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Getting Rid of Fleas

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Getting Rid of Fleas in Bedding. Upclose photo of a flea.

Fleas reproduce very quickly so it is best to get rid of them as soon as you become aware of them. Not only do you need to get them off your pets, you need to get rid of them in your home too. This is a guide about getting rid of fleas.


Solutions: Getting Rid of Fleas

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Tip: Use Baby Wipe with Skin So Soft For Fleas

Here is one to try for fleas. Take any kind of baby wipes (mark wipes container for pet use only) and add just 1/4 cup of Skin So Soft to the wipes container. This can be used daily for either cats or dogs. Be careful around the face area. I used this trick when I was a dog groomer.

By Theresa from Aston, PA

Tip: Flea and Tick Repellent For Your Dog


  • 1 cup cooked hamburger meat
  • 1 tablespoon brewer's yeast
  • 1 clove of fresh garlic, chopped
  • 1 raw egg


Cook hamburger meat in skillet until browned, set aside to cool. Combine egg, garlic, and brewer's yeast. Add to hamburger meat, stir until blended well. Feed to dog.

Note: They love it! Use once a month to control fleas and ticks.

By DeAnn C.

Editor's Note: Most veterinarians do not advocate the use of garlic with pets, as it can be toxic. Please consult with your own vet before trying this home remedy.

Tip: Diatomaceous Earth for Fleas and More

We had a flea problem inside and outside our home. A friend of mine gave me a bucket of diatomaceous earth or also called DE. She bought it from the local feed store.

My friend uses it on her livestock, as well as, in her food to keep her wheat berries that she grinds in her mill pest free. It coats the wheat berries, but since it's food safe it's okay that she consumes it.

Make sure the kind you buy is food safe. Some pool companies sell it, but that is NOT the kind I am talking about. When you touch it, it feels like chalk. Its abrasiveness is what kills fleas, ants, cockroaches, and more. It dries them up from the inside out! It is not a chemical and is safe to use in the garden as well!

It is recommended that when you use it wear a mask to avoid breathing in the dust.

How to use: I reused an old baking powder container as it had tiny holes in the container. I sprinkled it lightly into our carpets to let it settle down and then let it sit for about 15 minutes. Then, I vacuumed it up. Don't worry about trying to get it all out. The DE will work its way down into the carpet fibers and there will do its work. Anytime a pest comes into contact with it, it will dehydrate them.

One application lasts about a year. It is safe around pets and children. We have not had a single flea found inside or outside our home since. I also used it around our home to get rid of the many ant hills in our yard.

Because it's also food safe, I sprinkle about a half teaspoon in our cat's food dish. When they consume it, it also kills internal parasites.

I called the feed store to see how much it was and they sell a 50 pound bag for $20. It may vary in your neighborhood, but just to give you an idea. The bag she bought has lasted her 7 plus years and the ice cream bucket size she gave me hardly looks touched. A little bit goes a long way.

DE has many more uses. Go here to read more about it. This link (of which I am not affiliated with) has good information: wolfcreekranch

By tasana from MO

Tip: Cedar Chips For Fleas

I have several dogs. After treating your dogs, you have to do something to discourage and kill those pesky fleas from hanging around in your yard. I buy the cedar chips and sprinkle it all over the yard, especially on the dogs' trails and all around the pooping spots they return to each day to relieve themselves. I do this when I mow the lawn.

The cedar smell is faint, and disappears in 1 or 2 days. I like it! The lawn mower mulches up the cedar chips to dust, and it disappears into the grass. Fleas, bugs, etc. either die or go the other way. It's a great deterrent for fleas. Cedar chests were built for a reason in the old days, to keep bugs away from quilts during storage. It works great. I have been doing this for years, and my home and yard are flea free. I have 7 dogs.

By Mona A. from AL/GA Stateline

Tip: How to Manage Fleas

Well, it's Springtime which means it's also flea season in central Florida. We bought store brand flea poison from Wal-Mart for the sprayer and have sprayed twice a day for 3 weeks around the house and sprayed indoor flea spray in the house for the same amount of time. We treated our cat twice this month (with vet's knowledge and advice). We are still overrun with fleas.

I finally called the vet today to tell him how bad they are and we have killed some but they still hatch out daily. Vet's advice: boric acid for inside (rugs and tile), Adams Yard Spray to attach to garden hose to spray under our house, and Diatomite (aka diatomaceous earth) for a perimeter around house. We just finished with our 4-prong assault against fleas! I will post again next week for an update. Good luck to all who are facing same problem.

By Lynda from Tampa Bay, FL

Tip: Baby Wipes Prevent Fleas In Kittens

Having a new litter of kittens in the house is wonderful, until you discover fleas. Unfortunately, there is not a lot you can do for fleas on newborn kittens. I discovered a great tip. Baby wipes with aloe! The kittens love being rubbed down with them. Don't worry about rubbing vigorously. They love it, just like momma giving them a bath. And, if I keep a close eye on them and do this daily, I won't see another flea.

By Kimber from WV

Editor's Note: Be sure to wait at least a week or two before handling newborn kittens and then only for a short amount of time. The mother can reject them if they don't smell right.

Solutions for Fleas

Here are listed the many recipes, cures, treatments for flea infestation that I could find. This may sound like a weird subject for a recipe site, however, this can be a very serious problem. I, myself, had this problem and we all liked to have gone CRAZY until they were gone! When I needed help, I couldn't find it. And almost everyone, at one time or another, has a problem with fleas. Even those that do not have pets or animals. They just seem to show up for a meal in the spring and don't know when they have worn out their welcome. Surely you will find something below that will help you.

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Tip: Flea and Tick Season

Spring is here and flea and tick season will soon be in full swing. I see many people writing in and asking what to do to avoid buying the medicine that the vet prescribes for keeping them away from their animals and subsequently, out of their homes. There is nothing that works better than what you get at your vet!

