Getting Rid of Fleas

Fleas reproduce very quickly so it is best to get rid of them as soon as you become aware of them. Not only do you need to get them off your pets, you need to get rid of them in your home too. This is a guide about getting rid of fleas.

Getting Rid of Fleas in Bedding. Upclose photo of a flea.
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We recently moved in with a friend and they have 3 dogs, a Pit Bull and two smaller dogs. The entire house is full of fleas. I have tried washing the animals in Dawn and spraying the whole house with apple cider vinegar and lemon juice with water and nothing I've tried is helping. You can't even sit on the furniture without being covered in fleas. I have a two year old and a 9 month old please help?

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    Sprinkle table salt in carpets, under sheets, and it kills fleas.

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    • 1 cup cooked hamburger meat
    • 1 tablespoon brewer's yeast
    • 1 clove of fresh garlic, chopped
    • 1 raw egg


    Cook hamburger meat in skillet until browned, set aside to cool. Combine egg, garlic, and brewer's yeast. Add to hamburger meat, stir until blended well. Feed to dog.

    Note: They love it! Use once a month to control fleas and ticks.

    By DeAnn C.

    Editor's Note: Most veterinarians do not advocate the use of garlic with pets, as it can be toxic. Please consult with your own vet before trying this home remedy.
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    Here is one to try for fleas. Take any kind of baby wipes (mark wipes container for pet use only) and add just 1/4 cup of Skin So Soft to the wipes container. This can be used daily for either cats or dogs. Be careful around the face area. I used this trick when I was a dog groomer.

    By Theresa from Aston, PA

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    We had a flea problem inside and outside our home. A friend of mine gave me a bucket of diatomaceous earth or also called DE. She bought it from the local feed store.

    My friend uses it on her livestock, as well as, in her food to keep her wheat berries that she grinds in her mill pest free. It coats the wheat berries, but since it's food safe it's okay that she consumes it.

    Make sure the kind you buy is food safe. Some pool companies sell it, but that is NOT the kind I am talking about. When you touch it, it feels like chalk. Its abrasiveness is what kills fleas, ants, cockroaches, and more. It dries them up from the inside out! It is not a chemical and is safe to use in the garden as well!

    It is recommended that when you use it wear a mask to avoid breathing in the dust.

    How to use: I reused an old baking powder container as it had tiny holes in the container. I sprinkled it lightly into our carpets to let it settle down and then let it sit for about 15 minutes. Then, I vacuumed it up. Don't worry about trying to get it all out. The DE will work its way down into the carpet fibers and there will do its work. Anytime a pest comes into contact with it, it will dehydrate them.

    One application lasts about a year. It is safe around pets and children. We have not had a single flea found inside or outside our home since. I also used it around our home to get rid of the many ant hills in our yard.

    Because it's also food safe, I sprinkle about a half teaspoon in our cat's food dish. When they consume it, it also kills internal parasites.

    I called the feed store to see how much it was and they sell a 50 pound bag for $20. It may vary in your neighborhood, but just to give you an idea. The bag she bought has lasted her 7 plus years and the ice cream bucket size she gave me hardly looks touched. A little bit goes a long way.

    DE has many more uses. Go here to read more about it. This link (of which I am not affiliated with) has good information: wolfcreekranch

    By tasana from MO

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    My cat ha been sneaking outside and bringing a lot of fleas into the house. What are the best home remedies for a very bad case of fleas?

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      If you've had the cat checked by a vet and there are no health issues, you could try giving the cat brewers yeast, in either tablet or powder form. Years ago, my vet told me about this, when my cats got fleas from a dog I had groomed. The brewers yeast makes the animal's blood taste bad to the fleas, so that they leave the cat (or dog) alone and go elsewhere. It worked for us, and one of my cats loved the tablet so much, she would pick it out of her food and eat it first! If the pet doesn't like the tablet enough to eat it, try crushing the tablet or using the powdered form, and mixing it into the food. We didn't do anything special to rid the house of fleas, but we had no carpeting for them to hide in, so that might have had a lot to do with it. Good luck!

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      Well, it's Springtime which means it's also flea season in central Florida. We bought store brand flea poison from Wal-Mart for the sprayer and have sprayed twice a day for 3 weeks around the house and sprayed indoor flea spray in the house for the same amount of time. We treated our cat twice this month (with vet's knowledge and advice). We are still overrun with fleas.

      I finally called the vet today to tell him how bad they are and we have killed some but they still hatch out daily. Vet's advice: boric acid for inside (rugs and tile), Adams Yard Spray to attach to garden hose to spray under our house, and Diatomite (aka diatomaceous earth) for a perimeter around house. We just finished with our 4-prong assault against fleas! I will post again next week for an update. Good luck to all who are facing same problem.

