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Freezing Leftover Ham

Recipes Using Leftover Ham, Spiral sliced ham.

Don't let any leftover ham go to waste. Freezing ham is a great way to preserve it to use in casserole, soups, and other dishes. This is a guide about freezing leftover ham.


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Tip: Freeze Leftover Ham

After cooking a ham, if you have lots of left over meat, slice and put in plastic bags. Store in the freezer. The next time you are in a hurry, take the ham out of the bags and microwave.

By mamacrafter from TN

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Question: Refreezing a Cooked Ham

We froze a store bought ham and thawed it 3 months later. We then baked it for Easter dinner and we have a lot left. Can we refreeze the baked ham again?

By Bill f from MI

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By grandmaninnybug 2 3 04/07/2013

Yes, since it's baked. I do every year after easter and any ham left is frozen.

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Question: Freezing Leftover Ham

How long can you freeze cooked leftover ham?

By Judy B.

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