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Training a Dog to Stop Barking

A dog's incessant barking is an irritation to their owners and their neighbors. This guide is about training a dog to stop barking.


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November 17, 20160 found this helpful

A cute pomeranian dog preparing to bark.

This is a guide about my Pomeranian barks too much. Certain breeds and individual dogs tend to bark quite a lot. Training them to bark less can be challenging.


Catherine Forman0 found this helpful
May 12, 2006

A member of the ThriftyFun community asked for help on a barking problem:

Any tips on a loud barking Yorkie? Oso is so adorable, loving, and sweet but late nights he goes out to pee and then barks at the top of his lungs. I am afraid he will wake next door neighbors as it is pretty late when we go to bed. Also if he is alone in a room, my husband in bed and me in our office room, he will go sleep in the living room then wake to bark loudly, scaring me. He just got 'fixed', he did not spend the night at the vets. He loves to board with his Cookie/Jack Russell, so what's up with the bark?

There are a few things to consider here: Why is Oso (or any dog with a barking problem) barking? Is it something he sees, like a stray cat? Is it something he hears, like another dog?

Our neighbors across the street have a dog named Skittles. Skittles used to bark nonstop whenever he was outside. Day or night, it didn't matter. Skittles barked all the time. Our neighbors got a new fence, they switched from chain link to a wooden privacy fence, and all of a sudden Skittles stopped barking! He must have been barking at things he could see. When there was nothing to see, there was nothing to bark at.


My dogs will go nuts at certain things they hear. For some reason, the sound of motorcycles drives them bonkers, and they both race to the nearest window to bark. During the summer, when the air conditioners are humming and the sounds from outside are muffled, they bark a lot less.

I'm going to suggest two things for you to try:

Barking is often caused by boredom or attention seeking (and the two go hand in hand). If Oso feels like he has been left outside too long, he may start barking to get your attention. It sure does get your attention, right? If you go out with him and try to hurry that last piddle break along, you may be able to get him back inside before the barking ever begins.

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May 19, 20120 found this helpful

This is not a solution; this is a huge problem. One neighbor behind us have three barking dogs. I have talked with man of the house to no avail.

The barking goes on even if the family is outside and there is no correction.

It's disturbing trying to enjoy the outside and having to listen to this. The man even said to me *we don't hear them when we are inside.* Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated and thanks in advance for the input.

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January 30, 2013

The best way to teach a dog not to bark is to teach it to bark, and then reward it for barking. I have my Bruno, who is a Rottie mix who lives in the house, has just recently seemed to learn that I like him to mouth the word "Mama" and he gets lots of attention. It is really cute, and endearing to see them say words rather than bark.


Here is one of my favorite videos, and I hope you will enjoy it. It all has to be fun or it is not worth it for you or your dog. I don't use a clicker, but just when we are spending time together, I will say "Mama" with a questioning voice, and when the dog tries to say it, I just act all happy and praise him.

Remember, if you do not always have treats somewhere (hot dogs, cheese, chicken pieces, etc.), you are not near as interesting as you could be and you won't get near the results. Life is a game of getting treats for fun things in training. If they don't get it after a little bit, back up to something they do get. It must always be fun!

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July 18, 20150 found this helpful

good video will teach this to my dog

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October 17, 2016

I have a 10 year old purebred Pomeranian. I have had her since she was 7 weeks old. She is the alpha in the house for sure. I have 2 other dogs, a 13 year old Pom male and a new female puppy that is a Sheltie cross. My problem is that she never shuts up. She will not let me talk on the phone or if the other dogs are playing she barks at them to stop.

She is very aggressive and fights really mean. I'm afraid she will hurt my new pup. She has always been this way so it's not the puppy. It's just really driving me insane. I have sprayed her; that didn't help. I have smacked her behind with paper, but she could care less. Please help!

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October 21, 20160 found this helpful

Spraying and smacking with newspaper are aggressive moves and you will get more aggression back.

Your dog simply needs training. Not just "no bark" training but all training. The basic problem is that your dog is like a bored child with time to spare but no real rules or responsibilities.

A dog training course is probably best. You want your dog to: come, sit, heel, lie down, and stay.

Sit quietly and wait to be fed.

Go in her crate when she's too aggressive or excited.

"Leave it"- stop bothering people or other animals.

Start by calling Petco or Petsmart to find dog training classes in your area.

