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Disposing of Old Tires

Finding a way to get rid of old tires where they can be useful and without having to pay, is the best. This guide is about disposing of old tires.


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December 2, 20160 found this helpful

A stack of tires at a disposal facility.

This is a guide about tire disposal in Indiana. Finding a local disposal site in your state and learning the recycle rules applying to used tires is your first step in getting rid of them.



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September 2, 20080 found this helpful

Getting Rid of Old Tires

Getting Rid of Old Tires

We have a barn full of old tires that we "inherited" when we purchased our property. We have called around to tire recycling centers, but they want so much per tire. Does anyone know how we can dispose of them safely and economically?

Stephanie - Saline, Michigan



A friend of mine brought hers to Costco and they took them at no charge.

By Denyse


They make great containers for container gardening flowers and veggies. Also line the inside and make a great birdbath or bird feeder. Use them as edging around trees. If they are truck or car tires, try putting an ad in the paper. Many people (myself included) would love to have a few of those huge things for planters.

Erin - Toledo, Ohio

Grow Potatoes

If you lived near me, I'd have you bring me a bunch of those old tires! They make great potato towers! Stack up two or three, fill with layers of straw, compost, soil, newspaper, etc, and plant you potatoes there. At harvest time, you just pull down the tires, and there are your potatoes, no backbreaking digging. Then, mix the composted material into your regular bed. (I'm working toward having mounded beds, rich in humus.)

The towers also make convenient places to sit in the garden, and let your back unkink after hoeing or hand-weeding. It is so nice to relax and enjoy looking at the fruit of your labors! I plant some flowers right next to the potato towers. (I choose marigolds, which are known to deter many garden pests. When I am resting, the marigolds are far enough below my nose that I don't get overwhelmed by the smell.)

If you put the towers at the corners of small beds, you can use them to support a fence. Just wrap the fence material around and use a stick or something to hold the overlap closed. You open the gate when you want in, and close it to keep out rabbits, dogs, small children, etc.

Rose B, in North Carolina

Beautiful Hanging Planters

I was in Curacao several years ago and they made beautiful hanging planters for the patio or deck out of old tires. They cut them and then painted them to look like a parrot. They were great. I wanted one so badly, but due to the weight of the tire they were quite heavy to hand carry on airplane trip home and I didn't have a container to put in so I could ship. If she could get the pattern and make them I would be the first to buy one.

Recycling Helpline

Here'a a number for RecycleNet Help Line: (519) 767-2913. They may offer you some help with finding someone in your area who will recycle them.

Here's a link for making a Tire Planter:

I looked for uses for old tires and could find lots of articles about using them for repaving work but only the above link on crafts. If anyone else has some good uses, please send them in.

Susan from ThriftyFun

Kids Play Space

If you have a barn full of tires than my suggestion will not be practical for getting rid of most but it could get rid of at least one (if you have children or grands, that is)! Growing up, some of my fondest memories were of swinging on a tire swing!

You can hang it sideways or up right. All you need is a tree with a limb large enough to support the tire and the children's weight. Place a small board inside the rim where you would want it to hang from, drill through the tire AND the board. But a large eye hook type bolt and screw it through the tire and board (the boards purpose is to keep the bolt from pulling through. This should help you to understand what I'm trying to explain).

Then tie a long sturdy rope onto the end of the bolt. Throw the other end of the rope over the limb and secure it. Or just tie a rope completely around the tire and then tie the other end around the limb. Bound to provide hours of enjoyment!

Other ideas could be to bury several of the tires just a little and making a "tunnel" for kids to crawl through. We have a park around here that even has picnic tables made with the big tractor tires!

Yard Sale

If there are any good ones, I would suggest yard-saling them, cheap. This would be tires that have some tread on them and no holes or cords hanging out etc. If you live in a rural area, farmers or ranchers might take some of them off your hands for tires for wagons, hay sleds, etc. that they use around the place. This would be those that had some goody in them, of course.

Another thing ranchers in our area use them for is salt-box tires. They cut the bead off one side and then turn the tire inside out. This is then nailed to a board to close the other side, and then they are used out in the pastures for salt or mineral for the cattle.

By Mcnare

Obstacle Course

My wife and I bought our dilapidated house full of junk and there were over 20 tires around the property. Well, we painted them red, white and blue. Screwed them together and made an obstacle course for my sons to run through

By Dave

Recycle as Playground Ground Cover

A lot of companies have permission from the EPA to shred old tires to use for playgrounds. The soft spongy rubber is better on little knees than gravel. I would call around and see if anyone would come get them!