      By Lynda from Tampa Bay, FL

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      How do I get rid of fleas? I've tried everything and am lost. My 5 pound Miniature Pinscher has fleas and I can't bear to see her go through any more. Suggestions please. :)

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        The only thing that really works well are flea pills from your vet. They are called comfortis.

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        Having a new litter of kittens in the house is wonderful, until you discover fleas. Unfortunately, there is not a lot you can do for fleas on newborn kittens.

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        I am going crazy with fleas on my dogs and cat. I used Borax, the pets are protected with Frontline, Brewer's yeast in their food, and I bombed my apartment. I don't know what else to do. My pets are going crazy itching. I am going to try the pans of water and a drop of soap. Please help.

        By Gayle i from West Palm Beach, FL

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        What does work? I cant get the fleas out of my carpet and through our my house. What can I do? I have try everything. I am going to call a company to come and spray my home, what do you thank?


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        I have 5 dogs in my house as well as 5 children. I have a flea problem. My question is: how to I kill the fleas, eggs, whatever that are on all the piles of clothes in my kids room. They leave all their clothes on the floor and I'm sure they are loaded with fleas, because they are everywhere else. Also what do I do with their stuffed animals?

        I am about to go crazy. I have a very large house also (3600 sq. ft. 2 floors) so bombing and spraying is very expensive, and I'm not sure it is working. At the moment, I am sitting with a towel on my head with Dawn detergent rubbed into my head and hair. Please help.

        By mammatimes5

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        Eucalyptus oil is poisonous to cats - do not use as a spray or otherwise around them.

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        Kids with the dog.I have a Lab who is covered in fleas and my home is all hardwood floors. I have read about salt working to kill the fleas in your carpet. I vacuum every day. Can I still use the salt on wood floors?

        By Heather

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        If your dog is covered with fleas home grown remedies are probably not going to work. Get advantage or frontline or one of the monthly treatments. Fleas have a life cyle, and once you get them off the dog, he will just become reinfested. If you use the monthly treatments the hatching fleas do not have a host and the population goes way down. Then, if you dont live in a seriously flea infested area, you might get some control with other methods. Prices on some of the monthly treatments have come down just recently. Good luck!

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        I've got a 5 week old orphaned kitten. She didn't appear to have fleas at first but as I was bathing her, I noticed fleas going into her ear. They were too fast for me to catch. Would a flea remedy work even if the fleas go into her ears?

        Aida, TX

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        Get to a vet quick! My sister's cat had kittens & she didn't know mama cat had fleas & she infected kittens with fleas & couple kittens died. Thanks Cookie 17

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        I need good home remedy for fleas. My poor dog is chewing himself up!

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          Your poor dog is "chewing himself up so "home remedies" will not work-much too late! Please take your dog to your now vet for immediate help as he is suffering!

          A little education in fleadom and why "home remedies" do not solve the whole problem:

          The humble cat (cat, dog, etc.) flea is one of the most abundant and widespread species on Earth. You may have noticed that your dog and cat often choose different places to sleep in your house and outside. Your cat may have five or six favorite inside spots (usually in the sun) and outside even more. Many animals choose several places to sleep to avoid fleas. They might sleep in one spot for a few days and then another for a day or two. This sleep pattern breaks the flea life cycle and does reduce the effectiveness of flea attacks as adult fleas only live for a few days. However, some can live up to one hundred days in a good food environment. As you will see, the flea has a complicated life and you and your pet are invited!

          My husband is an entomologist so I speak with first hand knowledge and experience.

          Flea eggs do not stay on your pet, they quickly drop or roll off as they do not stick to anything. The fleas you find in your house hatched from the flea eggs that fell off of your pet. Flea eggs are tiny and opaque white or almost colorless. The fleas you may see on your cat or dog are immature fleas from eggs on the floor or outside that hatched into fleas and jumped back onto your dog. You will also see (many!) small black dots on your dog but these are only flea feces.

          The flea eggs in your home and outside are the real problem. Just one female flea can produce 40-50 eggs per day. The eggs fall off into your house and outside so, either way, your dog or cat will then again attract the immature and adult fleas both inside and outside which are the children from flea parents that may still be living on your cat or dog.

          Any dish detergent bath may wash away or possibly kill some fleas on your pet, however, not all fleas are killed. In a bath many migrate up to the head and ear area and then, once the bath is over, travel back to their favorite spots, usually on the back. If you use dish detergent, you can seriously dry the animals skin and may cause skin rashes, an allergic reaction, etc., and you are not addressing the real problem. The thousands of flea eggs that exist all the time in your house and outside hatch and then jump back onto your dog or cat (and you!). So, you and your pets are locked into the everlasting cycle in the life of fleas.

