Cleaning Melted Crayon from Dried Clothes

Reaching into the dryer to remove your laundry only to discover the violet crayon is now decorating your clean clothing is frustrating. This is a guide about cleaning melted crayon from dried clothes.

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I searched this thread and found this to be the most common successful formula for removing crayon from clothes after going through the washer/dryer, so thought I'd try it. I had red crayon on a whole load of clothes, dozens and dozens of spots. Since it was me and my son's fault, I had to deal with it, sparing my wife the extra work.

I used extra detergent (full cap Tide Free + full cap Tide Stain booster), plus borax (20 Mule Team, 1 cup), plus Oxiclean (4 scoops of the powder). I soaked the clothes for one hour on the hottest setting on our LG topload He machine, then used the heavy soil wash cycle.


Success! Got out 99% of the crayon with this approach. Found three remaining light spots which I'll try washing a second time, but the vast majority are completely gone. Nice!

My son cleaned the dryer drum with Mr. Clean Magic Eraser Extra Power, which did the job well. I cleaned the filter with Soft Scrub as others had recommended, on a paper towel, with very hot water, and used a butter knife to wedge the towel into the small spaces. A bit of work, but also successful.

I appreciated the many suggestions here on ThriftyFun, and wanted to pass on what worked for me.

Don't give up, it can be done!

By Robbster from Ohio

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I followed all of the steps above only with the detergent I have at home (Costco and oxiclean stain remover) and the borax, etc. and it worked all the types of fabric I had in the load. We had sport eye black in our dried load! Thanks for all the good tips.

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I never check pockets when I wash clothes, and of course this time I payed the price. I did not realize there was a crayon in a pocket until I dried the load and to my horror saw that I had blue spots on everything. I honestly almost started crying.

I'm so glad I Googled and found this website. I read a lot of ways to help get crayon off, one post said to try LA's Totally Awesome that could be found at a dollar store. Thanks to this tough economy I decided to try this $1.00 product. And let me tell you, thanks goodness for this product.

I soaked the damaged clothes in the washer with hot water (I had a small load of damaged clothes) and poured in half the bottle of LA's Totally Awesome and I let it soak for approximately 30 min. I wanted to be sure the crayon was going to come out so I also scrubbed each piece with a cleaning brush. And wala out came the crayon. I then ran a normal cycle on hot water. Thank you for all the tips. This product will now be a must in my house. Good luck and I hope it works for you as well as it did for me.


  • 1 half bottle aprox LA's Totally Awesome ($1.00)
  • scrub brush ($1.00)
  • water


  1. Soak clothes in washer with hot water and approximately half a bottle of LA's Totally Awesome in washer for about 30 minutes.
  2. Use scrub brush to scrub out crayon.
  3. I poured some more solution directly on spots if they were not coming out.
  4. Add detergent and wash.
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I had a large load of clothes along with baby clothes for our unborn son--my faves from my other boys that got washed and dried with at least 3 crayons (prob in a pocket?). Each and every piece had marks all over them - dried crayon lines and my dryer was coated in wax. I literally started crying. Tried soaking and washing 4 times with tide stain booster and oxyclean - no luck.

I ended up soaking in a wash tub (I have a front loader with no soak option) with la's totally awesome detergent for an hour in hot water, then I put all of the clothes in the washer and washed on a sanitary wash for 2 hours. Also added la's totally awesome oxygen stain booster. Amazingly almost all of the marks came out--only a few pieces have light marks on them. One is a white t-shirt that looks like someone drew on it with crayons. Took quite a long time, but the clothes look so much better! Thank you!

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Go to your nearest a Dollar Tree or Dollar General and buy a bottle of Awesome. Spray Awesome directly on the dried crayon and soak in hot water. Then use your choice of laundry detergent to pretreat the stain again. After about 10 to 20 minutes put back in machine and wash again.

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Does anyone know how to remove dried melted crayon off silk/polyester material?

By Candice T.

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The best way to get melted crayon or wax out if clothes and the quickest is to out the iron on. Wet a facecloth. Put the damp facecloth on the item of clothing with the wax and iron on top of the damp face cloth keep moving the iron around for 30 seconds Wax is then removed.

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My grandson left crayons in his clothing and it has left the clothes dryer and clothes full of crayon. How do I remove it from the cylinder in the dryer and also from his clothes?

By KarenF from Lake Worth, FL

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To clean the crayon off of the dryer cylinder used an old/used fabric softener dryer sheet and some elbow grease. The old/used dryer sheet works just like a Mr. Clean Magic Eraser. I learned this trick from my husband. I'm still researching ways to get melted crayon out of dried clothes.

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How do I remove crayon stain from clothes that have been washed?


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Place the article of clothing with your childs beautiful art work between paper towels.

Press it with a warm iron.

Repeat this process with a new paper towel.

Then clean with dry-cleaning solvent.


Put a commercial spot remover on the surface.

Let it dry.

Then simply brush the crayon off.

<b>Wood Furniture, Furniture Fabrics, Floors, Carpet:</b>

Spray on shaving cream.

