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Saving Money on Paint (Interior)

Paint Cans with Color Spectrum and Brushes

Painting the walls of your home is an excellent way to update your interior and it can be inexpensive. Keeping the cost down on the paint you are purchasing will leave more money for other interior decorating. This is a guide about saving money on paint (interior).


Solutions: Saving Money on Paint (Interior)

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Article: Smart Decorating with 10 Year Old Paint

Painted roomPainted room

Out of money and couldn't get a job, I decided to rent out my spare bedroom. The walls were riddled with nail holes and it hadn't been painted in 12 years. I looked closely at the color, a light mint green. There was a wall paper border at the top of the wall and then above that another 6 inches of painted wall. Because I'm a senior and can no longer climb a ladder, I took a good look at the ceiling paint. It looked good so I decided not to paint it. But ouch! The dreaded cost of buying a gallon of paint at $50 was painful.

Then I remembered a gallon of Benjamin Moore paint that I had in the garage for the past 10 years. It was Dove White and I only used 1/4 of it. I checked it out and it was still in great shape. I chipped out some paint from the wall, grabbed the old gallon of paint and went to the BJ store. I asked the man there to tint the old paint to match the chips. After a little begging and no guarantee that it would be an exact match, he did it and for free. I purchased paint tape to protect the wall paper border from him for $5.00 and went home.

Once home I painted the walls from under the wall paper border down to the floor baseboard nothing else. It looked great and fooled everyone who saw the room. It was a perfect match! I will never ever again throw out partially used paint or buy more paint if I can do this with it.

The mint green color doesn't show too well in the pics but trust me it looks good. Total cost to paint the room: $5.00 The best part: I didn't have to climb a ladder to paint the ceiling.

    Painted room

    By Gloria Z [10]

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    Tip: Finding Bargain Paint

    You can find great deals on paint at your local hardware/paint store - just ask for the "mistinted paint section". These paints are the same high quality ...

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    Tip: Discounted Paint at Lowes

    Whenever I visit my local Lowes home improvement store, I check out the discounted paint rack. These are 1 gallon and 5 gallon pails of tinted paint that someone did not purchase.

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    Here are questions related to Saving Money on Paint (Interior).

    Question: Saving Money on Paint

    I have lived in the same apartment for nearly ten years and have never been able to afford the paint to repaint. Sadly we have been smokers. The landlord won't pay for the paint and I can't afford the paint.

    Please don't tell me to quit smoking and I could afford the paint, I am trying. Are there any thrifty ways to paint? Any help is welcome. Thanks!

    By Hairyjoe from Port Clinton, OH

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    By Mike 1 21 10/10/2009 Flag

    Lots of options for you on this one.
    1) Clean your walls, this site has an article on cleaning nicotine off walls: ... How_To_Clean_Nicotine_Off_Walls.html

    2) Go to Home Depot, Lowes or Sherwin Williams and ask for mis-tinted paint. They should have some great deals.
    3) Go to a place like Habitat for Humanity, they typically sell paint for a few dollars a gallon.

    4) Find someone who wants to get rid of some of the paint in their basement. You can mix together the remaining paint in their cans to make enough paint for your project.

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    Question: Buying Mistake Paint For Less Than Half Price

    Does anyone know how to get inexpensive "previously opened" paint, say at Home Depot?

    By MJ from Pocatello, ID

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    By Heather Stimmel 2 31 04/24/2010 Flag

    I, too, would recommend Habitat for Humanity's Re-Store. Not only is it paint for a reasonable price, but the proceeds from sales go toward helping a family in need build a home. Another, good suggestion I saw mentioned (that I was thinking;), is your local recycling center OR places where they hold annual eco-friendly swaps/giveaways (sometimes, also at your local recycling center- just ask around/call your local chamber of commerce, for ideas). Your local librarian may also have info. or know of a place where you can obtain these resources. You'd be surprised how much knowledge and information, concerning your community, they have!

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    Thrifty Fun has been around so long that many of our pages have been reset several times. Archives are older versions of the page and the comments that were provided then.

    Archive: Saving Money on Paint

    Don't fall for the latest fashion in wall paint color and pay the high prices they want for paint. Find used shades in the taupe ranges, or whites and off whites and mix together to get enough for the room you are painting.

    Use these basic colors also in your upholstered furniture, and use a bold color for your accessories. If you wish to have a splash of color and you can change them more often or when you get tired of the colors and want a change. Much easier and cheaper than repainting the wall when you get tired of that bold color or if it goes out of style.

    By Lynn from Rogers, AR


    RE: Saving Money on Paint

    If you are not looking for a specific color, go to a paint store and inquire about paint they have mixed wrong. Sometimes they will give you the paint to get rid of it! (09/26/2008)

    By Hemie