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Homemade Lamp Oil

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Does anyone out there have a recipe for homemade lamp oil? If you do I sure would appreciate it. Thanks again folks.

Jamish from Ransom, Kansas



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By Therese02/05/2008

I was WRONG!
You can use most any oil in an old kerosene type lamp!!
In fact you don't even need the old lamp. I just made one in
a jar with a cotton wick, piece of pumice stone (they float) and
No recipe and nothing fancy but it works just fine.
Just google "olive oil" lamp and you will find lots of info.
Or go to Lehmans and get the parts to make a fancy one. ;) ... p;itemType=PRODUCT&iProductID=47

RE: Homemade Lamp Oil

By Therese01/27/2008

Unless you have a REALLY OLD lamp... todays (last 70 years) lamps
use Kerosene in one form or another; at least that I am aware of.
Not exactly something you can 'make' at home.

By Mary [2]01/11/2007

I would also love to have that recipe as the oil sold all are made with Paraffin, which is not good for our lungs. (Amer. Lung Assoc.). I love oil lamps but do not use because of that. Thanks!

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