By Sarah

Donate To Schools

You might try calling High School football coaches. They use old tires as an obstacle course for practice.

By Cathy

Try Selling Them to a Used Tire Shop

My parents owned a used tire shop and have now passed it to me and my husband. It's been in business for 20 years. If you know of a used tire shop in your area some are willing to give you a certain price for decent threaded used tires. We give $5.00 a tire for good 14' sized tires. I recommend looking in your phone book for a used tire shop. There are also waste companies that except used tires for free.

By Kim


You can put ads for free in: or picks up some local papers. You can build HOUSES with tires. Yes, you can. I think the link is something like

By the Oracle

Go Kart Tracks

You can use them on go-carts tracks. They use old tires for bumpers to keep the carts on the tracks. Also, being from a farm community, farmers use tires to hold huge plastic tarps on their silage. They love used ones for their hay wagons and/or machinery. There are so many ways to recycle old tires. If you have any of these options around you give them to the go-cart tracks or farmers or sell the tires to them for barely anything and you will get rid of your tire problem!

By Brandon

Football Drills

This may be kind of late, but I know as a former athlete that flipping the big huge tractor tires are a real good work out for explosiveness. So if you have tires like that to get rid of, I would talk to track and field or football coaches to see if they want any.

By Wallace

Tire Planters

You can use them to grow your garden. Really! Using tires, like planting pots, allows you to get a jump start on Spring planting because it keeps the soil much warmer.

I have an entire garden plan of tires. Some cut into designer planters. Surround the "tire garden" with a small garden picket fencing to keep neighbors from seeing it. Just search the internet for "gardening in old tires" for numerous ideas and photos.

More Uses For Old Tires

Here is an article on that topic that is already on ThriftyFun. Check it out!

Feel free to post additional ideas below.

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September 25, 20080 found this helpful

Have you thought of using them to make a rammed earth building, ie storage shed, play house, dog house or even a room addition?

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October 27, 20080 found this helpful

if you know a local paintball team suggest using them for bunkers, my team has been going around asking for them for our speed ball course.

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February 12, 20090 found this helpful

I want like four of them but I have no idea where you live. From that picture the terrain leaves no clue. Otherwise I'm a pretty good guess. Yeah craigslist. I'm sure a few people want them.

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February 16, 20090 found this helpful

I too live in Michigan and I'm looking for a bunch of old tires. If you still have any if you could let me take my pick before you get rid of them I would greatly appreciate it. Email me at kodered5150 AT

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September 1, 20090 found this helpful

Stephanie, I know a farmer that would be interested in picking them up. Please, call me

734 660-6492

Thanks, Bruno

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August 6, 20110 found this helpful

Hi My name is Miryam

I have the same problem in Atlanta GA, please let me know if you know some companies that takes them here, I was victim of a scam, I am without a job and since I had a 16ft box truck I advertise on CL offering services with the truck, well this guy got me running around different places collecting tires and before we get to the place where we where suppose to delivery he asked me to stop by a Burger King and he disappeared on me, an hour later after looking all over for him I realize I was scammed and left with my truck filled with more than 170 used tires, everybody I called said they charged for them to be disposed, I am desperate and do not know what to do, they are sitting in my garage for more than 4 months by now, please if you know any company that take them let me know.

Thanks in advance to all.

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April 9, 20130 found this helpful

This one should work for all of them, if you live near a big city. Call tire shops to see who retreads tires, then take the tires to that shop. They may even pay you for each tire that is; not down to the cords; and that do not have big holes in them; and are not cut through.

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May 8, 20130 found this helpful

https://www.fac  relevant_count=1

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September 19, 2010

Where can I recycle about 500 used tires that were dumped on my property, at no cost to me? I am willing to travel up to 200 miles.

By Chris from Kokomo, IN

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September 19, 20100 found this helpful

I don't know if this website advertises free tire recycling. But if you contact them they might be able to give you names of other places that recycle for free. http://www.libe

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September 22, 20100 found this helpful

Do you belong to Freecycle? There is a great one in one in Howard Co. Joining is free. You never know what people are wanting and if they want your tires they might be willing to pick them up.

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September 22, 20100 found this helpful

I would offer them on and also on craigslist. Probably won't get rid of all 500, but anything would help, i would think. Also, one of the stipulations for freecycle is that they understand that they need to pick up.

Good luck with that!

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September 22, 20100 found this helpful

Also, I was just thinking, maybe some playgrounds or parks could use them to make some structure for the kids to play on. Or maybe the spca for the dogs....

