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Saving Money on Daycare

Children at a daycare.

For many parents daycare is an expensive yet necessary expense. There are ways to save money on daycare without sacrificing quality care. This is a guide about saving money on daycare.


Solutions: Saving Money on Daycare

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Tip: Share Summer Childcare With Stay at Home Parents

School is almost out. It's great for about a week or so then your down to keeping your kids busy and out of your hair! If your a stay home parent, it can drive you crazy.

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Article: Saving Money on Child Care

Photo of a kid finger painting.During the summer months, child care costs can skyrocket for families with kids getting out of school. What are your tips for saving money on child care?

Boys And Girls Club Income Based Camp

I don't know where you live, but if you have a Boys and Girls Club there, their summer camp fees are income based. I have a 6 year old boy who goes there and he loves it, and since I just recently seperated from his father and have no job yet, I'm not paying anything for it.

By Jaclyn

Network With School Friends Or Neighbors

If you have school age kids, sometimes you can arrange for a stay at home mom in their class to watch them for cheap. Their kids get playmates for the summer and you could work out some sort of a trade, watching all the kids in the evenings or on the weekends. I have also heard of groups of moms banding together and each taking all the kids for one day a week.

Until I was able to work at home full time, my daycare was my next door neighbor. She watched my baby Ethan from the time he was two months old and is like a second mom to him. She charged me less for my two kids than I was paying for one toddler in Boston. She doesn't advertise, just word of mouth but she is pretty much always full. Look around your neighborhood or ask your circle of friends if they know anyone like this.

By Jess

Network With Moms

Network with other moms! I think I have said this before, get to know the parents of your children's friends. I have 2 moms that will switch off daycare with me. I have only had to pay a sitter one time this summer. I need a sitter every Saturday for my 6 year old from 2 till 8 PM. To get the help I need, I keep one little girl 3 nights (overnight) a week as her single mom works third shift. My back up is another mom who works second shift, but not Saturdays. I keep her daughter every other Friday when Dad can't. It takes planning but it can work.

By Billie Jo

In Home Child Care

Definitely check out family (in home) child cares. Fees are less than centers generally and will often accommodate more part time schedules.

By Slransom

Staggering Work Hours

We saved money on child care by staggering our work hours so that our child was with the sitter a few hours a day rather then a full day. Not every job/career can allow for this but when they do it makes life a little easier for the family and the pocketbook.

By Sara

Several couples that I have met manage child care expenses by working different shifts. A nurse I know works the night shift at the hospital. Her husband works days.They never need a sitter for longer than 1-2 hours in a day. It works for them.

By Coreenhart

Dependent Care Flexible Spending Account

If your employer offers a dependent care flexible spending account where you designate tax free dollars toward your dependent (child and elder) care, sign up for it. In most cases the tax savings are greater than if you had just taken the tax deduction. If you work for a large employer check and see if you get discounts at any day care centers as an employee benefit. Ask your Human Resources department.

By Mesarobins

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Question: Looking for Inexpensive, Safe Childcare

We need extra money so I am going to need to go back to work. I found a job that will likely have me working similar hours as my husband. Anyone have some childcare tips? Its looking quite expensive at the moment.


Tammy in SC

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By anne 1 06/05/2009

Check out this new website Tell your friends about it too. The more people who know about the site, the more likely we are to find the right person to trade daycare with. I'm searching too.

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Question: Cheap Child Care

I am having a very hard time finding cheap child care. The day care people here ask way too much money and think we are being selfish by saying it's too much. With their rates, I may make $1.00 an hour myself, while the rest goes to support the sitter. Any ideas please? I have to go to work.

Cindy from Oakley, KS

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Just call around. use goodle maps to find day cares in you're area and call all of them. I have found the prices are very different! I'm in Louisville and I was taking my boys to kindercare (big chain but nice) just for a good social day for them once a week. It was crazy. Almost $50 a half day per child and $70 a year registration, which I had to renew every time they were away for more than 2 weeks.

Anyhow I finally took the time to call around and found a really nice place called Genesis for half the price. It's like anything, you really have to shop around and don't let them guilt you into feeling like you have to spend a million dollars on your child all the time. I love my kids, that is why I work hard, I save money. Working moms are a staple of the economy. We are the modern Rosie the riveter!

P.S. If you are reading this and you live in Louisville check out We love them and they have been so good to us! Good luck to everyone else!

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Archive: Cheap Child Care

I am having a very hard time finding cheap child care, The day care people here ask way too much money and think we are being selfish by saying it's too much.