Organizing Stuffed Animals

Organizing Stuffed Animals

Sometimes the menagerie of stuffies can really take over a child's room. Trying to come up with a plan to keep them organized and accessible can be difficult. This is a guide about organizing stuffed animals.


Solutions: Organizing Stuffed Animals

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Tip: Hanging Net for Stuffed Animals

When my daughter was young and had many stuffed animals. I did several things with them. My solution was to use a "fish" net hung from the ceiling, that I kept all her stuffed animals in.

Then when that wasn't enough I started taking some animals and putting them away for several months. I rotated her animals and some of her other toys also. In this way it kept her interest in the ones she was playing with.

By looneylulu from Ocean City, MD

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Tip: Store Stuffed Animals In Totes

My two kids are stuffed animal fans. What I do to keep the zoo under control, is to use a colorful 15/20 gallon tote to put all the animals in. If the pile starts to overflow (where I can't close the lid), I tell my kids it is time to give some of the stuffies to a new home. I keep the lid behind their bed. If we have company or need extra space, I put the lid on and slide the tote under the bed or in a closet.

By Dawn from Bayville, NJ

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Tip: Organizing Stuffed Animals

My son has many small stuffed animals that always get lost or misplaced. To solve this problem, we made a little hotel for them out of tissue boxes taped together with duct tape and mounted on the wall. The best thing is, we can add more as we save boxes. You can make them even prettier or brighter with colored/patterned duct tape. Other designs and shapes can also be made. Use your imagination.

By snagglebuddy from LaGrange, KY

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Tip: Shoe Keeper for Stuffed Animals

I always like to use an over the door shoe keeper. This can be adjusted for children and each animal or toy can be placed in separate compartments.

By Joanie78 from Cicero, Indiana

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Tip: Use Velcro Strip on Wall to Hold Toys

Attach a Velcro strip to the wall of your child's room to hold soft stuffed toys.

Source: A friend sent it to me.

By Elaine S. from Near Cedar Rapids, IA

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Tip: Hanging Stuffed Animals In A Hammock

I have put two cup hooks in the corner of the room, as far apart as you want your hammock to stretch. I then hung a pretty color of nylon net (about 2 yards) to make a hammock. All the animals sleep there!

By Linda Lou W. F. from Ashdown, AR

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