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0 found this helpful
April 6, 2011

I have a Welsh Corgi mix that barks at everything! When we first got her at 4 months she was very quiet, now she won't stop. It is getting to the point that my husband has told me give her away or take her to the pound. Does any body have any suggestions how to stop it? I have tried numerous things; one more won't hurt. She is very sweet and fun. I hate to give her away.

By Alicia from Johnson city, TN

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September 4, 20110 found this helpful

Thought of something. Did you start picking her up when she was barking to get her to stop? If so you were rewarding and reinforcing her barking. You need to let her know that you are displeased with her barking.

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May 21, 2009

We have had a puppy for less than 48 hours and we can't get her to stop barking when left alone. Her crate is in the front room and when she is left she just barks the house down. We need help as were unable to sleep due to her barking. She was abandoned and found by the RSPCA and now we have her. She is 11 weeks old. Please help.

By JAMES00HEART from Christchurch, New Zealand

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May 27, 20090 found this helpful

Unless you are going to be happy having her in your bedroom for ever more, then you musn't give in. Also, you are going to have to leave her on her own sometimes. She is lonely and probably missing the company of other dogs at the centre or even the pups in her litter, if she is very young. Partially covering her cage and having the radio on very low should help. Also try to keep to the same time every night and she will soon get used to the routine and realise she is not being abandoned altogether. Good luck.

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August 16, 2008

My chi pin barks at everyone. How do I curb her barking? She is 8 months old. Thanks.

Orab from Hollywood, FL

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August 22, 20080 found this helpful

I have 5 chi's. They are 6 and 7 years old now. They are spoiled. Some breeds tend to be more high strung, and bark more, and chihuahuas are one of those breeds. No I don't let mine bark all the time, but, I don't scold them because they are barking at a stranger at my door. Or an unfamiliar face in the yard or drive way. Isn't that what they are suppose to do? Be watch dogs? When it is "expected" barking, like unfamiliar faces, I tell them it's all right if I know the person, in a calm voice, then escort them to their "put up" place, if they don't quiet down. I talk calmly to them, and tell them it's "ok" or it's alright. I don't holler and scold them, or spray them, or do any of those other things.

They are doing what they were born to do, protect their family. And that includes a strange dog coming up on my land. They will bark, and I don't discourage watch dog behavior. But, we do give our chi's love and affection, and praise them when they do something right. Now, when they bark crazy over a sound that happened, or any other thing I don't consider watch dog behavior, I do put them up until they calm down, with a bit of scolding, so they will know the difference.

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September 1, 2014

My neighbors didn't want their dog. Their dog always came to my house and played with my dog for hours and sometimes just spent the night. Finally, one day after playing all day, he wanted to go back home, only to return to my home and would not leave. I let the dog spend the night (the owners knew he was at my house), the next morning I walked the dog back to his home, but the owners said they didn't want the dog and it would be better for me to have him. They said he seemed happier at my home and gave me his bed and said good bye to him.

Now, I have this beautiful, white, long legged, skinny Chihuahua. Only problem is he will not stop barking. If I'm not home, or if he feels unsecure. I take them (him and my dog) out for walks. Yesterday, I took him to Dunn Lumber in my truck for a one on one time. He is great when he is around me and I'm home as I can talk to him and he loves being around me. I have a room rented out and when the occupant is home and I'm not, the new dog barks non stop and the neighbors come over and complain. If I'm not home obviously I can't ask him to be quiet and district his attention.

Does anyone out there have any good remedy to my new friend's barking issue, please. My old dog is use to the occupant and only barks the hello bark.

Help, as I don't want the neighbors to have their anger turn into vengeance. I am a good caring neighbor and want to keep the peace all around. Life is way to short.

By Sharda B.

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September 2, 20140 found this helpful

Does he bark when no one is home? If not, and he is barking at your roommate, they may need to befriend the dog - or - you can also have them try shaking a can of beans when the new little dog barks so he associates barking with an unpleasant noise. If he bark when no one is home, the spray, beep, and shock no-bark collars are effective. If it seems like he has separation anxiety and is panicking that you are gone, I've had good luck with BOND therapy for an adopted dog that barked and tore things up when we left him alone. It includes an anti-anxiety medicine when you leave and desensitizing the dog to you being gone (picking up your keys, but not leaving... leaving for very short periods of time, etc.) It's A LOT of work, but my dog no longer freaks out when we leave the house and doesn't need any medication anymore. I assume your new friend is not trained to be in a crate - some dogs are much more comfortable in a crate but it can be difficult getting an old dog used to one.