I know it's expensive, but when you weigh the cost of the medicine against buying or using something cheaper and having to hire an exterminator to come and rid your home of fleas, as well as having to possibly pay for sick animals because they have had fleas and ticks on them, it makes way more sense to just bite the bullet and buy the stuff from the vet that you know will work. We had to have an exterminator one year. They don't just come once, they have to come at least twice and it is VERY expensive!

Sometimes paying a little, or even a lot more for a good product will end up saving you a lot more money in the long-run. It will also save your pet's health.

By Robin from Washington, IA

Tip: Wash Hands With Sergents To Keep Fleas Away

If you are in the country and find you have fleas, add Sergents to Original Irish Spring. You will see that both are the same color and basically the same thickness. The Irish Spring sent will cover the smell of the Sergents and give you that much little bit of extra protection.

I live across from a pasture and noticed we now have them in the house.

By melody_yesterday from Otterville, MO

Tip: Use Evercide To Control Fleas In Your Yard

For a contact flea control in your yard, a pest control product called Evercide works great.

By Jeremy from Biloxi, MS

Tip: Borax and Pets

Borax has a skull and crossbones on it for a reason. It is very dangerous to animals. Please remember that our pets are so much closer to the ground than we are and that they have to lick themselves to get clean.

Please do not use this product for your pets. Find and use natural remedies like the orange peel and/or vinegar. Flea combs work great too!

Rita from TX

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Here are questions related to Getting Rid of Fleas.

Question: Getting Rid of Fleas

Kids with the dog.I have a Lab who is covered in fleas and my home is all hardwood floors. I have read about salt working to kill the fleas in your carpet. I vacuum every day. Can I still use the salt on wood floors?

By Heather


Most Recent Answer

By Lizzyanny [9]06/27/2013

If your dog is covered with fleas home grown remedies are probably not going to work. Get advantage or frontline or one of the monthly treatments. Fleas have a life cyle, and once you get them off the dog, he will just become reinfested. If you use the monthly treatments the hatching fleas do not have a host and the population goes way down. Then, if you dont live in a seriously flea infested area, you might get some control with other methods. Prices on some of the monthly treatments have come down just recently. Good luck!

Question: Getting Rid of Fleas on Pets

I have 3 cats and a dog. The fleas are in the house everywhere and everytime we get the fleas off of one animal the dog brings them back in from our huge front yard.

By Brad


Most Recent Answer

By Robyn [366]07/23/2013

I will tell you three things to do to get a hold of this situation:

First: Vacuum the carpet and then empty the bag or plasic bowl out somewhere outside into a bag and tie it so the critters don't get out.

Second: Get plain old table salt in the cylinder. Pour some in your hands and sprinkle everywhere with it. (Not the pet)
I always put it under cushions all on the floor, and even brush it down into the rug even though I don't brush it in it falls in by itself. Leave it for a day or two and then vacuum up and do it again until your fleas are gone.

Third: If you have a vacuum with a plastic pull out bucket like I do, put a flea collar in the vacuum bag or bucket.

Fourth Change the food your cats are eating. If you are feeding them cheap food with fillers in them they will attract fleas like crazy. It is because the animals immune system is compromised when given corn and by products.

Here is a link:

I am feeding, right now, One Smartblend Chicken and Rice formula but there are lots of great cat foods with great ingredients at farm supply stores like Tractor Supply.

Also look on and look cat flea treatments, and you will find a bunch of things you can try.

Mainly try to keep the floor vacuumed up, and a bad infestation would mean vacuuming and then sprinkling the salt again letting the salt stay for a day each time.

Don't forget to sprinkle under your sheets, on the mattress and around the bed.

I have read about putting bowls of water with a little soap on them and having a flashlight or nightlight shine on the water.

Let me know how it goes. I am actually giving this product a try. I got it in the mail today. ... UTF8&refRID=06FA4PG17WBJWP74CDX8

Blessings, Robyn

Question: Getting Rid of Fleas

I live in an apartment and on a fixed income. My dog is severly allergic to fleas. What is the cheapest way to get rid of fleas in my home and on my 60 pound dog?

By angels m

Most Recent Answer

By Ce [4]06/02/2013

I use Blue Dawn. It works great. Is gentle on my girls, two poodles, kills fleas on contact and is affordable. It has to be Blue Dawn. Be sure to start with your dogs neck to keep a barrier so the fleas don't run and hide in the ears and nose. Once there is a barrier around the neck the fleas are history.

Question: Getting Rid of Fleas

I keep getting bitten. I'm a diabetic and this is not a good thing.

By VickieBerry from Madison,TN

Most Recent Answer

By Jacketbacker [28]08/04/2013

We have had an abundance of fleas too this year. Rid A Bug makes a flea spray you can use on furniture and on dogs, that works very well. Also, you can sprinkle either salt or borax on your carpets and leave overnight, then vaccuum next day, which will kill and vaccuum up the fleas. Borax works great in the yard too, to kill the fleas. That is the main ingredient in yard flea stuff you would buy. Meanwhile, spray down with Skin So Soft bath oil and follow up with their lotion, and you won't get bitten. I have used 2 24oz bottles spraying myself and my dogs this summer. A stray cat just keeps bringing them to us.

Question: Getting Rid of Fleas

What is the best way to get rid of fleas?

By Tammy

Most Recent Answer

By debera morrow [3]03/16/2012

I found the only way to really get rid of fleas is to vacuum the entire house every day for a week. This way you will eliminate the fleas at different stages in their lifecycle. I also use the flea drops you put on the back of puss' neck every month. My vet said to use them fortnightly instead of monthly with a heavy infestation. Vacuuming the entire house every day is a pain, but it got rid of the fleas and both puss and I were much happier without the bites and itching. I hope this helps

Question: Orphaned Kitty Flea Problem

I've got a 5 week old orphaned kitten. She didn't appear to have fleas at first but as I was bathing her, I noticed fleas going into her ear. They were too fast for me to catch. Would a flea remedy work even if the fleas go into her ears?

