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I want to color my hair at home and i noticed on the box it says in BOLD print to apply on dry, unwashed hair.

What if there is gel and hair spray in my hair. It's not a lot, but I am thinking that might hinder the color?

Paula from GA



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By IMAQT1962 (Guest Post) 02/21/2006


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By Annabelle (Guest Post) 02/21/2006

You are not supposed to wash or brush your hair before you color because it tears up the scalp, and the color is then more likely to cause a rash or bad reaction. It is best if you wash it the night before then color in the morning if that is possible.

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By (Guest Post) 02/21/2006

I never wash my hair before I color it and I use hairspray and mousse both in it. I've never had a problem with it not turning out right.

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I always did my hair color before I showered and washed my hair as the instructions said (for years) and my hair always came out the color it was supposed to. I shower every day so there was only 1 day build up of the mousse that I use. (I now use aloe for my hair instead of mousse). I would follow the directions......

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By Jen (Guest Post) 02/21/2006

The natural oils on your hair help the dye do its job. Unless you use a lot (and I mean a lot) of gel and hairspray, it won't affect the final results. If your hair is crispy, you should probably brush it beforehand to make it easier to apply the dye.

I've been dying my hair at home (except for a few years during the 1990s boom economy when I got it done at a salon) for more than 20 years.

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By Martine (Guest Post) 02/21/2006

You can put the colour over your hair gel and it will work very well because hair colour sticks better to slightly dirty hair. I have been doing my hair for 20 years, so I know for sure it works.

You aren't supposed to wash it beforehand because it washes the oils necessary for the colour to stick well. Also, the colour is supposed to be like a shampoo for your hair and then you condition it afterwards.

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By Mary (Guest Post) 02/21/2006

Well, most people here agree not to wash your hair first. Maybe you shouldn't wash it first, but wet it down. When I color my hair I wet it down, wring and comb it out, then apply the dye mixture. I find it spreads into my hair much easier that way and I don't miss anything. I don't have as many tangles to comb out when I'm through and the color always looks fine and lasts. Use your own discretion. Another hint: hair color will adhere more strongly to the ends of your hair because it is more porous. If you don't want your ends to be darker, apply some conditoner to the ends. This will help to even your color out.

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By Annie Rios Hill 14 1,777 02/21/2006

My sister is a stylist and dirty dry hair is best, though
not slick and grease-y. My ONE tip from experience
is if your natural hair is brown with reds in it and you
decide to dye your hair DARK BROWN not dark auburn, bronzed brown or anything else ...
DARK BROWN turns hair BLACK. This is my first oops
in the self dye I have had in 20 years of coloring off
and on during the years. My hair looks gothic black,
oh well ...

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By kimberly 1 34 02/22/2006

my stylist always colored my hair if i had hairspray or something in it. my one tip is, if your a dirty blonde, DONT use an ash blonde color. you'll turn green. a nasty looking green at that.

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By Paula in ga (Guest Post) 02/22/2006

Hey guys,

Thanks for all the advice. I went ahead like you said and put that color on my unwashed hair. It turned out nice...It really did act like a shampoo and washed away the residue when i put the conditioner that came with the color on it...


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By debbie in sc (Guest Post) 02/22/2006

i've done both, coloring at home and had it done in the salon. i don't believe the "advantage" to coloring dirty hair is better color reception, i think that's just a sylist convenience. however, structurally, i do believe in the advice my stlylist gave me re getting the most out of deep conditioners may also apply to colorings: she asked me the following question, " which absorbs more moisture quickly: a dry sponge or a wet sponge?" the answer is a wet sponge b/c it's already prepared to accept moisture. so the advice re pre-wetting your hair prior to coloring is sound. also, on the same logic, the advice re pre-conditioning your ends to avoid them over absorbing the coloring is also sound on the same priciple.

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By alexx (= (Guest Post) 12/02/2008

Well I dyed my hair "medium brown" and it came out with like light brown and red tint. I liked how it looks red so I decide now to dye it aurburn. Will my hair be to red ? This is only the second time I've dyed my hair. Also I washed it the night before.

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By katie (Guest Post) 12/07/2008

Hello I have had my hair black for almost a year now. Im trying to dye my hair plum. I used a bright plumish colour but it had no affect on the black hair just my brown roots.

Not sure whether to try peroxide or not, If anyone has or have had the same problem or knows what i should do to my hair to get it plum please let me know.

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Help! I was brown all my life, never dyed my hair. Have turned mostly grey, which is fine. Then used henna, which turned it ORANGE! So, I quickly went to the drug store and bought my first box of dye, brown. This turned it sort of copper, but I'm hoping the henna will wash out. Now it is growing back grey, and I'm ready to dye it grey, so it won't be so obvious. But NOWHERE can I read of success stories using grey...anyone use grey and like it?

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By Catfifty 8 11/14/2009

Rinse out the product, then proceed. I use product as well. Before I color, I simply rinse out the gook. No washing first. Make sure you use the conditioner they provide afterward.

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By Catfifty 8 11/14/2009

I just rinse out the goop. To me, the reason I color my hair is to (1) have control over it, and (2) no hassle. Washing the night before is too much like hassle. Rinse and go. Although, I have also done it with the goop in - still ok.

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By LINDA ROLINSKI 25 47 12/07/2009

I never wash my hair before coloring. The natural oils in your hair actually help the color. Afterward I rinse it all out and then use shampoo & conditioner. I make sure I use a neutral color so I don't get any red or green highlights & also so my hair doesn't look dyed. I use a slightly lighter shade on only the top layers and it makes my hair look like it always has. Most people normally have 3 different colors in their hair, so I didn't want to have just one color, and the way I do comes out looking totally natural. I have long hair and don't do the ends. I've been doing this since I found I had 3 gray hairs in my brown hair & no one can tell that I've been dying it. I use L'oreal Excellence or go to Sally Beauty Supply & get the 2 colors that I like there.

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By debera morrow 4 22 02/04/2010

I asked my hairdresser whether products in my hair would be a problem for the dye and she said 'no' the dye will work anyway.

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