I love dogs, but to be fair to your neighbors, non-stop barking is really annoying and keep in mind that many cities have a noise ordinance where you can be fined if your dog barks for an extended period of time.

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0 found this helpful
April 6, 2005

Our 18 month old boston terrier has started barking at any noise in or outside the house. It is an awful bark that makes you jump out of your skin. Is there a way to stop him from this behavior?


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July 9, 20070 found this helpful

Linda. I had my 4 year old Pom for a month before I heard her bark. She is just acclimatizing herself to new surroundings and isnt sure yet if it's HER home.

Susan, it sounds like your dog just discovered his voice. I agree with those who say to just let him know that you have checked it out and that everything is okay.

She may be just bored too and there are things you can do so she can spend some time foraging for her kibble or digging a biscuit out of a doggie toy thingie--I THINK it's called a bong.

As for the products sold to stop dogs barking, why put out more money if all you need is some attention and communication with your dog? Some of them are effective but not so nice for the dog.

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October 26, 2012

We have a new rescue dog (part Pit Bull) who is the sweetest ever. He has to stay in a kennel in the house temporarily due to a respiratory infection and he barks all the time to get out. I feel bad for him, but I can't let him out with the other dogs yet. I can't seem to find a method to get him to quit barking and wining. Help!

By Pam B.

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October 27, 20120 found this helpful

I don't know the answer, but I would be interested in viewing the feedback. I have two fairly new room mates, and my dog still barks and growls at them. They are sweet to her and give her treats, but she still growls and sometimes barks when they come into the room.

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January 9, 20150 found this helpful

Our female Corgi has a fit when we are leaving the house. She does it with anyone who's leaving the house. She runs around in circles barking. Is it an instinct of her breed for herding? How do we stop it? It is very annoying.

By Sue

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January 9, 20150 found this helpful

This is not instinctive. It's just bad behavior. When you leave the house, make the dog sit in the bed or crate (door open). This is before you even get started. If she gets up, lead her right back. You can give her one of her own toys but never give her a treat at this time. Don't call her a good girl, and don't try to make her feel better by promising you'll be back soon. She isn't scared, she's angry. This is a temper tantrum. So it's best to be businesslike.

As you can see you'll have to start to leave early. And be stern about making her sit in her spot. She'll know if you don't really mean it.

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October 29, 20140 found this helpful

My son has a ten and 1/2yr old Chihuahua. My husband and I bring the dog next dog for 4 hrs every day, while our son is at work. When Chico barks I say "use your indoor voice" and I pat his head and say good boy. It works fine. My son has a new girl friend staying there and she sprays water in his face and yells "stop barking". I have noticed how jumpy the dog is and when he sees the bottle he goes into a crouching position.
Can you give me some advice? My son loves this dog so much, but she has him believing that's the only way to train him.

By Ann Marie

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November 1, 20140 found this helpful

His girlfriend is misinformed. You train a dog while being calm, you don't shout at it. You don't scare it. I say the word "Hey" and walk towards them. When they stop barking I praise with a quiet "Good Boy" Must be consistent. Everyone has to do it the same way.

Probably why your telling him to use his inside voice works well as you are probably calm when you say it.

If the girlfriend doesn't stop get your own water bottle and when she does it to him. Do it to her. Spray her in the face and scream "Stop!" I am going to bet she won't like it.

Good luck!!

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September 3, 2011

How can I stop my dog from barking at everybody?

By Afrasiab

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September 6, 20110 found this helpful

I have 2 dachshunds and for years they have driven me crazy barking like mad every time someone came to the door. After years of trying different methods I finally came up with one that works, at least on my two. It actually came from a method I use on my cat when he misbehaves.

I keep a small squirt bottle close by. It's one that sprays a stream for approximately 8-10 feet.

One thing to remember. When training your dogs not to bark, don't try to train them to not bark at all when someone comes. That's their job is to let you know someone is there. But with this method it won't be long before she only barks a few times, and when you tell her to quit, she will.

I started out by after they had barked a couple of times, I would squirt them in the "butt" at the same time saying "enough". It got their attention. And if they continued to bark they continued to get squirted. It didn't take but less than a week before all I had to say was "enough" and they quit.

This same trick also taught them not to jump on visitors too, which they had been very bad about for years. Not that they wanted to bite, they just wanted to be sure and get some petting. But now they don't jump at all on people and they've found they get a lot more petting this way, only on the person's terms, not theirs.