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September 23, 20100 found this helpful

Good luck with this project. Tires are terribly hard to get rid of, unless you happen to live near some place where they grind them up and make playground coverings, or know someone who is building an earthship home where the tires are filled with dirt, buried, and then form the wall of the home.

You didn't willingly let someone dump 500 tires on your property, did you?

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October 20, 20100 found this helpful

Contact the parks and recreation sector of local gov't and offer the tires for playgrounds, dog parks, training at high schools. I would then post them on freecycle. Good luck. I am very curious as to where and how that many tires would be dumped on your property.

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April 17, 20170 found this helpful

We have over500 old tires that need to be desposed! Who will take them? Live in walterboro sc 29488!!

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September 1, 20090 found this helpful

I have a friend that does scrap cars, and he has no way of getting rid of old tires. He wants them hauled off. What does he need to do? Thanks.

Steve J.

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September 2, 20090 found this helpful

Try posting notices on public bulletin boards (like grocery stores) and notifying plant nurseries that they are available free of charge to gardeners. We use them 4 high for potatoes and I am planting carrots and radishes in them this weekend. They are great season extenders because the earth in them gets warm early spring and stays warm well into winter here. They are great for herbs - I can harvest all but the most tender ones year round from the tire beds. I have some that have been disquised and some that are obviously tires - but they are the best raised beds ever!

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September 3, 20090 found this helpful

Sign up for freecycle AT Then post the ad for free tires. Someone in the area will want them for free and come and pick them up.

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September 4, 20090 found this helpful

See if his town recycles old tires. Beware they may charge a fee for each tire. I know for my town I had to go to the Town Hall and purchase a permit for about $5 per tire then the recycling company came and picked up the tire.

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September 4, 20090 found this helpful

Give them to persons wanting a container garden above ground. My girl friend does this with hers. Her husband is a mechanic on their property and gets a lot of old tires for her. She fills the tire up with top soil then puts a 5lb bag of good soil that she is using to plant the plant in on top of that. No weeds, no animal damage (rabbits), no slugs because they can not get up to where the plants are. Their garden was so productive this summer that they kept 3 or 4 families supplied with fresh vegetables! Now all of us want to try our hand with the old used tires in our yard next year.

They also take used motor oil to stain their deck and out door buildings with. Again the wood looks really neat this way and no bugs (termites) will eat into it. It is the greatest looking stain color I have ever seen and now I want it!

Good luck.

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September 5, 20090 found this helpful

I'd start with City Hall. If the city doesn't recycle them, they should know who does.

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September 11, 20090 found this helpful

They do indeed make great planters, though I would certainly consider washing them carefully for motor oil if you let them near food plants. Sturdy, uncracked tires do make cool swings.

I have seen tires used a lot on lakes, people often cut them to make bumpers, which can hep prevent scratches and damage to dock and boat intact. I would also consider selling them for $5-10 each (garage sale, craigslist, local paper).

If you can't get good use out of them, I would google for your local shedder/recycler, they are often shredded into rubber mulch, or made into other things.

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September 30, 20090 found this helpful

I have a neighbor who works on cars as a hobby/or for friends/family. Our MUA allows each resident to put up to four tires out on particular dates (no fee) - a few neighbors (& us) lets him put them in front of our house too when it's time. It may even be with the regular trash ( I don't really notice it until the tires appear every few months!), but they do limit the quantity per house.

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September 1, 20090 found this helpful

I am trying to get rid of 19 old tires. Does anyone know where I can take them in Ohio?

Tiffany from Loudonville, OH


Disposing Of Old Tires

These days places like Discount Tires and Les Schwab Tires no longer charge for taking your used tires, because recycling trucks come around and pick them up from them for free. They then chop them up and remove the metal then turn them into playground mulch, garden mulch, and use them when making asphalt to make highways last longer, etc. Call a place that sells tires and ask them if you can bring them in. (09/02/2008)

By Cyinda

Disposing Of Old Tires

I used to work at a store with a tire shop and we had to pay to get them hauled away. If I were you I would check with the county. The Lorain County Solid Waste Management division has a couple of days a year when you drop off tires, computers etc.

Good luck! (09/04/2008)

By Cindy S.

Disposing Of Old Tires

Yes. Definitely check with your county or city, they should be able to tell you where to dispose of them. In some locations, you can leave them out on certain days and the garbage collectors will take care of them, but be sure to check this out first, as in some places you could get a fine for leaving them out. Good luck! (09/09/2008)

By bailegirl

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