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Making a Jeans Purse

Jeans purse with ribbons and other decorations.

Jeans have long been an often used recycled material for a wide variety of crafts. One popular use is to cut and restitch into a durable jeans purse. This is a guide about making a jeans purse.


Solutions: Making a Jeans Purse

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Thrifty Jean Purse

Photo of a jeans purse teaser.Purse made from teen blue jeans and belt.

Approximate Time: 1 - 2 hours depending on details


  • pair of jeans
  • belt
  • material for lining
  • large button (optional)
  • usual sewing supplies (scissors, thread to match, needles)
  • optional accessories ( buttons, bows, appliques, etc)


  1. Cut the top of the pants off at crotch seam, rounding sides or squaring whichever is desired.

  2. Turn inside out and sew along the bottom, zig zag or serge seam for extra sturdy purse. Turn right side out.

  3. Place pants top (purse) onto the lining material. Cut around leaving 1/2 " for seam allowance. Sew around allowing 1/2" seam. Turn down top edge 1/2" and sew. Do not turn.

  4. Take desired belt and cut off buckle and ends with holes. Pin on the sides of the purse.

  5. Pin lining inside the purse. Hand sew or machine sew being careful at the thick spots (belt loops, front flap, etc.)

  6. Add a large button to the front and a loop in the back for closure, velcro closed, or use the belt buckle removed from belt.

  7. Embellish as desired. Some ideas include: gluing on flower cut outs, iron on appliques, sew on buttons, the ideas are endless.

By Beth from Bloomfield, IN Photo of two cute purses made from jeans.

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Tip: Jean Pocket Purse

Jean pocket purse photo.This is a purse I made for my 7 year old daughter and her friend. I used an old pocket from my husband's old jeans. Carefully cut right along the edge of the pocket. You can use "Fray-Check" on the sides to keep it from raveling later. I purchased the decorative items for about $3 from my local craft store. My daughter gave one of the purses to her friend for a birthday gift. The purse isn't big, but some cute ideas for putting inside of it include: a gift card, small notebook and pen, lip gloss, small candies, etc. I picked up quite a few things at the dollar store. The girls love their purses.

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Tip: Bluejean Bag

Take an old pair of bluejeans and lay them flat on a table, using some heavy scissors cut both legs off right at the crotch area.

Now turn jeans wrong side out and then take them to your sewing machine and sew across the legs closing the cut off area. When you turn it rightside out, you will see you have created a bag.

Using the cut off legs, cut enough material out to make two handles to sew onto the waistband. You can now decorate your jean bag with buttons, rhinestones or put a bandana through the waistband as if it were a belt.

Another idea is to cut off the back pockets leaving the bluejean fabric connected to the pocket. Now make two holes at the top of the pocket and string a shoestring through there to create a handy pocket to wear around their neck. Use for phone, pen and paper, whatever you need.

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Cell Phone/Purse Pocket

Jeans pocket purse.This idea came from a previous post.

I thought I'd give it a try.


  • hot glue gun
  • lace
  • ribbon
  • pear balls
  • wooden heart
  • acrylic paint


  1. A lot of fun. First, paint your heart. I painted the wood heart to match with acrylic paint. While it dries you, can cut out your pocket.
  2. I used a hot glue gun to attach the lace, ribbon, and pearl balls.
  3. Leave enough space around the pocket, the width of ribbon you choose to use. Then cut ribbon to place at top first. Follow the entire pocket to seal the frayed edges.
  4. You can design it however it may suit you. Then I applied the lace center. I had a string of pearl balls I cut them off, one by one dropping a dot of hot glue and placed them around pocket on outer jean and then in between each circle on lace. Simple. I'm sure you can spice it up a bit with buttons, color and fabric writing. Fun craft!

I wished I had used a "not" so "used" pocket! I think it would have looked nicer

Closeup of purse pocket.

By Jennifer CA

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Tip: Denim Heart Purse

Denim Heart PurseRecycle those old jeans into a Valentine's Day denim heart purse. Here is the link to the free pattern information. Here are two different versions of the recycled denim purses that you can create using some old denim and other embellishments.

By RecycleCindy from WA

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Craft: Recycled Jeans Purse

Photo of a jeans purse.Make a statement, flower-child style, with this boho bag made from recycled denim. The fun of making these purses is that there are no rules - anything goes It's a great way to recycle favorite costume jewelry, use up bits and pieces of ribbon and trim and put creative juices to work for a truly one-of-a-kind result.

Approximate Time: 2-3 hours


  • old pair of jeans or shorts
  • glue gun
  • leftover fabric (for lining)
  • buttons, ribbon, trim, lace, rhinestones, charms


To begin, launder an old pair of jeans or jean shorts. Cut off jean legs or bottom of shorts to about 1-1/2 inch below crotch. Turn inside out and hand or machine stitch together. Now it's on to the fun part.

