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Getting Rid of Fleas

Fleas reproduce very quickly so it is best to get rid of them as soon as you become aware of them. Not only do you need to get them off your pets, you need to get rid of them in your home too. This is a guide about getting rid of fleas.

Getting Rid of Fleas in Bedding. Upclose photo of a flea.
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December 16, 2011 Flag
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We had a flea problem inside and outside our home. A friend of mine gave me a bucket of diatomaceous earth or also called DE. She bought it from the local feed store.

My friend uses it on her livestock, as well as, in her food to keep her wheat berries that she grinds in her mill pest free. It coats the wheat berries, but since it's food safe it's okay that she consumes it.

Make sure the kind you buy is food safe. Some pool companies sell it, but that is NOT the kind I am talking about. When you touch it, it feels like chalk. Its abrasiveness is what kills fleas, ants, cockroaches, and more. It dries them up from the inside out! It is not a chemical and is safe to use in the garden as well!

It is recommended that when you use it wear a mask to avoid breathing in the dust.

How to use: I reused an old baking powder container as it had tiny holes in the container. I sprinkled it lightly into our carpets to let it settle down and then let it sit for about 15 minutes. Then, I vacuumed it up. Don't worry about trying to get it all out. The DE will work its way down into the carpet fibers and there will do its work. Anytime a pest comes into contact with it, it will dehydrate them.

One application lasts about a year. It is safe around pets and children. We have not had a single flea found inside or outside our home since. I also used it around our home to get rid of the many ant hills in our yard.

Because it's also food safe, I sprinkle about a half teaspoon in our cat's food dish. When they consume it, it also kills internal parasites.

I called the feed store to see how much it was and they sell a 50 pound bag for $20. It may vary in your neighborhood, but just to give you an idea. The bag she bought has lasted her 7 plus years and the ice cream bucket size she gave me hardly looks touched. A little bit goes a long way.

DE has many more uses. Go here to read more about it. This link (of which I am not affiliated with) has good information: wolfcreekranch

By tasana from MO


August 16, 2016 Flag
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We have had fleas this summer for the first time. I have been treating my cats for 3-4 months, but they still have fleas. I have used a few different kinds of drops on the cats. We are now getting them on us and all over the house. I have been using diatomaceous earth on the carpets and dusting the cats with it and dusting the yard, but we still have fleas! We have been using apple cider vinegar and Dawn dish soap and still have fleas. I have bombed the house and we still have fleas. I feel like we have done everything and nothing has helped! Please any suggestions. I am so itchy. Please help.

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August 17, 20160 found this helpful

Don't waste your money on expensive bombs. Salt sprinkles on your floors, esp' carpeting, will kill them in about 12 hours. Here is a link.

Brewers Yeast is a great way to keep your cats and dogs flea free. The yeast makes the blood taste funny so they don't stay. You can get it at Walmart for about 3.42 for 100 tablets.

You can also put a pie tin of warm water with a few drops of liquid dish soap in it to break up the surface adhesion under a heat lamp or even a regular lamp. They love the water and will jump in and drown.

I hope these help. PBP

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November 12, 2015 Flag
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We recently moved in with a friend and they have 3 dogs, a Pit Bull and two smaller dogs. The entire house is full of fleas. I have tried washing the animals in Dawn and spraying the whole house with apple cider vinegar and lemon juice with water and nothing I've tried is helping. You can't even sit on the furniture without being covered in fleas. I have a two year old and a 9 month old please help?

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November 16, 20150 found this helpful

Sprinkle table salt in carpets, under sheets, and it kills fleas.

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February 23, 2005 Flag
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Editor's Note: Most veterinarians do not advocate the use of garlic with pets as it can be toxic, especially to small breeds. Please consult with your own vet before trying this home remedy.


  • 1 cup cooked hamburger meat
  • 1 tablespoon brewer's yeast
  • 1 clove of fresh garlic, chopped
  • 1 raw egg


Cook hamburger meat in skillet until browned, set aside to cool. Combine egg, garlic, and brewer's yeast. Add to hamburger meat, stir until blended well. Feed to dog.