          A search online for how to kill fleas brings up many ideas for bathing, applying natural and awful sprays, etc., but these only address the fleas on your pet. Rarely do they address the bigger problem as a whole. You can check this site for answers that address your pet, your home and the outside. As you will see, flea prevention is a much larger problem than just giving your dog a bath.

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          What is the best flea remedy for cats?

          By Joanne

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          As far as your cat you can't treat. The best thing to use is a pill you get from the vet it is less than $20. And use dawn shampoo to give the cat a bath. But the capstar pill will not hurt the cats skin. My vet says that dipping the cat is very bad for the cat. I put borax in my carpets used a broom to get it deep in the carpet. Leave it for 6+ hours and then vaccum up the borax ans spray beds with ecosmart bed bug and flea killer. For places that don't come in contact with humans or pets use a stronger spray and let completely dry. You can use borox and ecosmart spray on ur furniture. Make sure you us a handheld brush to scrub in the borax on the furniture leave for 6+ hours and vaccum up but make sure you get it all up. I used lice shampoo on my hair and followed the directions and then when I got in the shower lathered it up and rubbed it on my entire body it helped them to stop biting me. You need to vaccum your carpets daily and immediately empty the bag or canister outside far from your house. If you have fleas in your yard they sell at home depot spray that attaches to the hose and you can spray your whole yard. Then but borax around your whole house the stuff they sell at the hardware store is not as good. There areany other tricks ive learned if you have any questions please feel free to email me at Smith.amanda1215

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          Our dog, Maggie (Yorki-poo) has fleas and skin allergies. We've taken her to her vet. He gave her an injection + Prednisone. And prescribed 1/2 a pill of Pred every other night. This was about 1 1/2 months ago. They gave us another round of (Pred). She still has fleas. We've sprayed the yard at least 3 times; also inside the house, furniture, drapes, everything. Can you tell me anything else we can do? These vet visits are getting really expensive and I hate seeing her so miserable. Please if you can tell us anything else I would so appreciate it. Our kids, grands, and great grands won't come until they are gone. I miss them all so badly.

          By doodle-bug from Southern IN

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          I would try one of the instant flea control products from your Vet. I have indoor cats, so only used it once 7 years ago. Dogs who go outside are a totally different ballgame. I would sure try the diatomacous earth, and then use the flea control products that your Vet recommends. Also keep in mind that skin irritation can also be a food allergy, and not always fleas.

          When the fleas are gone, if your dog still is itching, try some hypoallergenic foods until you find the one that works. There are some good posts on this site. Good luck.

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          I have 3 cats and a dog. The fleas are in the house everywhere and everytime we get the fleas off of one animal the dog brings them back in from our huge front yard.

          By Brad

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          I will tell you three things to do to get a hold of this situation:

          First: Vacuum the carpet and then empty the bag or plasic bowl out somewhere outside into a bag and tie it so the critters don't get out.

          Second: Get plain old table salt in the cylinder. Pour some in your hands and sprinkle everywhere with it. (Not the pet)

          I always put it under cushions all on the floor, and even brush it down into the rug even though I don't brush it in it falls in by itself. Leave it for a day or two and then vacuum up and do it again until your fleas are gone.

          Third: If you have a vacuum with a plastic pull out bucket like I do, put a flea collar in the vacuum bag or bucket.

          Fourth Change the food your cats are eating. If you are feeding them cheap food with fillers in them they will attract fleas like crazy. It is because the animals immune system is compromised when given corn and by products.

          Here is a link:

          I am feeding, right now, One Smartblend Chicken and Rice formula but there are lots of great cat foods with great ingredients at farm supply stores like Tractor Supply.

          Also look on and look cat flea treatments, and you will find a bunch of things you can try.

          Mainly try to keep the floor vacuumed up, and a bad infestation would mean vacuuming and then sprinkling the salt again letting the salt stay for a day each time.

          Don't forget to sprinkle under your sheets, on the mattress and around the bed.

          I have read about putting bowls of water with a little soap on them and having a flashlight or nightlight shine on the water.

          Let me know how it goes. I am actually giving this product a try. I got it in the mail today.

 ... UTF8&refRID=06FA4PG17WBJWP74CDX8

          Blessings, Robyn

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          My three year old rat terrier has fleas. We have done everything we can think of, including going to the vet for medicine. Nothing has worked so far. Is there anything else that we can do?

          By Mandi Lou from Wilmer, AL

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          You must treat everything inside as they multiply quickly. You can treat your yard also. Jeannie

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          I live in an apartment and on a fixed income. My dog is severly allergic to fleas. What is the cheapest way to get rid of fleas in my home and on my 60 pound dog?

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