Aida, TX

Most Recent Answer

By cookie17 [4]07/22/2010

Get to a vet quick! My sister's cat had kittens & she didn't know mama cat had fleas & she infected kittens with fleas & couple kittens died. Thanks Cookie 17

Question: Nothing Has Worked To Get Rid Of Fleas

I am going crazy with fleas on my dogs and cat. I used Borax, the pets are protected with Frontline, Brewer's yeast in their food, and I bombed my apartment. I don't know what else to do. My pets are going crazy itching. I am going to try the pans of water and a drop of soap. Please help.

By Gayle i from West Palm Beach, FL

Most Recent Answer

By George Bean [1]09/09/2010

What does work? I cant get the fleas out of my carpet and through our my house. What can I do? I have try everything. I am going to call a company to come and spray my home, what do you thank?

Question: Nothing Is Working To Get Rid Of The Fleas

I have 5 dogs in my house as well as 5 children. I have a flea problem. My question is: how to I kill the fleas, eggs, whatever that are on all the piles of clothes in my kids room. They leave all their clothes on the floor and I'm sure they are loaded with fleas, because they are everywhere else. Also what do I do with their stuffed animals?

I am about to go crazy. I have a very large house also (3600 sq. ft. 2 floors) so bombing and spraying is very expensive, and I'm not sure it is working. At the moment, I am sitting with a towel on my head with Dawn detergent rubbed into my head and hair. Please help.

By mammatimes5

Most Recent Answer

By nonahas309/09/2013

Eucalyptus oil is poisonous to cats - do not use as a spray or otherwise around them.

Question: Dog is Infested With Fleas

My three year old rat terrier has fleas. We have done everything we can think of, including going to the vet for medicine. Nothing has worked so far. Is there anything else that we can do?

By Mandi Lou from Wilmer, AL

Most Recent Answer

By jeannie04/12/2010

You must treat everything inside as they multiply quickly. You can treat your yard also. Jeannie

Question: Flea Remedies in England

I live in England and we do not have things called bombs here but as my friend's dog has been in my home she brings fleas. I have been bitten raw this week ang help for your English friends would be welcome as my friend will not admit her dog has fleas. I have had to ban the dog from my home but how can I get rid of them with a household cure. And if my friend comes round and brings them on her clothes I need some thing that I can use after she has gone. if she wants to have bites all over her so be it but not me. So something potent but safe please that I can get in England.

Most Recent Answer

By Rachel Aguilar [1]09/09/2008

Cedar oil products. I have 2 dogs and all my friends have animals. I buy my products from Wondercide they just started the website. Stephanie is the owner located in Seabrook, TX and she can provide you with answers to all your questions (email link on webpage). Feel free to contact me and I can send you a detailed brochure that I have rec'd from her.

I treat the inside of the house, the yard, my animals and of course me. Cedar oil will kill the whole flea cycle as well as roaches, termites, silverfish, and just about any non-beneficial insect. It's 100% biodegradable and non-toxic. I don't even move my dishes from the cabinets to treat the inside.

Question: Getting Rid of Fleas

A few ago days my son woke up with a lot of bites. Then I saw little black fleas jumping. What can I do? I got rid of my pet already. Please help.

By Sara from Houston, TX

Most Recent Answer

By Dylan C.08/18/2013

Wow I also was stunned to hear that you got fleas so rid yourself of the animal? I am an animal lover and I'm having a problem with fleas right now. I've fogged I've treated yard, home, and all animals I couldn't imagine giving up my dog I've had for 12 years! What I did instead was try make us and her comfortable by getting her treated cause he's exactly right these animals don't ask for it.

There just as miserable if not worse than you are. I don't know your circumstances but I would def think about it more in the future if you want an animal. Gotta go kill some more fleas! Lol

Question: Keeping Fleas Off a Dog

I was wondering what is a great idea to control fleas on a small dog (9lb)? I have never had an issue until this year and he gets 1 to 3 on him a week. I bathe him weekly in flea soap. Not only is Frontline Plus very pricey, but I am scared of putting chemicals on him. Does anyone know a safe way to keep fleas off of him?

By Peggy

Most Recent Answer

By Trisha MD [1]08/22/2012

Yes I agree with Pat that diatomaceous earth is excellent and 100% natural for getting rid of fleas, but please be sure and ONLY use the food grade Diatomaceous Earth and not the gardening kind like Pat said, and especially NOT the pool grade. The food grade Diatomaceous Earth is white in color. The other types are gray in color because there is clay in them. The food grade you can even feed to your pets and even take yourself as natural remedies for parasites, etc.

The fastest way to get fleas OFF your pets is to go to your vet and purchase a pill(s) called Cap Star. They are approximately $5.00 per pill, and you give your pet one pill. Within 15-30 minutes all the fleas are gone! Best stuff I have ever used! Cap Star and Diatomaceous Earth food grade combined will take care of your flea problems fast, cheaply, and most importantly effectively! Take care:) xo Trisha E.

Question: Getting Rid of Fleas

I have 3 cats, one of which is a kitten, and my house is infested with fleas horribly. How can I get rid of these annoying things and get my babies flea free? Please help.

By Liz from Buffalo, NY

Most Recent Answer

By Grandma J [46]10/18/2010

Well, your health is in danger when living with fleas. Many horrible diseases that humans can get from flea bites. I would have your vet care for the animals, and then check with public health on what the steps are for you. A total lock down decontamination process is in order. You can't even keep food in the house, if you have this infestation.