Note: They love it! Use once a month to control fleas and ticks.

By DeAnn C.

August 2, 2016 Flag
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I am a college student having terrible trouble with fleas in my home! I live in an old house with 3 others and we each have our own cat. We now have fleas and have had them for about 2 months. We have treated the animals twice and finally purchased a prescription pill to kill the fleas on the cats. We have also used borax around our house, a vet recommended pesticide spray and we just bombed our house. I am looking for any other tips or tricks I could use to ensure the fleas are gone. Maybe a cheap homemade spray I could spray around my house? Something that won't harm my baby. Thank you!

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May 20, 2010 Flag

Here is one to try for fleas. Take any kind of baby wipes (mark wipes container for pet use only) and add just 1/4 cup of Skin So Soft to the wipes container. This can be used daily for either cats or dogs.

August 20, 2015 Flag
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How do I get rid of fleas? I've tried everything and am lost. My 5 pound Miniature Pinscher has fleas and I can't bear to see her go through any more. Suggestions please. :)

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June 6, 20160 found this helpful

Do not use Frontline, Advantage or flea dips. Deaths have resulted from the use of these chemical products.

Wash the dogs with Dawn. The bedding must be washed, carpet cleaned. Use Diatomaceous earth outside in the yard. The entire environment must be cleaned and sanitized.

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May 14, 2010 Flag
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I finally called the vet today to tell him how bad they are and we have killed some, but they still hatch out daily. Vet's advice: boric acid for inside, Adams Yard Spray to attach to garden hose to spray under our house, and Diatomite for a perimeter around house.

January 20, 2015 Flag
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What is the best flea remedy for cats?

By Joanne

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June 6, 20160 found this helpful

I agree with not dipping, and don't use Advantage or Frontline. Deaths have occurred from the use of these chemical products.

Dawn is considered pretty safe for an occasional bath. And you do have to wash all bedding and treat the yard with diatomaceous earth where the pets hang out. You have to treat the environment as well as the pet.

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September 3, 2015 Flag
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My cat ha been sneaking outside and bringing a lot of fleas into the house. What are the best home remedies for a very bad case of fleas?

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September 4, 20150 found this helpful

If you've had the cat checked by a vet and there are no health issues, you could try giving the cat brewers yeast, in either tablet or powder form. Years ago, my vet told me about this, when my cats got fleas from a dog I had groomed. The brewers yeast makes the animal's blood taste bad to the fleas, so that they leave the cat (or dog) alone and go elsewhere. It worked for us, and one of my cats loved the tablet so much, she would pick it out of her food and eat it first! If the pet doesn't like the tablet enough to eat it, try crushing the tablet or using the powdered form, and mixing it into the food. We didn't do anything special to rid the house of fleas, but we had no carpeting for them to hide in, so that might have had a lot to do with it. Good luck!

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September 18, 2009 Flag
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I have 5 dogs in my house as well as 5 children. I have a flea problem. My question is: how to I kill the fleas, eggs, whatever that are on all the piles of clothes in my kids room. They leave all their clothes on the floor and I'm sure they are loaded with fleas, because they are everywhere else. Also what do I do with their stuffed animals?

I am about to go crazy. I have a very large house also (3600 sq. ft. 2 floors) so bombing and spraying is very expensive, and I'm not sure it is working. At the moment, I am sitting with a towel on my head with Dawn detergent rubbed into my head and hair. Please help.

By mammatimes5

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September 9, 20130 found this helpful

Eucalyptus oil is poisonous to cats - do not use as a spray or otherwise around them.

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June 25, 2013 Flag
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I have a Lab who is covered in fleas and my home is all hardwood floors. I have read about salt working to kill the fleas in your carpet. I vacuum every day. Can I still use the salt on wood floors?

Kids with the dog.

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