Freezing Leftover Turkey

A carved turkey breast.

Many of us full up on turkey at Thanksgiving and would [refer to wait a little while to eat more of it. Freezing your leftover turkey is a great way to preserve it for use at a later time. This is a guide about freezing leftover turkey.


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Tip: Freezing Leftover Turkey In Gravy

I usually freeze the turkey in the gravy! That way the turkey stays moist.

By Monica from Pingree Grove, IL

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Tip: Use Turkey for Freezer Meals

I make our own TV dinners so I can control the salt content and avoid other additives. Several times a year, I cook a turkey with all the trimmings. We have dinner for that day and the next and maybe a turkey sandwich.

While the turkey is warm, I slice and debone the entire thing just like I was going to serve it that day, making sure to get every piece of edible meat. Dad gave me some of his Corell plates several years ago. I make up dinner for two on each plate, cover with freezer wrap and freeze.

Whenever we are running late, we can take out a plate, heat it and dinner is ready. I store the leftover cranberry sauce in the freezer also to go with these meals. If there are more in your family, you could freeze in a larger container.

Then I toss the bones and less desirables in the crockpot and cook overnight. I keep the liquid and toss the bones and skin. I then divide the dark meat into several containers and fill with liquid from the crockpot. Now I have the basis for some really good stew or soup. All I have to add are some potatoes, sweet potatoes, carrots, and onions and my husband thinks he is in heaven. Even though he knows I do this in advance, he acts like I have slaved over the stove all day. Such a sweetie.

By Deanna from SLC, Utah

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Question: Freezing Turkey Leftovers

What is the best way to freeze leftover turkey for extended periods of time?

By Nancy

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By Kathie K. [2] 11/22/2011

My hubby & I freeze everything. Just wrap turkey or stuffing "tightly" in plastic wrap (to remove all air pockets) and then wrap in heavy aluminum foil. Will keep for 6 months!

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