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Keeping Lettuce from "Rusting"

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How do you keep lettuce from "rusting" in the frig and for how long?


By Pamela M



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By Linda from Bloomington, IL [76]07/14/2011

This is a tip I got from a recipe newsletter, maybe this one. I live alone so I take a bag of my cut up lettuce (I use Romaine), And divide it so I have 2 ounces each in quart freezer bags. Then wrap a saltine in paper towel and put in with the lettuce. I have used lettuce that was 2 weeks old and it was fine.


What works for me is to place the cut lettuce in a storage container that is lined with a paper towel and then place a paper towel on top before putting the lid on. Doing this soaks up the excess moisture that makes the lettuce go bad more quickly. It takes about a week before the edges begin to turn brown and stays crisp for that long too.

Here's some scientific info about cutting vs tearing - Seems it really doesn't make a difference how you do it:

By Beth [5]07/14/2011

The rust is caused by an interaction between the knife and the lettuce. I use a plastic knife I found at Macy's but you can find them in lots of kitchen stores. It doesn't prevent the rust but delays it for several days.

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