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Keeping Cookies Soft

Keeping Cookies Soft

Now that you have made a batch of soft chewy cookies, you will want to keep them that way. This is a guide about keeping cookies soft.


Solutions: Keeping Cookies Soft

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Tip: Keeping Cookies Soft

After you have cooked your cookies or brownies and they have cooled, when putting them in the storage area, like a bag or plastic container, put 1-2 pieces of "white" bread in with them. The moisture of the "white" bread will help keep the cookies or brownies soft. Make sure to replace the bread when the bread gets hard.

Source: My Mom

By JodiT from Aurora, CO

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Tip: Keep Cookies Soft

Add a slice of bread to any kind of cookies. The cookies will pull the moisture from the bread and soften. Every year I add a slice of bread to my Christmas cookies. It works wonderfully.

By mama22 from WV

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Tip: Softening Hard Cookies

Here's an outstanding tip for hard cookies. If your cookies are hard and unbearable to eat, here's a smart solution to the problem. Place the cookies in a container and add several slices of light bread. Let it sit overnight or several hours during the day. Wow, you will notice soft cookies like never before. The moisture from the bread helps to soften the hard cookies.

By Sharon from McGehee, AR

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Question: Soften Hard Cookies

I would like to buy an Oreo type cookie and make it soft so that I can bite it. I am unable to wear my bottom dentures to chew hard food.

I recently heard if you put the hard cookies into a dish with a tight fitting lid and add 2 pieces of bread, the cookies will soften up. Well what I would like to know is this true, I don't want to buy the cookies without a answer from some one. I'm sure others would like to know all so.

By Sherrylynn from Valdosta, GA

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Most Recent Answer

By Judy = Oklahoma 60 750 08/10/2013

I don't know if the bread will soften the cookies or not, I've never tried it. You might try leaving the package open, or leaving a couple of cookies out on the counter, or even putting them in your refrigerator unwrapped overnight & see what happens. I live in humid Oklahoma & I get upset with my kids for leaving the cookie packages open, because the cookies end up getting soft from the humidity! Same thing when we store them in the fridge & the package isn't closed. I'm assuming you have a lot of humidity too? I don't know if it will work for you, but you might give it a try & see.

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I wonder if anyone else has this problem! I can't seem to keep homemade chocolate chip cookies soft. I put them in an airtight container to no avail a day later hard.