You may decide on a theme or color scheme first, or just plug in the glue gun, dump out the contents of your craft, quilting, scrapbooking or jewelry box, and get started. Begin by choosing a material to line the purse. Prettily-patterned scarves, bits of leftover quilting material or even old dresses or blouses with interesting detail all make fine choices. Cut the material to fit inside the purse with some overlap and use a glue gun to set into place. Trim material around the top of the purse and add a line or two of ribbon along the inside to give a finished look. Fit lace or ribbon around the "legs" at bottom of purse, again using the glue gun. Add sequins, beads, embroidery patches, bows, buttons, etc., to embellish. Attach strips of Velcro to the inside of the purse to close, if desired.

Choose a sturdy, stretchy fabric with some "give" for the handle. Purse #1 in the photo has a handle made from a narrow silk scarf, looped and double-knotted through the side belt loops. The handle on purse #2 is one I created by ripping lengths of floral material into 5-inch pieces and knotting together to form a 20-inch "rope."

I like to add quirky artwork to my purses. The photo on the back of purse #2 is of King Ludwig II of Bavaria (also known as the Fairy Tale king, an eccentric ruler and patron of the arts in Europe); I found the picture in an old songbook I picked up at a garage sale. Many herbal teas, such as Good Earth, print funny or thought-provoking quotes on their teabags. I snip and save the ones that interest me and glue them to the insides or back pockets of the purses, usually with an embellishment of a few rhinestones or tiny colored buttons.

Don't worry about getting too "matchy" or perfect with your boho bag. Instead, let the freewheeling flower child in you come out to play. The result will be a happy reminder of your own unique and creative spirit.

By Claire from Phoenix, AZ Pictures of purses made with jeans.

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Tip: Blue Jean Purse

Get a pair of old jeans worn by your friend's children. Cut off legs and sew cut bottom under pockets closed. Gather it a little before sewing. Use legs fabric to form a sturdy strap and sew on. Get pretty fabric to make lining and iron on interfacing for stiffness. Measure width of purse and make the liner about 25 inches long by that measured width. Then by folding and stitching until your liner is only 18 inches long, you can make pockets for cell phones, etc. Stitch liner as separate bag and insert into jean purse. Sew up top edge and add zipper across top or flap to button to jean top button. Also, a long strip of the same pretty fabric can be fed through belt loops and tied in front. Very cute and low cost and they will love that it was their child's jeans too.

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Tip: Recycled Girls Skort and Wool Sweater Purse

Skort PurseI found these cute girl's skorts at the thrift store. I cut the shorts out of the inside, hand stitched the bottom with a coordinating embroidery floss.

Then I used the sleeve of a wool sweater from another project for the purse straps. I cut the sleeve into eight one inch wide by 6 inch long strips.

I braided two sets of three to use as the purse straps. I hand stitched them to the inside at the top of the skorts. I used the other two strips to make a belt.

By Jenny from Springboro, OH

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Denim Pocket Purse

Photo of a denim purse.Ever wonder what you can do with blue jeans that have seen better days? Favorite blue jeans may not be suitable for reuse because of all the wear and tear. But they've been a faithful friend, not complaining when you dripped chili on them at that picnic, and keeping quiet after Christmas dinner when you gave their waistband a workout. Don't ditch them, recycle them! A hole in the knee or bleach spot on the leg will only add personality to a denim pocket purse made from recycled blue jeans.

What you'll need:

  • One leg of blue jeans
  • Sewing machine and thread
  • 3' of material suitable for straps: trim, fabric, ribbon, leather, etc.
  • Embellishments: trim, lace, patches, embroidered fabric, beads, or charms


Fold one leg of blue jeans in on itself. The inside will form the purse lining. Pull the hemmed end of the jeans over the top edge of the outer layer and fold it over. This creates a lip that makes a nice finished edge for the opening of the purse. Pin the lip in place, then turn the tube inside out.

Double stitch the bottom ends of the tube to create a reinforced pocket. This is the body of the purse. Turn it right side out and sew the top opening of the purse all the way around, then remove the pins.

Cut two 18" lengths or one 30" length from the strap material. Attach the strap(s) to the purse with reinforced stitches. The photo shows a very basic style, and at this point in the project, yours should look similar. Give your purse 'purse-onality' by adding trim, patches, lace, embroidery, charms, or beads. You may also sew on the cut out pocket from the original blue jeans, or the zipper, or label, for embellishment. Whatever you use, you can be certain that your denim pocket purse will be an original.

By Shauna Smith Duty

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