Then wipe off your childrens handy work with a paper towel.

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I need help! I have dried clothes in my dryer and have found a black oils pastel crayon melted on all of my clothes. Help how do I get them clean. They are brand new!!! I just washed them once.

Debbie in Illinois

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Do you know the RIT website. I have tried but cannot find it.

Editor's Note: Here is the Rit Dye website:

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What is the best way to get melted crayon out of your clothes?

By Soraya from Kissimmee

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Place paper towel on the top and under the clothing and iron on it. The paper towel will absorb the liquid from the crayon.

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I washed and dried laundry with crayons. How do you remove these stains?

By Bobbi

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White vinegar and baking soda, make a paste and rub on the item of clothing. Leave it to soak up the stain then put through the washing machine and the stain should be out.

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How can I remove melted crayon from clothing that has been washed and dried?

By Jeremy

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Is it crayon stains or crayon pieces melted on the clothing? This is what my mom did when I left crayons in my pocket and she didn't know about it:

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How do you get melted crayon out of a full load of light clothes that have already gone through the washer and dryer?

By Shellerz from Dsm, IA

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LA's Totally Awesome! 1/2 bottle in the prewash compartment and 1/2 bottle in the main wash compartment and then set on the hottest water possible and add the soak phase. Incredible! Worked the first time! I had cotton T-Shirts and a nylon running jacket. I set mine on "Whitest Whites" (extra hot wash) and the "Soak Mode". LA's Totally Awesome can be found at Dollar Tree or Wal-Mart. I've been using it on so many things, including my laundry stains, for a couple of years. I didn't realize it would work on crayons until now!

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I washed and dried a load of clothes only to find crayon spots all over the load when I took them out of the dryer. I have tried the suggestion of laundry detergent, Shout, vinegar, and Oxyclean.

However I had to soak the clothes in the sink because I have an HE washer that showers the clothes. The clothes do not get to wash in the solution. Could this be the reason the solution is not working as well as others have experienced? Anyone have any other suggestions?

Wendy from Portsmouth, VA


Getting Crayon Out of Clothes That Have Been Washed

Yes, GoJo or any waterless hand cleaner will get it out. Leave a glob of it on the stain (rub lightly), and leave it to soak overnight. It really works! My daughter left a red crayon in the white wash, it was an awful mess. But the GoJo really worked. Good luck. (01/22/2008)

By moicarol

Getting Crayon Out of Clothes That Have Been Washed

Well, I am going through the same problem. I have washed and dried the crayons, it is a huge mess now. Not only do I have a mess of school clothes, I have a dryer that has melted crayon on it. Goo Gone I am using, but the clothes are spotted. Any more suggestions? (04/07/2008)

By Doreen

Getting Crayon Out of Clothes That Have Been Washed

Has anyone removed dried, melted crayons from polyester polos? They are the ones with the breathable fabric.

By Elvia

Getting Crayon Out of Clothes That Have Been Washed

My wonderful little munchkin left 4 or 5 crayons in his pockets and without checking the pockets, I washed and dried a whole load and now they're covered in colorful crayon. Does anyone have any suggestions? Please. (10/22/2008)

By Becky

Getting Crayon Out of Clothes That Have Been Washed

I washed my grandson's jacket and when I took it out of the dryer I put my hand into the pocket, and there was a red crayon that melted. I was going to throw it out but I decided to look online. So what do I do to get the crayon and the stain out of the pocket? Is this jacket ruined? Thanks (12/05/2008)

By Kathy

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My son had a pocket full of crayons in his shorts and they were washed and dried and now there are crayon stains all over a complete load of laundry how do I get it out of the clothes and the dryer?

Michelle from New Oxford, PA


Getting Crayon Out of Clothes That Have Been Washed

Do the kerosene wash, pour some kerosene on the stain area and wash well or dip the clothes in washing soda, with the soap powder for one hour and wash it well and brush it. If it is a white cloth do some ala wash too. (09/28/2007)

By Anitha Kumaran

Getting Crayon Out of Clothes That Have Been Washed

GOO GONE! Just follow the directions on the bottle. (09/28/2007)

By marie

Getting Crayon Out of Clothes That Have Been Washed

What is goo gone and where can you buy it? Also what is washing soda and where can you buy it.

(b)Editor's Note:(/b) Goo Gone can be found at most any hardware store, usually in the painting section.

Washing soda can be found in the laundry section.


By nicole

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How do you get crayon out of a toddler's clothes, that have been dried with the crayon?

By Brenda from Seguin, TX


Melted Crayon Dried on Clothing

I too had this problem, before OxiClean or Shout were invented. My mom gave me a great idea and it worked. You need a brown paper bag and a warm iron (no steam). Place the paper over the crayon stain and run iron on paper going back and forth. Find clean area of paper and repeat process. The brown paper will absorb the color and grease of the crayon. I even was able to do this on my son's winter jacket. It came out as good as new. Good luck! (03/06/2011)

By Peggy

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