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Craft Ideas Using Baby Formula Scoops

Baby Formula Scoop

If you are a crafter and have, or know someone who has, an infant who is fed formula, you probably have a stash of little formula scoops. This is a guide about craft ideas using baby formula scoops.


Solutions: Craft Ideas Using Baby Formula Scoops

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Tip: Snowman's Pipe From Formula Scoop

I use them for my snowman's pipe.

First, paint any color you want. Smear glue inside the scoop, then stuff Spanish moss inside. Let dry. There, you have a pipe!

    By worrellnorma [3]

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    Question: Craft Ideas Using Baby Formula Scoops

    I took on the task today of organizing my craft room. I found a huge amount of formula scoops from when my kids were babies. Does anyone have any ideas on what I could do with them or make with them? My niece is having a baby soon and I was thinking of making something for the shower with them. Any ideas? Please help.

    By Laura from Chicago, IL


    Most Recent Answer

    By Sandi/Poor But Proud [446]04/23/2010 This is what I submitted a while back. Hope it helps!
    Poor But Proud

    Question: Santa Ornaments Made from Baby Formula Scoops

    We use to make Santa ornaments, using baby formula scoops. Does anyone remember how to do this?

    By Barbara from Coralville, IA


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    By chicken linda11/17/2011

    Funny, I was just requesting some ideas to use up my supply of baby formula scoops. did you get any feed back?