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Getting Cigarette Smell Out of Books

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Getting Cigarette Smell Out of Books. A pile of old books.

It can be difficult to remove cigarette odors from books. Odors on paper require different cleaning methods. This is a guide about getting cigarette smell out of books.


Solutions: Getting Cigarette Smell Out of Books

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Tip: Remove Odors with Ground Coffee

I had a chest freezer once. My daughter had accidentally unplugged it and I didn't find it until about 2 weeks later. The whole thing was filled with nasty rotten meat. I cleaned it out, bleached it and used everything under the sun and nothing helped rid the odor of spoiled meat.

Finally someone told me the coffee trick. Go to the store and buy the cheapest darkest coffee you can buy. If you don't have a grinder at home grind it at the store on the finest grind, like espresso. Come home and put the coffee in cheap knee high hose and tie them shut. Coffee will remove the smell of all most anything.

For books, I place the coffee in the knee high and tie it and the book up in a plastic grocery bag and leave it for about a week. Voila! No more stinky cigarette smells. I sell used books on Amazon and eBay so this is a must!

    By melissagrannon [1]

    Tip: Air Smelly Books In Sun

    Set the opened books out to air in the sun. A further solution is to place unused dryer sheets among the pages of closed books.

    By Vivian P.

    Tip: Removing Odors From Books

    My wife and I buy a lot of used books. The problem is, often the books have been in storage, or in a smoker's home (no offense to any smokers), or in other conditions that have left behind odors. I used to apply Febreze to rid books of these smells, but I've found a much cheaper way.

    Simply take a sample perfume strip such as are found in many magazines and slip it into the book. Place the book in a sealable storage bag for a day or so. I've found that this will replace odors with the scent of the strip.

    Of course, use a scent you don't mind smelling!

    Source: My personal experience

    By Mad Rabbit from Lovington, IL

    Tip: Use Baking Soda To Deodorize Books

    I bought a book at Amazon that evidently was in a fire. It took a year for smell to go away. You could try putting the book in plastic bag with baking soda or flowers to absorb the smell or spray your book with orange oil. I use that for all stinky smells.

    By Kathie K. from Dublin, CA

    Tip: Removing Cigarette Odor from Books

    I wanted to share a tip about how to get rid of cigarette odor from books within an hour. No baking soda, no use of charcoal which only mask the cigarette smoke, no waiting for days or weeks to get rid of the smoke.

    Here is the method which worked for me:
    I recently bought a used book online from a heavy smoker. It was really, really stinking like an ash tray, awfully, I could not read it.

    You can remove the smoke particles from pages by applying heat. This is not without risks, but the risk is minimal. I would not put the book in an oven, this would cause fire, but I used a hairdryer for this purpose.

    Put the hairdryer on hot position (but not too hot!) in my hairdryer it is the 2nd (or middle) of the three positions.

    Then direct the hot air from the hairdryer on every single page of the book with smooth equal movements. 5 sec for every page is enough. Do not forget the edges and cover boards. The smoke particles will just diffuse away with the hot air.

    After this procedure, the pages of the book will be bent because the heat deforms them. Do not panic, they will return to its original form after three or four days.

    Then there should be not even the slightest cigarette odor noticeable. Smell the top edge of the book to be sure. This is the place where the smoke gathers most.

    With this method I removed the odor from my book within an hour. It can happen that your hairdryer will overheat and stop working. It happened to me once. But here also do not panic: there is a protection mechanism in every hairdryer to switch it off, when overheated. When it cools down it is again working.

    Greetings to all non-smokers!

      By Maciej T. [1]

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      Here are questions related to Getting Cigarette Smell Out of Books.

      Question: Getting Cigarette Smell Out of Books

      I would like help for getting cigarette smell out of hardback books and paperback books?

      By Patricia from Ramona, CA


      Most Recent Answer

      By jlynn1234509/01/2011

      I use to smoke and since I've moved 3 years ago my entire bookshelf has been packed away in boxes. I went to take them out and omg. I can't believe what my house must have smelled like. There are 6 large Rubbermaid containers full plus a few boxes. How will I ever get the smell out of my treasured books? Quickest and most effective. Help please!