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June 18, 2009

How do you break a dog of barking? He is well mannered and has been easy to train and minds well except for the barking?

Please help.

By Sonja S. from Hemphill, TX

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June 19, 20090 found this helpful

On the poster who mentioned the Barking Dog CD: buyer beware; we Googled this and found a few "rip-off report" complaints on that company. It also claims that the "ultrasonic" method it uses sounds like a "jet plane coming in for a landing" , can only be heard by dogs and only runs when the dog barks. Also says it's humane.

How humane can it be when it blasts the dog's ears--and as for it "only working" when the dog barks--this has to be BS. It is a CD, pre-programmed to produce sound at precise intervals. Have a hard time believing that this one automatically stops and starts when the dog barks; it would be like playing a kids' CD and having it pause itself when the kids clap, or laugh.

Makes no sense.

That said, we have a barker, too. Does your dog bark only when specific things happen? Ours goes nuts when the mail carrier, garbage man or any delivery truck goes by.

As you said your dog is, ours is well-behaved and trained otherwise.

What we started doing--and what's been working for her-- is to "catch her in the act"--that is, when I hear the mail carrier's truck coming, I sit by the dog by the window where she perches and waits and begin whispering "Enough, good girl" and petting the sides of her face ( which is an automatic calmer for her). That sort of puts her into a different zone, for lack of a better description--we're basically trying to put on the brakes before she gets worked up and in full bark mode.

It took about a week to get her to the point at which, when I see her beginning to get antsy and ready for a barkfest, I just calmly say "Enough."

We thought of the treat thing and a lot of other people have said this works; our dog has a tendency to put on weight, though, and for us the calming down through affection rather than food works a little better.

Good luck!

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January 17, 20120 found this helpful

I would like to know how to keep my Pom from barking so much.

By Collene

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January 18, 20120 found this helpful

I have two male dogs who get each other riled up with barking. In addition, there are 6 houses which touch my yard and they all have dogs which bark a lot I finally resorted to a collar which gives a small electric shock when they bark. Petco assured me that the shock is like when you walk across a carpet and then get a zap when you touch a doorknob. Supposedly, after a few days of having the collar on for about 8 hours, the dogs learn and don't need it anymore. Not my two. I still have to put it on them if I have to leave them in the yard for any length of time. Good luck. The barking is very annoying.

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November 15, 2011

What can you do with 2 dogs that bark all of the time? They hear anything move and they start barking. We have tried everything to get them to stop. We even got the barking collars, but they won't stay out if they have them on. Please help. It is starting get on the neighbors' and owners' nerves. Thanks.

By cookie17

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November 15, 20110 found this helpful

Try walking toward the two dogs using body language to make them think you are going to kill them. Just keep walking making them move out of your way. Reward their silence with some pats. Animals respect dominance.

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April 28, 2013

Are there recommendations to lessen the outside noise of barking dogs? Our dogs go in and out. We don't want to annoy our neighbors and bark collars just don't work. We have a small yard and our neighbors are about 100 feet away, but the noise still annoys them. Any suggestions will be welcome.

By Cindy P. from Bayview, ID

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April 30, 20130 found this helpful

I have two little dogs and when they start barking up a storm, I use an ultrasound correction unit. Nobody hears it but the dogs do. I even use it on my neighbors three dogs across the street. It doesn't hurt the dogs and it's a lot better then yelling. You can check it out at or or do a search. There are different units and prices. Hope this helps you.

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August 31, 20020 found this helpful

Could anyone lend me some advice on how to tone down my barking dog. She barks when she sees people or when she's nervous. I haven't had alot of luck training her. Please Help..I think my neighbors are starting to get annoyed.

- Michelle

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April 26, 20050 found this helpful

training is the key-take yourself and your dog to school-obience school-we hope it will work wonders for us-is your dog shy or scared? what type/breed si she? She just may need lots of love and reassurance-check out the topic entitled shy dog that has already been posted-it is about my dog faith and her struggles for confidence. I highly recommend school and do not yell or threaten her. Instead, correct her in a firm manner-offer her treats-each shy/scared dog is so different call your vet and ask to speak with a behaviorsit speacialist or recommend one. she may also miss you when you are not at home-do you kennel her? she may just need structure-there isn't enough information from your posting there is a reason why she doing what she is doing-her barking/acting out is how she is trying to tell you that something really bothers her. Get her help-she will be much happier and more loving-she is your baby-i wish you well

betty from ohio

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