Question: Getting Rid of Fleas

Does anyone have a tried-true method of getting rid of fleas and keeping them off my dog?

By Joyce

Most Recent Answer

By vicki hood [4]03/06/2012

Forgot to say Amazon has the cedercide.

Question: Getting Rid of Fleas

My cat has had fleas for ages and I have spent a fortune on treatment for my cat and surroundings. I am getting fed up of it now. I don't know quite what to do. I have had the powder for carpets, sprays, tried Frontline on my cat, pills, you name it, I have tried it. Any advice please?

By Natalie

Most Recent Answer

By mesha [1]08/29/2011

The only product that will kill creeping, crawling, jumping, biting, etc. with out harming pets and people, when I say that I literally mean you can mix in chicken feed, dog food, etc. Is .....drum roll...diatomaceous earth(fresh water, food grade). It is completely natural, used as anti caking in cat litter & farmer's grain, mixed with feed for livestock and other farm animals to keep bugs out.

Bonus; the flies die after landing in their poo! It's even used in pool filters as a medium.
You can find at tractor supply, feed stores, online, and it is very cost effective! empty a large baby powder bottle and fill with DE (as it is referred to) using a funnel, pop the lid on close holes most of the way shake, squeeze upright to make a fine cloud that will coat & kill! Or use a medication syringe to apply into cracks and tiny holes. I dust my window sills and after a fly comes in I find it dead in under two hours!

It was discovered by Mr. Nobel (like the prize!) that the fossilized shells from a hard-shelled algae called a diatom stabilized nitroglycerin for storage and travel. (that helped out with the name). Later came the anti-caking factor and then the slug killing factor, and on and on.
It works by slicing through the exoskeleton of insects and they will basically dehydrate and die with in 24-48 hours. By that time the bug has come in contact with other bugs and food and spread a bit of DE deliciousness for all to enjoy! That is a wonderful thing when you live in Corpus Christie, TX where there are cut ants that will strip a 30 year old oak in a night (after all the good plants and trees and vines are gone of course). Plus they have a memory (30 days or so) so bait is a waste. Also they can travel up to 1/4 mile to eat your plants and their dens, under ground, can be the size of a small house! (oh they don't eat the leaves just chew them up, line the den, grow a fungus on them and that is what they eat!)

Try NOT to inhale it, tobacco is natural but we see how well that is going! You should try to wear gloves (I don't but my hands look like the elbows of a 190 lb 'outside dog') it will make your hands very very dry if left on, or at least wash them often. Keep it in dry storage. Read the bag.
Super bonus - Even after you vacuum or sweep there will be a light coating which is all that's needed to be safe for all, but the un-wanted.

Hope this helps.

Question: Getting Rid of Fleas Using Skin So Soft

What do you dilute the Skin So Soft with and how much?

By Becky from Rosebud, MO

Most Recent Answer

By susan [5]09/09/2013

I spray it on myself straight from the bottle. and smooth it all over. Smells great and keeps skin soft and the fleas hate it.

Question: Keeping Fleas Off Dog

I have a Jack Russel/Chi, he is allergic to fleas. If one gets on him he scratches himself until he is bald and sore, I have tried everything except taking him to the vet, which right now I can't afford. Please can someone help? He has a smell to him and scratches himself so badly it scabs up. I have done Benadryl. I even use Advantage every month, but that also makes him itch an irritates him a lot. I tried the Comfortis pill, but it doesn't work. So I just need some advice. I will try anything, home remedies or whatever.

By Heather

Most Recent Answer

By Pat [11]04/26/2012

Diatomaceous (spelling?) earth, garden grade not pool grade. Sold in garden centers and feed stores. Dust your dog with it and his bed, anything. It is not toxic, the only caveat is to not inhale it as it is a fine dust. Our local Dave the Garden Guy on TV has even tasted it to show it is not toxic.

Question: Getting Rid of Fleas

I have a 7 week old Poodle/Chihuahua puppy named Liberace and he has fleas. I used hamster flea spray since I have hamster. It's not working! I give him a bath every day, but there's still fleas. I don't have a lot of money, so is there another way to get rid of them? The poor lil' thing is always itching.

By Khera from Sarasota, FL

Most Recent Answer

By vicki hood [4]02/14/2012

2 to 2 and a half cups of dry 20 mule team borax for each average size carpeted room. Dust throw rugs, his bed and furniture as well. Leave for 2 weeks before vacuuming for egg, larvae and adult stages. You might try sevin dust for the yard. Don't expose him to fleas from another dog/cat or area that is infested.

Question: Getting Rid of Fleas

What do fleas look like? How do I get rid of them?

By Laurie

Most Recent Answer

By Tracy C. [8]11/30/2011

If the fleas are on the animal you can get sulphur from the pharmacy mix it with lard and rub it on the dog!also the vets have advantage for fleas that I have heard works. If there in your house rugs etc, you will need pest control to spray your home! Good luck.

Question: Getting Rid of Fleas

I was gone for two weeks and I came back to my house and my dog covered in fleas. I need to know a cheap way of getting rid of them asap. My niece is here everyday and I can't let her get flea bites!

By EmilieRA from Lebanon, IL

Most Recent Answer

By vicki hood [4]10/17/2011

Leave the 20 mule team borax for 2 weeks before vacuuming. Thats how long for eggs, larvae and adults. 2 to 2 and a half cups per carpeted room sifted. I like putting some in dogs bed, the couch, the chairs, the throw rugs. I like cedercide granules for natural elimination in the yard. I like a bath for my dog using 2 soapings left on for about 5 minutes each time.

