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WD-40 for Removing Stickers

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Don't you just dread trying to remove the gummy, sticky residue from stickers on items you purchase (not including clothing)? Try spraying the sticker with WD 40, let it rest a minute and then gently scrape off. Afterwards wash the area with liquid dish detergent and it's gone. I've used this method for years and it's worked every time. Use good ventilation when you do this, as you would with any chemical product.

By Anne from Massillon, OH



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By sheri [6]12/23/2007

I use my hair dryer! Start at the edge of the sticker or label and start peeling as you apply heat. But be careful as your fingers can get a little warm. Sometimes I get my husbands help. I heat and he peels. Then when his fingers get to warm, we switch! Happy peeling!

By Dean (Guest Post)12/05/2007

Usually applying mineral or olive oil to a sticker and let it set for a while will also remove the sticker with out the smell of an aerosol can propelant.

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