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90th Birthday Party Ideas


I need ideas for my mother's 90th birthday party.

By BonnieBonnie P. from IA


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By PENNY K 14 564 10/12/2009 Flag

Looks like your Mom was born in 1919, my Dad's birth year [he's gone]. So she was 10 in 1929, when the market crashed, and spent her teens in the Great Depression, and was in her prime early 20's during WW2. She saw all the wars and went from Ice box years, radio shows instead of tv,Sputnik {October 17th, 1957 I think} and now the internet. There are a lot of pix out there of all those things, events, I'd do a great big collage on one or two pieces of posterboard, and print pix from the internet.
She probably saw movies with all the old stars:Clark Gable, Greer Garson, Bette Davis, Ronald Coleman,
Lana Turner, Leslie Howard, all the Barrymores,Jean Arthur, Jimmy Stewart, Joan Crawford, Joan Blondell, just look up stars of the 30's and 40's.

What fun. Wish her happy birthday from all of us.

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By melody_yesterday 228 664 10/14/2009 Flag

Wow. Sounds like she has more than earned her memories worth! That is cool! How about some of the party time being spent on her telling stories of her youth or a slide show of favorite old photos! On the American Memory website they have a lot of old time songs you can play - you might check it out to find some sing-a-longs!
Happy Birthday!

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Question: 90th Birthday Ideas

My mom's 90th birthday is next month. She is no ordinary 90 year old! For her 80th, she went sky diving! She is in excellent health, so we need ideas for something memorable!

By Vicki

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By MOOSKIELITTLE 1 8 04/24/2012 Flag

Consider the year she was born and do a timeline of her life with pics and things that she would to reminisce over, all the achievements she surpassed in her life and things that happened that year of her life such as: Mom the day you were born X happened on you birthday, when you were 3 this happened when you were 9 this happened you did this when you were 10 and did you know; somethings that others would never have known would be great.

I am a CNA (certified nurse aid) i have taken care of elderly for years! I am so happy to hear your mother is in such great health! What's her secret! lol

There was a lady I took care of and she was 104 when she passed and her secret was no marriage lol! But she did receive juicy fruit for life as she was in a contest as a child who was the youngest child to enter the contest of gum popping and won a supply for life, that's the sort of thing I was mentioning to say about your mom. She may not have won any life supplies of things but she may love to reminisce about the good old days! Most people her age don't remember their own name let alone go skydiving = )

I wish your mother many years to come- maybe she will be in the hall of ages. Your state should have one and you should see what the oldest person in your state lived to be. Your mother sure does have great kid(s) if they are wise to ask for ideas! Hope the party is kickin!

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Question: Ideas for Mom's 90th Birthday

I need ideas for my mother's 90th birthday party. She has always been a strong woman, and a custom tailor for the stars of yesteryear.

By Teresita

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By Kathy 64 333 07/01/2011 Flag

How about hiring someone to sing to her the songs from her era? I think that would be great fun and perhaps bring back some wonderful memories for her. Or you could do a "This is your life, by having people from her past hide in another room within ear shot and have them tell of something they know about her and then come out of the room to surprise her. This would be from people she hasn't seen in a long, long time. Hope this helps

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Archive: Centerpieces for 90th Birthday Party

Any ideas on nice centerpieces for a 90th birthday party that will take place in the summertime. Will need for 10 tables and one main table and I would like it to be something that can be kept as a keepsake. Any help will be greatly appreciated!



RE: Centerpieces for 90th Birthday Party

You don't say whether it is a man or woman so that might make a difference to what you will want to use. Because it's their 90th birthday, look for pictures of the person from their youth or pictures from throughout their lifetime. You could devote one table to pictures, awards or certificates, family members and friends.

If you can pick a picture of them that you feel really represents their life or essence, have it copied or scan it and do it yourself on your home computer. You can now get pictures blown up to poster size also. That might be a good decoration for an indoor party.

After you pick the pictures and get them printed, get them laminated and use them for placecards for the people to take home. You could also put their name and birthdate on them. This could be one individual picture or several in a collage or a collection of pictures.

If you use the collection idea, you could (rather than or in addition to using them for placecards,) use them in each centerpiece. Use cylindrical cans (coffee, spaghetti sauce, large juice cans) and spray them a color you like. Then using double backed tape, tape the laminated pictures around the can. It can then be filled with flowers and a bow tied to it.

For decorations, look for something that represents the early part of last century. Maybe you could borrow some antique telephones, sewing equipment, fishing rods or items that would represent their occupation or hobbies.

Just some ideas to get the ball rolling. Sounds like it will be fun. (02/20/2002)

By Susan

RE: Centerpieces for 90th Birthday Party

Here's what I did for my brother-in-law's 50th birthday. He is a hunter, fisherman, outdoor type guy. For centerpieces I bought fisherman, hunters, boating, etc. figurines. I placed the figurines in a shallow rustic container, added moss, cat-o-nine tails, etc. They turned out perfect! I put one of every other table. On the tables that were empty I put a lantern. Great affect! I used moss green tablecloths. Hope this helps you out. (09/08/2004)

By Linda

Archive: 90th Birthday Party Ideas

I am looking for 90 year old man's birthday party ideas... centerpieces, crafts, etc

Pauline from San Jose, CA


RE: 90th Birthday Party Ideas

My mother's 90th birthday is coming up in Feb. She has Alzheimer's and is in a nursing home, which can be a depressing place to have a party, but I am going to make it as festive as I can with balloons, streamers, etc. I invited her nieces and nephews and some people from her old neighborhood. I made a poster board with some pictures of her as a young girl and young woman. I think everyone will be shocked when they see what a beautiful woman she once was.

About a year ago, I started doing her family genealogy and have learned a lot of interesting things about her and her family that I never new. I decided to do a "This is Your Life" game, where everyone will get a sheet about my mother on which people will fill in the blanks about my mother and her family. I can guarantee that, other than her birth date, no one knows anything about my mother. I will, then, go over the sheet and fill in the blanks for everyone. I think this is a good way to honor my mother's life and the "game" will make it more interesting than if I just stood up and read facts about her life. (01/20/2008)

By Chris

RE: 90th Birthday Party Ideas

My grandma turns 90 in May. I now have an idea of what I want to do for her party, but I just need to know what colors should I use. Is there a certain color that is used for people who turn 90? I know 50 yrs is gold (02/11/2008)

By Judy

RE: 90th Birthday Party Ideas

My grandmother's 80th birthday is next week. For her party we asked that no one bring gifts, and just attend the party. We sent them each a note card, and had them decorate it with a special note or artwork and we scanned them into the computer, and printed them out on t-shirt transfers. And put them all onto quilt squares and turned it into a giant quilt with pictures of everyone. (04/14/2008)

By Chris

Archive: 90th Birthday Party Ideas

I need ideas for a 90th birthday party.

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