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Uses for Avocado Skins


Are their any uses for avocado skin? Is it harmful at all? I've thought about blending the skin and using it as some sort of facial or skin scrub, but I'm skeptical on whether it's beneficial or not. Thanks!

By Ashley from Lawrence, KS


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By Terri 2 5 12/30/2009 Flag

It would make a great facial (and body) scrub. However, I recommend using only organic, otherwise the pestisides could react with your skin. I always use organic when it comes to scrubs, just in case. Good luck.

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By Michawn 18 487 12/30/2009 Flag

Turn the peel inside out, where the "meat" was and rub on skin, but blending up the peel, would be really hard on a machine and you could have all sorts of chemicals on your body. Organic, doesn't mean NO chemicals, they could be using "from the earth" chemicals ie. chrysanthemum (which is toxic to cats and sometimes dogs), don't think that "organic" means no chemicals, it just may mean no MAN made chemicals. Either way, keep the outer peel for the compost.

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