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Uses for Old Towels


If you have old towels that are stained or have holes in them, you can use them to protect your counter tops from spills, as tub mats, or as throw rugs in front of your doors.

By Linda from Union Grove, NC

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By Anne Carter 4 54 10/29/2010 Flag

I use old towels to wipe down the bath and shower and taps after use. Also use others to rub dog down after a wet walk. They are useful in the car too to protect ends of long things being transported from scratching the glass at either end of the car. They are useful too in mopping up spillages on the floor, carpet or tiles.

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By susan 33 441 10/29/2010 Flag

I use them for insulation for: coasters, hot pads, covers for hot dishes, batting for small quilting projects, for washing/drying cars, using for paint splatters, covers for heating pads.

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By Debbie Dzurilla 28 1,124 10/29/2010 Flag

I like those ideas! Also you can use them to dry off your vehicle after washing. I keep one on top of my washer and dryer as protection and keeps them cleaner. Keep a few in your vehicle for just whatever use comes up when you're out and about. Also you can donate some to an animal hospital for drying off the pets after baths.

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By Grandma J 54 1,040 10/29/2010 Flag

I have used them as liners when making bibs, the size for toddlers, like a lobster bib. This is absorbent. Also, have gone through mine, picked out aging towels and gone with them to our vet clinic. They use them when pets have had surgery, a nice soft old towel for them to curl up on, be covered with if they are cold, etc.

My smaller but not worn towels have been gathered up and given to new teen moms, a small soft bath towel is perfect for a newborn's body, too big and fluffy ones are hard to fit into little spots needing wiping. I had bought a medium bath towel sized, about a dozen at Sam's Club, used them for my grandbabies until they grew into the larger sized ones. These new moms struggle for many things and a half dozen towels for each mom helped.

Another area, our church 5-6th graders collected still usable hand and bath towels to put into health kits to send off to missions with other supplies. And I have nice neighbors/friends who share gifts at Christmas, etc and those towels always seem to be replaced! In seeing that, my gift to graduates is always a nice huge bath towel to start their college dorm days off with. Sometimes I get their names put on it by a friend. Wal-mart tends to run good prices for the 30 x 54 inch sized bath towel. $4 or less.

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By christine lauderback 6 28 10/30/2010 Flag

If you don't have a bath mat you can always use towels to prevent slipping.

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By anne 13 149 10/31/2010 Flag

You can also donate them to your local animal shelter, they are always needed!

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By Vivian 2 22 03/25/2011 Flag

I use old towels as an absorbent inner lining for cloth menstrual pads. There is a link (hope it works) below and you can google "making cloth menstrual pads using towels".

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