Question: Getting Rid of Fleas

Our dog, Maggie (Yorki-poo) has fleas and skin allergies. We've taken her to her vet. He gave her an injection + Prednisone. And prescribed 1/2 a pill of Pred every other night. This was about 1 1/2 months ago. They gave us another round of (Pred). She still has fleas. We've sprayed the yard at least 3 times; also inside the house, furniture, drapes, everything. Can you tell me anything else we can do? These vet visits are getting really expensive and I hate seeing her so miserable. Please if you can tell us anything else I would so appreciate it. Our kids, grands, and great grands won't come until they are gone. I miss them all so badly.

By doodle-bug from Southern IN

Most Recent Answer

By Lizzyanny [9]07/12/2014

I would try one of the instant flea control products from your Vet. I have indoor cats, so only used it once 7 years ago. Dogs who go outside are a totally different ballgame. I would sure try the diatomacous earth, and then use the flea control products that your Vet recommends. Also keep in mind that skin irritation can also be a food allergy, and not always fleas.

When the fleas are gone, if your dog still is itching, try some hypoallergenic foods until you find the one that works. There are some good posts on this site. Good luck.

Question: Getting Rid of Fleas

I read the post about the mosquito trap and wonder if something like that would work for fleas. My sister has an infestation of fleas that she cannot get rid of.

By K Callahan

Most Recent Answer

By jean99 [6]05/28/2012

Fill pie tins with water and a squirt of dish soap. Instead of pie tins you can use any shallow bowl. Instead of dish soap you can use any soap. Put night lights or small lamps next to each bowl. Use very low wattage bulbs, like those in night lights, or Christmas lights. You can use extension cords with the night lights if you want to place the bowls somewhere that is not close to an outlet.

If fire is not a concern, you can even use floating candles or candles in a holder that will sit inside the middle of the dish. The fleas will jump to the light and fall into the soapy water and die.

You will see a lot of fleas at first and then as the population goes down you will see fewer and fewer fleas until they are all gone. Use just a small squirt of soap. You don't want to see soap bubbles. The soap breaks the surface tension of the water so the fleas cannot stay on top of the water.

If you have pets who might want to drink the water you can put the tins in a bird cage or dog crate on the floor. You can use any type of caging. The fleas will only come to the bowls at night. Make sure the lights are dim like a nightlight. If the whole room is lit up the fleas will not know where to go.

As the fleas start to diminish you may still have fleas hiding in the woodwork. Vibrations make the fleas come out. You can use a vacuum cleaner which will cause vibrations in the floor, or just stomp around a lot before you go to bed.

Make sure that you take all the sheets off your bed once in a while to let any fleas that are trapped underneath get out. After bombing three times without success this is the only thing that worked for me. I'm not sure if the fleas are jumping towards the heat or the light. Nightlights worked fine for me. Let us know how you do.

RE: Getting Rid of Fleas

Question: Using Advantage on a 2 Pound Puppy

I need to know how many drops of Advantage to put on a 2 pound puppy.

By Amy from Brunswick, GA

Most Recent Answer

By Sherri [6]03/31/2010

Please do not put Vaseline on your baby! I have worked for a Veterinarian for over 27 years. This will leave a residue on his/her fur and cause digestive problems. Please call your Veterinarian.

Question: Getting Rid of Fleas

How do you get rid of fleas for good? I tried washing both of my dogs last week and then they came back. So should I wash them again and then add some power on them? What else can I try?

By Tasha

Most Recent Answer

By Linda L. [33]10/29/2012

I swear by Comfortis. It is expensive, however, and you have to get it from a vet or online from Canada, Australia or Mexico.

Question: Getting Rid of Fleas on My Cat

My poor cat has fleas and he is allergic to Fipronil which is the main ingredient in all flea killers.

I have tried everything to get rid of them from vinegar and Dawn baths every night (poor cat), to spraying the house with sprays, vinegar, salt, and baking soda. Vacuuming constantly it is driving both me and my cat crazy. Can anyone help? Thanks in advance for any advice given.

By Susie

Most Recent Answer

By Linda L. [33]10/15/2012

I am loving Comfortis for my dogs-not sure if there is a cat version. It is expensive though, and you have to get it from a vet or order from Canada or Australia online.

Question: Good Remedy for Fleas

What is a good flea cure?

By Charlene from Pittsburgh, PA

Most Recent Answer

By Frugal Sunnie [11]08/31/2012

On another posted question asking for a child safe way to get rid of fleas, I read a answer that has worked amazingly well for us-sprinkle a good layer of table salt on carpeting, beds-yours and the pets, and upholstered furniture and leave overnight. Vacuum up the next morning and repeat weekly for several weeks to end the flea life cycles.

We had been battling a flea infestation due to our very soggy weather over the past year here in Scotland. We'd tried everything including pesticides and were very careful to follow the instructions but the fleas kept coming back. Then I read the answer posted by a member named Stefanilynn and we gave her tip a try.

So far so good and it's been a couple of weeks. We went away on holiday for three days and applied the salt just before leaving. I vacuumed it up when we got home and did find dead fleas in the vacuum cup.

The salt works! If you need a pets and child friendly way to rid your home of fleas, this is the way to go.

Make sure to treat pets with something too-but not the salt because that will irritate the pet's skin, and when they groom they will ingest far too much salt for their good health. We chose to use monthly Frontline treatment for our cat because he was really suffering from the fleas, but there are other products out there to chose from.

Question: Getting Rid of Fleas on Cats

I have two cats. We spray about ever two days for fleas. Nothing is working. We do have a flea collar on them. Would Epsom salt work as the same as plain salt?

By E

Most Recent Answer

By Frugal Sunnie [11]03/17/2012

Fleas are so hard to get rid of! They could be sand fleas coming in with the cats from outdoors, but they will hatch out in the house in carpet, bedding, and upholstery.

The best way to control fleas is to start a dedicated programme that includes very frequent vacuuming of hatching favoured areas, spraying or dusting the house with a flea-rid product making sure to read and follow the directions to the letter, and of course preventive measures on the pets.

