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Using an EasiYo Yogurt Maker

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Homemade yogurt in jars.

Yogurt is a healthy snack. Making your own yogurt is easy with an EasiYo yogurt maker. This is a guide about using an EasiYo yogurt maker.



Here are questions related to Using an EasiYo Yogurt Maker.

Question: Using Store Bought Yogurt as Starter in the Easiyo Yogurt Maker

I purchased an Easiyo Yogurt maker and a packet of the base and culture. It seems incomprehensible to me that this $15.00 packet of culture is needed to make 2 lbs of yogurt. Do you have to use the entire packet or can you use regular store bought yogurt as a starter and, if so, how much?

By ChuckG from Marion, MA


Most Recent Answer

By cettina [78]04/01/2010

I've been making yogurt in a wide mouth thermos flask for years and have always used shop bought plain yogurt for a starter whenever I needed to. I've never had a problem with it. A yogurt maker would make it even easier. I use a tablespoon of shop bought plain (full cream) yogurt for every 500ml of milk - that's about a pint. I personally think that these "starters" that are on the market are just a scam to make you spend money unnecessarily. A small pot of plain yogurt is very cheap to buy so if you want to try it, you wont be breaking the bank.

Question: Easiyo Yogurt Maker Tips

I made my first EasiYo yoghurt yesterday and it has not set yet. I read the instructions which only told me to wait 24 hours. I have waited 24 hours since I made it and it hasn't set still. What should I do?

By Lesley from London


Most Recent Answer

By mckcol01/20/2011

I made a batch in the Easiyo as follows:

1. Heated 1L of semi-skimmed milk in microwave to 82degC (18mins at 60% power)
2. Cooled to 38degC
3. Added half to Easiyo pot with 1 tablespoon starter (from a previous yoghurt batch made with an Easiyo packet) and 2 tablespoons dried milk powder.
4. Shake well
5. Add remaining milk to Easiyo pot, shake again.
6. Filled Easiyo container with boiling water to bottom of baffle only (Easiyo pot will be above boiling water level)
7. Left overnight
8. Perfect result for £0.54!!

Question: Making Yogurt from Breast Milk With Easiyo Yogurt Maker

I had bought an Easiyo yoghurt maker intending to make yoghurt using my frozen breast milk for my baby, but there aren't any instructions on how to use it other than using their sachet.

Any one can help me on this? and how long can the yoghurt that is made of thawed frozen breast milk last?

By Janice S

Most Recent Answer

By Melanie Jackson [1]07/02/2012

There should be a toll-free number in the paperwork somewhere, so you can call and ask their help line. If not, then go to their website and look for the contact info. I'd suggest using a phone number rather than an e-mail form, as you'll get the info faster and be able to ask follow-up questions.

Solutions: Using an EasiYo Yogurt Maker

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Archive: Easiyo Yogurt Maker Tips

I have been given an Easiyo yogurt maker and as I am used to making my own yogurt, I do not want to use their sachets. Has anyone used this to make their own yogurt?


RE: Easiyo Yogurt Maker Tips

I have one of these and I use a pot of natural yogurt as a starter. Just heat milk to 45 degrees centigrade, mix with the yogurt and a tablespoon of dried milk (this helps to thicken it). Leave overnight and the next day it should be ready. (05/13/2007)

By Grandma H

RE: Easiyo Yogurt Maker Tips

Thanks Grandma - very grateful for your prompt response. Your yogurt recipe is very similar to mine, but my problem is this; according to the Easiyo instructions the mixture is placed in the container cold and then boiling water is put inside the thermos part. Of course, like yours, my culture is approx. 45C and I am worried that if I add the boiling water it will be too hot and I will kill the culture.

I tried by just putting some boiling water in the bottom of the Easiyo container (just a little) and everything seemed to go well. But, after I transferred the yogurt into another container in order to use the Easiyo one for my next batch, the yogurt became quite runny after it had been in the fridge for a few hours, even though it had been very thick and creamy when I first put it in. Sorry for such a long explanation. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks. (05/13/2007)

By maree

RE: Easiyo Yogurt Maker Tips

I have the same yogurt maker. You can make your own yogurt in the usual way but make sure it is a little on the cool side (just tepid but not warm) when you start it off with the boiling water in the container. Also, it makes a difference what sort of yogurt you use to start it off. If you want thick and creamy then start it off with Greek style thick yogurt.

By the way, all yogurt leaks out "water" over time. Simply drain it off and your yogurt will be fine. You can also simply stir it in but I find it makes the yogurt fairly runny. Remember that yogurt you buy ready made often has additives to thicken it and to stop the water separating out. Enjoy your own pure yogurt! (05/14/2007)

By Sheena

RE: Easiyo Yogurt Maker Tips

Hi Sheena. Thanks for the info. Especially about water "leak." Sorry, I have a further question - a bit dense of me - but: Do you scald the milk and then cool the mixture to tepid before you put it in the Easiyo? Or do you just make the culture with tepid milk and have the yogurt at room temperature? I do use Greek yogurt as a starter. Hope my question makes sense. Thank you very much for your response. You, and people here are very generous with sharing information.

Thanks again. (05/16/2007)

By maree

Archive: Easiyo Yogurt Maker Tips

Is anyone able to tell me how to make thick and creamy homemade yogurt in an Easiyo container? Thanks in anticipation.

By Vicki from Australia

RE: Easiyo Yogurt Maker Tips (02/18/2010)

By MrsA1126

RE: Easiyo Yogurt Maker Tips

For firmer, creamier yogurt:

1) Mix 4 cups of dry milk with 2 quarts of low fat milk in a heavy pot. Heat, stirring frequently, until dry milk dissolves.
2) After milk cools to room temp., add 1 cup of plain yogurt and mix well with wire whisk.
3) Pour into individual yogurt containers, and allow to set in maker for 24 hrs. (02/28/2010)

By dgwm

Archive: Easiyo Yogurt Maker Tips

Does anyone know how much liquid an EasiYo Yogurt maker holds? I was given a package of their Greek starter, but I have an electric yogurt maker and want to try the EasiYo one.

By Vivien from Coolidge, AZ