praise you will receive for such a special gift.

Pat T in Nevada

Editor's Note: Be very careful when flavoring olive oil with garlic or other food items. There is a very serious risk of botulism, which can be deadly. Commercial processors use techniques and preservatives that are not available for the home cook. Homemade flavored oil should be stored in the refrigerator and used within a week. Here is a ThriftyFun request on the subject. (04/22/2009)

By patom

Craft Uses For Empty Wine Bottles

My mother puts the wine bottle upside down in her garden to capture water in the little dip on the bottom. This serves as a water reservoir for her butterflies. I thought she was crazy until I saw a butterfly on one last summer. You can also buy wicks attached to covers at most vineyards to turn your old wine bottle into a lantern using lamp oil. These are pretty. (04/22/2009)

By cschuess

Craft Uses For Empty Wine Bottles

My brother brought us a vase of flowers from the farmer's market and the vase was a wine bottle that had been painted with a flower design. If you have artistic talent you could paint vines or flowers and vines on the bottles. I've also seen bottles filled with marbles or sea glass and put in windows. They're beautiful. (04/22/2009)

By tennesue

Craft Uses For Empty Wine Bottles

You can use them as a retaining wall for a flower garden, too. (04/23/2009)

By kahlohe

Craft Uses For Empty Wine Bottles

I've got a few uses. Here's my #1 favorite to do with bottles. If you have access to a glass cutter, you can actually make your own vino glasses. They're fun and easy to do and can also be done with beer bottles, etc.

For the 750 ml bottles, simply draw a line (circular) just below the "neck" of the bottle, where the bottle begins to "flare". This piece will become the "stem" of your glass. You can place the body of the bottle in a vice to hold it steady, though make sure you cushion the vice ends with toweling or rags to avoid breakage.

Once in the vice, begin sawing through at the "flare" area. Once you've cut through, you'll have to sand to a very smooth edge where you've made your cut. Once the sanding is completed, attach the bottle top (flare side will be the base, bottle top and neck will be the "stem") to the bottom of the bottle using either glass fusing glue or any fusing method you prefer.

Make sure you wear safety glass while sawing the bottle to avoid any eye injury. (05/05/2009)

By Claudia1

Craft Uses For Empty Wine Bottles

Another great use for wine bottles is using them for bath salts that you make. You can purchase the plain, non scented salts at any craft store and add what ever fragrance you'd like to them. You can find the various fragrance oils needed at the craft store also.

Add a cute "stopper", place a ribbon around the bottle and you've got great and inexpensive gifts.

The salts and oil go a long way. Depending on the bottle size, you can make at least 10.

I've made these tons of times and love having them on hand for last minute gifts. (05/05/2009)

By Claudia1

Craft Uses For Empty Wine Bottles

Can you tell I'm a "bottle freak" with this 3rd post?

I too agree with not making an infused oil, though you can make an infused vinegar in the empty bottles very simply after first making 110% positive the bottles are clean and sanitized. A double "trip" through the dishwasher alone will do the trick.

First chose whether you want to use a simple white vinegar or the cider variety. Next place any fresh herb you'd like in a large container (not the bottles at this point) and pour your vinegar over the herbs, covering them completely. Store the container in the fridge for about 2 weeks. Once the time period is up, strain the liquid/herbs through cheesecloth, then add to bottles. A quicker way is to bring the vinegar to a simmer before pouring over herbs. It'll help bring out a deeper "flavor".

You must keep both mixtures refrigerated, even after transferring to the bottles. The vinegars are great used alone, with a dipping oil, as a dressing on grilled veggies. The uses are endless. (05/05/2009)

By Claudia1

Craft Uses For Empty Wine Bottles

A number of years ago after the Christmas holiday season, we had many empty various colored wine bottles in the basement. My wife asked me to put them in the garbage. I thought that would be a waste and that there must be someway to convert these wine bottles into something useful.

After many experiments and failures, I finally found a way of crushing these bottles and creating beautiful pictures. If lighted from behind they are just like stained glass pictures. I have made many pictures this way. Thanks.

Don (05/14/2009)


Craft Uses For Empty Wine Bottles

Sponge paint them different colors and use them as vases. (07/04/2009)

By moonseekerjade

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I have about ten empty wine bottles and would love a crafty way to reuse the. I was thinking of using dishwashing liquid and putting the bottles on my windowsill, but what kind of "top" would i use?

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