Preserving Old Greeting Cards

Old Christmas card.

Keeping greeting cards and reminiscing about past events and friends is something many of us like to do. This is a guide about preserving old greeting cards.


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Tip: Christmas Card Holder Box

Final view of the card holder box.I like to keep all the Christmas cards I get from year to year. I like to go through them each year and just enjoy them. This is a "recycled" craft. It uses a regular size greeting card box, the kind you get that has lots of different cards in it. This craft also features, my favorite of all things to do crafts with, duct tape. Before you proceed with this craft, make sure that the cards you want to store will fit into the size of box that you have. Now, you may place any cards that you would like to save in this sturdy box to protect them from wear and tear during storage from year to year.

Approximate Time: 15 minutes


  • white colored duct tape
  • empty greeting card box
  • one pretty Christmas card
  • scissors


  1. Find a Christmas card that you like and take the back page off of it.
  2. Center the colorful Christmas card on the box.
  3. Frame it with duct tape by taping around it with the duct tape like a frame.
  4. Cover the rest of the top of the box with duct tape.
  5. Put the top on the box.

Now you have a pretty card holder box. Looking down on box. Side view. Open box with cards inside.

By Robyn from Tri-Cities, TN

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Question: Ideas For Saving Old Greeting Cards

I've collected all my greeting cards since the 1980's (more than 1000). What should I do with them? I want to keep them.

Angie from Cedar Park

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Most Recent Answer

By Jo Anne Buford [2] 07/20/2008

I also like this-
http://www.quamut.com/quamut/paper_ ... s_project_origamistyle_nesting_boxes

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Question: Archiving Saved Greeting Cards

I am looking for some tips on "archiving" a ton of greeting cards my boss has received. I thought there might be a good suggestion on how to do this by those who scrapbook, which I have never done. Can you help?

Kack from Jefferson City, MO

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Most Recent Answer

By Karyn [31] 08/26/2008

How about scanning each card and then placing them in a power point presentation. Add who the cards were from, and a bit about that person to make it more personal. You can add so much to the presentation using music, personal pictures, and your own touch.


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Question: Storing Greeting Cards

How do I store unused greeting cards? And received greeting cards.

By CAT from Laurel DE

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Most Recent Answer

By Tanya [4] 09/23/2013

I keep a 3-ring binder notebook, and have about 100 plastic sheet protectors in them. (You can buy these sheet protectors at Walmart. They are less than $4 for 50 of them). I keep my greeting cards that I want to keep in them. Some cards are small, and they tend to slide out of the sheet protector, so I close some of them up with a plastic paper clip.

I also have another 3-ring binder notebook with sheet protectors in which I keep copies of my favorite magazine. I know you can scan the cards into your computer but it's just not the same as having the actual physical product. I hope this helps.

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