      Question: Tobacco Odors on Books

      Please tell me how I can get tobacco odors out of hard back books.

      Carrie Shuter from Meridian, Idaho


      Most Recent Answer

      By Jennifer,CA (Guest Post)11/17/2005

      When I buy used books or from the Library I wipe the outside with baby wipes and spray a shot of lysol. Then I spray Lysol as I fan the pages. Lysol dries quickly. Try and keep a 10 inch distance. If you happen to spray closer no big deal. Lysol dries fast. Smells gone! And germs too!
      Jennifer CA


      Thrifty Fun has been around so long that many of our pages have been reset several times. Archives are older versions of the page and the feedback that was provided then.

      Archive: Getting Cigarette Smell out of Books

      Cigarette smoke in books? Here's what I do to get rid of it. I take a large ziplock and depending on the severity and size of the books maybe 4 or 5 dryer sheets. I put some of the dryer sheets inside the books in various pages and two just inside the ziplock. Put the book in with the dryer sheets and seal. I check on the book once a week to see if the smoke smell is gone. I leave some of the sheets in the book so it stays dryer fresh.

      By debradj from Illinois

      RE: Getting Cigarette Smell out of Books

      Dyer sheets worked really well. I received a book from an eBay bid and it had a very musty smell. In a matter of two weeks, the smell was gone forever. (06/04/2008)

      By Kathy

      RE: Getting Cigarette Smell out of Books

      Thanks so much! I have been plagued with this smoke and must problem in books for the longest time and was hoping, other than putting them out in the sun or fresh air that there might be another way to manage this issue. So I am going to give it a try and am hoping for the best. I am a huge book collector too! (06/17/2008)

      By Penny Foss

      Archive: Getting Cigarette Smell Out of Books

      Does anyone know how to get the smell of cigarette smoke out of books? A friend just gave me a wonderful cookbook that she bought at a yard sale and it smells so strong that my allergies go wild. It is a small spiral bound book about 1 inch thick.

      SandyC from Indianapolis, IN

      RE: Getting Cigarette Smell Out of Books

      Dryer sheets are full of toxic chemicals which are far worse for you to breathe than the cigarette smell you're trying to get rid of. Best off to use the suggestions involving natural methods. (11/12/2008)

      By kcsaunt

      RE: Getting Cigarette Smell Out of Books

      Try wrapping your book in a towel and placing the book in a bag of baking soda or even fresh (of course) cat litter for few days. It works.

      I've even poured baking soda on the pages here and there and then placed it inside a bag, paper or plastic to remove the smell. Shaking the baking soda from the pages can be a pain, but it did remove the smell. (05/01/2009)

      By Anonymous

      Archive: Getting Cigarette Smell Out of Books

      How do you get cigarette smoke smell off of books?

      By Maria from CA

      RE: Getting Cigarette Smell Out of Books

      I would spray the pages with air freshener. Just hold the book at a distance so the pages don't get wet. (11/13/2009)

      By evarun21

      Archive: Removing Smoke Odor on Books

      How do I remove smoke odors from books?

      By bigharv from Denver, CO

      RE: Removing Smoke Odor on Books

      Try putting the book in a zipper-lock bag with either a new, unused fabric softener sheet or with about a teaspoon of fresh, dry, unused coffee grounds. Leave the book in there for at least 8 hours. Good luck! (07/08/2009)

      By Lynn from Calif.

      RE: Removing Smoke Odor on Books

      Take away their cigarettes! (07/09/2009)

      By AmnesiaWes

      Archive: Getting Cigarette Smell Out of Books

      How can you get cigarette smoke smell out of books?

      By Vikki from Tucson, AZ

      RE: Getting Cigarette Smell Out of Books

      Sprinkle baking soda in the bottom of a brown paper bag, then place the book inside and fold the top of the bag over two or three times. Leave the book inside the bag for several days (5-7). This has worked well for me in the past and the baking soda won't damage the book like liquids can. (12/10/2009)

      By Millhouse1