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Other Uses for Easter Egg Dye

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Eggs in Colored Dye

After dying your Easter eggs you may have left over dye. This guide contains other uses for Easter egg dye.


Solutions: Other Uses for Easter Egg Dye

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Tip: Paper Flowers Using Leftover Easter Egg Dye

I hate to throw stuff away if I can use something for a craft. I dry coffee filters after they are used, then I use left over Easter egg dye to color the filters. I then take a green pipe cleaner and twist (or gather) the colored coffee filer around the top to make colorful flowers.

By Nightsong from Yates Center, KS

Tip: Easter Egg Dye Marking Boiled Eggs

I'll be buying Easter coloring kits after Easter and using them to mark my boiled eggs during the year.

By Carol F.

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