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Changing the Color of Carpet

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Can you change the color of carpet by dying it a different color? does anyone have any suggestions? Need to change from Burgundy to a beige or brown on a budget!

Tammee from Kentucky



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By Michelle (Guest Post)08/11/2005

I am trying to change the color from beige to a darker green or brown. There has to be a way to just dye the carpet. Does anyone have any tips?

By Ross (Guest Post)08/01/2005

There are several companies that offer carpet dyeing.You can find them in your local yellow pages.
One such company that I have used is called rainbow International. Carpet stores are only interested in selling you new carpet.

By cj [4]01/02/2005

but bear in mind that you can only go darker--you won't be able to get to beige from burgandy.

By Tawnda [7]11/23/2004

This may be a question for Home Depot as for doing it on your own...I know that you can have it dyed though. A friend of ours was selling a home and could not afford to replace the carpeting that was almost white and had stains on it so they had it dyed. She said it wasn't that expensive, but hers was a small home. A lot would depend on the square footage. Call a local carpet store and just ask if you know your sq. footage.

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