Question: Treating Recently Spayed Cats for Fleas

My kittens are 13 weeks old and were spayed 12 days ago. When we brought them home from the shelter, we discovered they were infested with fleas. Are we able to give them a flea bath before the stitches come out?

By Rene

Most Recent Answer

By jan [3]10/15/2011

Most vets use disolvable stitches now when they spay/neuter a cat. They should have given you a hand out of what you can and cannot do. The discharge instructions are different for males and females. If you do not have the paper or do not feel it is clear call your vet and they will tell you if they can bathe or not, make sure you let them know they have fleas and they did not have them before they went in so they can treat the problem at their facility also.

Question: Borax for Fleas

How do I control fleas using borax?

By Missy from Jax, FL

Most Recent Answer

By Betsy04/14/2011

You don't have to pay money for a guide... there's a good one here for free:
It really works, btw!

RE: Borax for Fleas

Question: Best Inexpensive and Long Lasting Flea Remedy

I am having a flea problem, does anyone have any advice on what is the best and long lasting way to get rid of fleas in my home? I am also on a fixed income so I can't afford professional or really expensive remedies! Thanks and I look forward to hearing from all of you.

By Candy from North Myrtle Beach, SC

Most Recent Answer

By Manya01/05/2011

Hey there Candy.

There are two problems to address here; the house and the pets. If you really want to stretch your dollar then go out and buy the appropriate sized flea control for your pets. Frontline is labeled for one month but really works for about three (although I recommend using it monthly for the first 2-3 months).
For cats, apply it the neck, as directed. For dogs; give them a good bath and make sure they are super dry. Apply the frontline down the midline of the back. One spot on the head, and continue all the way to the base of the tail. Be sure to part the hair and apply it all the way to the skin. (You should have about four or five different spots along the back, including the head and tail base).

Now the house. Buy some 20 Mule Team Borax from the store and sprinkle your carpets with it. Use a decent amount, enough to make the carpets white. Then stomp it in! I would leave it there for about a week..letting people walk all over it! (This really works it into the carpets!) After the week, take a vacuum to it! You'll suck up all the visible stuff but the Borax will forever be ground into the carpet. The secret is that the microscopic crystals interfere with the flea's ability to breath and the egg's ability to hatch.

Note: Make sure you cover all carpeted areas, even throw rugs and under the bed.
Frontline doesn't wash off, but hold off on pet baths for a week after application.

Question: Economical Way to Get Rid of Fleas

I have 3 cats, one of which is a kitten, and my house is infested with fleas horribly. How can I get rid of these annoying things and get my babies flea free? Please help.

By Liz from Buffalo, NY

Most Recent Answer

By coolcat5004/17/2011

I have tried every spot treatment and pill that is out there and treated our home. It helped but we still have fleas. I am thinking we will just have to live with them.

Question: Keeping Fleas off Dogs

What is the best way to rid a dog of fleas?

By Jackie from Antioch, TN

Most Recent Answer

By Janette [87]07/14/2010

First of all bathe your dog in Dawn dishwashing detergent. This will kill the fleas immediately. Then rub the dog down with sage. Fleas for some reason hate the smell of this herb. Fresh or dried sage it doesnt matter which one. They both work. Hope you find this useful. ~Janette~

Question: Fleas on My Dog

My dog has flea patches will they go away? I wash her 3 times a week. I just brought a product called Bug Off, but couldn't use it tonight because I combed her too much and her back is pink. I'm frightened this spray may sting.

By Joanne

Most Recent Answer

By Dinah Ackerson [2]02/02/2015

Your dog may have a flea allergy, this can be caused by just one flea bite. Combing your dog is of very little help in removing fleas, their eggs, and larvae. If you are not already providing anti-flea treatments recommended by your vet, please immediately take your dog to check on the "flea patches" for a correct diagnosis and treatment. She is already suffering from fleas bites and needs help.

Note also-If fleas are an ongoing problem, even with anti-flea treatments, your house is a part of the flea cycle and must be continually cleaned-you can search online for "flea life cycle" for an explanation of how to clean your home and your dog's bedding. There will be many results; start with this explanation:

Question: Getting Rid of Fleas on Cats

What is the best flea remedy for cats?

By Joanne

Most Recent Answer

By Dinah Ackerson [2]01/22/2015

A "Best Remedy" is almost impossible as the (cat, dog, etc.) flea is one of the most abundant and widespread species on Earth. Below is an answer I provided to another very recent question about how to deal with just about any type of flea out there. As you will see, the flea has a special life and you and your pet are invited!

My husband is an entomologist so I speak with first hand knowlege and experience.

Flea eggs do not stay on your pet, they quickly drop or roll off as they do not stick to anything. The fleas you find in your house are from the flea eggs that fell off of your pet. Flea eggs are opaque white or almost colorless. What you may see on your dog are immature fleas from eggs on the floor or outside that hatch into fleas and jump back onto your dog. You will also see (many!) small black dots on your dog but these are only flea poop.

The flea eggs in your home and outside are the real problem. Just one female flea can produce 40-50 eggs per day. The eggs fall off and into your house or outside so, either way, your dog will then again attract the immature and adult fleas from their flea parents that may still be living on your dog.

Any dish detergent bath may kill the fleas on your dog, however, you can seriously dry the skin and may cause skin rashes, cause an allergic reaction, etc. and you are not addressing the real problem. The thousands of flea eggs that are still in your house and outside hatch and jump back onto your dog (and you!). So, you and your dog are locked into an everlasting cycle in the life of fleas.

Question: Keeping Fleas Off Pets with Essential Oils

Can you really clean pets with citrus or lavender and keep fleas off them?

