Storing Grapefruit

Grapfruit wedge with grapefruits in the background.

Storing your grapefruit properly will ensure that you have time to enjoy them before they go bad. This is a guide about storing grapefruit.


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Tip: Wrap Grapefruit In Newspaper

I've lived in Florida for most of my almost 77 years, and we've shipped a lot of citrus to friends and family all over the other 49 states. Wrapping each piece of fruit in newspaper was the safest way to insure the fruit was as good when it arrived at the other end as it was when it left us.

I use the same method now when storing my purchased fruit at the supermarkets. I wrap each piece individually in newspaper, but leave the paper open so everything breathes. I do the same thing with potatoes, both sweet as well as baking, and we wrap large sweet onions to refrigerate. We also keep a bag of cooking onions in a dark cabinet, but still add the newspaper. This just keeps the fruits and vegetables separated so that if one begins to go bad, it does not contaminate the rest.

Shipping apples, pears, plums, nectarines and other fruits would be handled just the same. Small fruits such as cherries can be placed in layers with newspaper between layers. I would store them at home the same way. Hope this helps.

By Julia from Boca Raton, FL

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