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Machine Quilting on a Home Sewing Machine

Making a quilt square on a home sewing machine.

Quilting is a traditional way to attach two pieces of fabric into a beautiful whole but it can be very time consuming. A sewing machine can save a lot of time and make quilting possible for home sewers. This is a guide about machine quilting on a home sewing machine.


Solutions: Machine Quilting on a Home Sewing Machine

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Tip: Remove Pressure Foot For Machine Quilting

Quilting is my hobby. I have heard of many, many different ways to machine quilt. Some people or books insist that to do free-motion quilting on the machine you must get a special presser foot, called a darning foot. I haven't found out what the cost for my machine is, but they can cost $12 - $45, or more.

I have been able to get the same results free-motion quilting by simply removing my presser foot, and lowering the feed-dogs. You must have the presser foot lever down, as most machines have a safety feature so you can't stitch with it up, and it holds the quilt sandwich down gently. Happy quilting!

By Valj42 from Surrey, BC

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Question: Making a Surround for Machine Quilting

I would like to use luan or something similar to make a surround for my sewing machine in order to have an extended area that would hold a large quilt. What could I use under the luan to raise it to the proper level for my machine that would not slide around or damage the wood table under it.

By pch

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By Paulette Gulakowski 7 178 03/11/2013

I made one of these and I love it.

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