By Sharon

Most Recent Answer

By Lizzyanny [9]03/27/2014

Please remember that dogs and cats will always lick their fur. Anything you put on their coats will make it to their digestive tract. Essential oils can be poisonous in an animal's digestive tract.

Question: Getting Rid of Fleas and Preventing Their Return

How do we rid our dog of fleas? And how can we keep her from getting them in the first place?

By Dot

Most Recent Answer

By Ce [4]07/08/2013

I bathe my girls with original blue Dawn dish soap every one to two weeks. I also use original Skin So Soft bath oil from Avon. Both of these products kill on contact. With the SOS I mix one part SOS and five parts water. Keep in a spray bottle. I keep a tiny spray bottle with SOS in my pocket. When I check my girls bellies the fleas will run across and that is when I spray them dead. You don't need much. This stuff smells great. Be sure to rub it into the skin. I also vacuum every day and wash their bedding.

Question: Getting Rid of Fleas on a Dog

Can I mix vinegar and bath oil to spray on my dogs for fleas?

By Margaret

Most Recent Answer

By Lizzyanny [9]07/01/2013

Have you looked at all the products out there? The prices have come down a lot. You are wise to be careful with chemicals, but I would think a dog sprayed down with vinegar and bath oil would be pretty miserable. Not to mention what is going to happen when he licks it off and ingests it. I would have a good look at alternatives before I went this route.

Question: Getting Rid of Fleas on Pets

I can't get rid of the fleas. Every time I think they are gone, they come back. Please offer solutions. Thanks so much!

By Kathy in from Baton Rouge, LA

Most Recent Answer

By Carmen Connell [6]05/01/2012

Only one way you have to treat all animals,with a good reputable product, clean and treat all bedding furniture, etc. Shake some salt (check for color fastness) and it will bring them outwash area rugs vacuum and then dispose of the bag. You can use a shallow pan filled with small amount of water and soap and place a light over it, and it will catch what doesn't get killed by treatment. Good luck, living in the south is a flea's dream.

Question: Getting Rid of Fleas Outside

I have fleas in the gravel between my paving. How can I get rid of them?

By Dave from Billericay, Essex

Most Recent Answer

By Frugal Sunnie [11]04/08/2012

You're going to need a pest control plan for this, the fleas are probably sand fleas, and they are not easy to eradicate. I used to spray the lawn and oyster shell driveway with Liquid Sevin once a month, and I also applied it indoors.

Read the label carefully and follow all directions. It used to work very, very well but it is a bit pricey. Still, bang for buck - it rids your house and yard of not only fleas but roaches, slugs, earwigs, and several other pests. Set the spray nozzle on the 'fan' setting to get an evenly distributed spray pattern.

There are other remedies like dichotomous earth, and boric acid-cheaper but not always effective.

Can't stress enough that you need to read the label and directions VERY carefully to be sure you mix and apply the spray at the correct dosage and time of day, Sevin WILL affect honeybees and you don't want that!

Question: Getting Rid of Fleas on Dogs

I have a small breed Poodle/Maltese mix about 18 pounds. Can I use K9 Advantix II every 4 weeks, as she seem to get fleas in about this time frame?

Would this be harmful to her?

By Bobbye

Most Recent Answer

By Frugal Sunnie [11]03/21/2012

You need to be sure you're killing off the fleas in your house to keep them off your dog-check some of the links under 'related' on this page, and also here:

Question: Preventing a Flea Infestation from a New Cat

How quick can your house become infested with fleas? I have two adult cats that have never had fleas. I brought a new 3 week old kitten into my house 3 days ago and never noticed any fleas at all. Today, I noticed a few fleas and immediately gave him a bath with Johnson's Baby Shampoo and didn't notice any fleas on the towel after I dried him.

If he's been isolated in a room since the day I brought him in the house, do you think I've managed to avoid an infestation? I will get Frontline for my other 2 adult cats, but I'm really hoping my house is clear. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

By Theresa from NJ

Most Recent Answer

By vicki hood [4]09/21/2010

Ditch the frontline. It is poison after all. Get dry 20 mule team borax into all carpets, rugs, furniture. Carpets, 2 cups (or more) dry sifted for average size room. Leave down 2 weeks before you vacuum. It takes 2 weeks for life cycle of egg larvae and adult. No fleas will survive in the house for over a year and a half if you don't reintroduce from the outside. Outdoor yard, fleas will freeze over winter. In spring and summer if no fleas are introduced you should be flea free. I never had to try it but I am told Sevin dust powdered into lawn areas kills fleas but has to be replaced periodically.

Question: Getting Rid of Fleas on a Squirrel

I have a 4-5 month old red squirrel who was paralyzed in his hind quarters. He has no use of one leg and has only regained slight use of his other. He also has no use of his tail. He has fleas and I am at a loss as to how to treat him. Any other information anyone might have would also be helpful. Other wise the little guy is doing great.

By Scott G


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Archive: Getting Rid of Fleas

Does anyone have any ideals for home remedies of ridding fleas from your dogs.


Archive: Getting Rid of Fleas

I need to get rid of fleas. Most remedies from the vet are beyond my budget. I have a cat and a dog. Does anyone have any suggestions that are a bit less expensive side?

Nelwyn from Bunkie, LA

RE: Getting Rid of Fleas

To get rid of them in the house put a small dish of water under a night light in an area where your pets won't drink all the water. The fleas jump for the heat and light of the night light they fall in and drown. I was amazed how many we had in the dish just after one night! (05/04/2006)

By Mary

RE: Getting Rid of Fleas

There is just no substitute for the medications from the vet to get rid of fleas from your pet. Cheaper brands and "home remedies" just don't work well, if at all. Our vet does not require that we buy a whole 6-12 month supply of the stuff. We can buy a month or two at a time, if we so choose or we can't afford more, which I usually can't! Maybe you should ask your vet if you can buy the stuff you need that way. Also, if you have the fleas on your pets and your pets are house pets, your house will have the fleas, too. Call an exterminator!!! (05/04/2006)

By Robin

RE: Getting Rid of Fleas

I have found that Frontline Plus is very good. My little dog was so full of flees I used to bath her every day, and still have flees on her the next day. Now I use frontline plus its great, at first I put it on her every month until the flee problem was taken care of -- now just once every three months dose the trick. (05/04/2006)

By Madeline

RE: Getting Rid of Fleas

You need to keep the eggs from hatching or you will never get rid of them. Precor will do just that. I don't know if you can still get Diazanon{sp} but if you can get it and some Precor mix (heavy) in a 1 gal sprayer. After everyone is in bed and out of the way spray the whole house (good) pay special attention to the edge of the carpet next to the wall. We sprayed under the seats on the sofas any little crack where they can hide

Do it once or twice a week for a month and inside will be flea free. The problem is you have to do something about outdoors also. All the above along with a few drops of Front Line {or something like it}on the doggies and you WILL get rid of them. Is it real cheap? No, but from experience cost becomes a non factor after awhile. (05/04/2006)

By Robert

RE: Getting Rid of Fleas

Here in New Zealand many people use garlic pills. I have 3 very large dogs and they each get one garlic tablet once a week and they never have fleas. Put it in their dog sausage or meat and they don't even know its there. Also, I mix a crushed up 'odorless' capsule in with the cats food and they also do not have fleas. Works extremely well and is very very cheap without adding more pesticides, poisons and cost to your budget. (05/04/2006)

By Ang

RE: Getting Rid of Fleas

Fleas are 60% water! Plan a weekend when you can be away, put all of your houseplants outside, set your thermostat (central heat) the highest it will go, and take yourself and the pets away for the weekend. When you get home, all the fleas (and eggs) will be dead. Your electric bill may be a few dollars higher, but the benefit of not having to use chemicals or multiple treatments is worth it. (05/04/2006)

By Blueyedsis

RE: Getting Rid of Fleas

I use advantage. I buy it on the internet. Ebay had the best prices. There are different weights for dogs and cats. Know what weight your animal is first. Works Great. (05/05/2006)

By chml

RE: Getting Rid of Fleas

I have two dogs, one five years old , one 14 years old. I give them each one garlic capsule each per day. Have not seen a flea in my house in years since I started doing this. (05/05/2006)


RE: Getting Rid of Fleas

We have a JRT who has flea dermatitis. He is on Cyclosporin (for almost two months now) Has been on Prednisone ,Cephalexin (for granulosis on his leg, caused by excessive licking). He is doing better, but don't see him discontinuing the Cyclosporin any time soon. Seventy dollars every two weeks, but this dog is a family member. We have tried EVERYTHING to get rid of his fleas. Frontline is put on every two - three weeks now (as per advice from the main fellow at Frontline). Please buy yours from the vet. Some of the OTC stuff isn't any good.

As for shampoo, have used Malaseb for itching ,also Tea Tree Oil shampoo (pretty good) also aloe + oatmeal cream rinse. Also flea shampoo ,but it didn't help. One thing ,if you bath them once a week or every two ,wait at least three days ,after applying the Frontline and use a shampoo from the vet that won't wash off the Frontline. Some will and you are back at square one. We have sprayed our lawns weekly and use Flea Buster (Borax) in side, everywhere. Brush into carpet, sofa, chairs, etc and then vacuum. I have grown to hate the word "Flea"! Good luck getting rid of them. It has been almost 10 months ,but is getting better. (05/05/2006)

By Susan

RE: Getting Rid of Fleas

Advantix is the best you can use. It not only kills the fleas, but the eggs as well. You can purchase it for about 1/4th of what your vet charges at Drs. Foster and Smith. You can find them online. Home remedies just don't do the job as well as this does. I used to use Advantage, but it doesn't kill the eggs and it burned my dog's skin. He doesn't mind the Advantix a bit. (05/05/2006)

By CiCi

RE: Getting Rid of Fleas

Get some white lime from a feed or garden store and sprinkle it over the yard to get rid of fleas (b)(/b) (05/08/2006)

By Jane

Archive: Getting Rid of Fleas

We moved into a house where pets had lived. My two little dogs started scratching, and so did I. Fleas everywhere. An exterminator told us to wash the inside of our vacuum with Clorox and vacuum daily. I mixed 1/2 Water and bleach and sprayed around my woodwork. I have white carpet, so I used 1 cup bleach in the Carpet Cleaner along with the cleaning solution. I am flea free, at least until next summer. I use liquid garlic on my pets' food, and even rub it into their hair. So far, it works.

By Roni from Zebulon, NC

RE: Getting Rid of Fleas

Another simple and inexpensive way to get rid of fleas, is to sprinkle table salt all over the carpet. Let it set a few minutes and vacumn. Salt dehydrates fleas. We had to do it twice, but never had a problem again. (12/10/2006)

By blessedmomofboys

RE: Getting Rid of Fleas

We used Borax when we lived in North Carolina. We would pour it on the carpet at night before bed making sure to get it around the perimeter really well, in stairs etc. We would sweep it into the carpet. Let it sit over night. The next day vacuum up the carpet. It dries up the eggs and no more fleas. Shelley (12/10/2006)

By Shelley Davis

RE: Getting Rid of Fleas

If your neighbors have pets and don't use flea prevention, you are on your own and your yard will have fleas. You must of course, treat your yard and home, the pet's bedding and everything else. My three dogs are on flea prevention and ony on occasion do I see a stray flea when I bathe my dogs.

Fleas have a cycle you must break in order to get rid of them. My largest dog is on Program and my other dogs are on Sentinel. It's a pill they are given and when bitten by a flea, the flea dies. Good luck. (12/12/2006)

By ldyharley