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House Training a Dog

My friend has a little Yorkie terrier. It will not do his potting outside, but will do it inside. It can be outside for hours and not do anything. Is this the way they are? Can something be done about it? My daughter had a Yorkie and it did the same thing. She ended up giving it away.


By Margaret S. from Corrigan, TX

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August 23, 20090 found this helpful

Sometimes we give our dogs mixed messages by sometimes letting them pee and poo on dog pads and then taking them outside to do their business. The best thing to do is choose one or the other. If your dog is going inside and you want her to pee and poo outside.

Take the pee pad outside and rub the scent on the grass where you want her to pee or take the poo and put it on the grass where you want her to go. Take her out every hour if possible during the day to the spot you placed the poo and rubbed the urine on the grass, remember small dogs have small bladders. Make sure you have treats with you to give her. Let her sniff around the spot and i know she will go praise her give her a treat and always take her to that same spot. She will catch on in no time. Please give it time but be consistent.

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September 3, 20090 found this helpful

Take the dog for a walk where other dogs walk and it will go to the bathroom outside when it smells their pee and poo. It will enjoy the walk, and dogs should be walked everyday. After it gets used to doing it's business outside, it will probably ask to go outside at home also.

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August 14, 20090 found this helpful

I want to know how I can break my dog from going in the house. I take her outside and walk her and she will not go. As soon as I bring her inside she uses the bathroom. Help.

By cdiane from Atlanta, GA


House Training a Dog

Does your dog go in the same place every time? If so, there's odor in the area that isn't removed and the dog goes to that place. Use an enzyme activated cleaning agent to remove odor.

Also, take the dog out on a scheduled time everyday and to the same place. If you have potty pads to lay on the floor in your home, you might be successful at getting the dog to use it and then carry it each time outdoors to the spot where you want the dog to go until the dog is house trained. Could be your dog is head strong and that will require more time and patience, but remain consistent.


My daughter's chihuahua is potty pad trained and she has helped to get my own dogs to use the potty pad even though they are taken outdoors too. Good Luck. (06/23/2009)

By Lorelei

House Training a Dog

Here is what I would try:

First I would pick a place to go and then make it stand out by putting a little bit of the dog's stool there. I would mark the word "outside" with a treat about 100 times. See for marker training info. This simply means a fun time and a chance to start to be educated. The dog is confused and nervous and unsure what to do.

Take a hot dog and cut it into a lot of small bits. I would say it would make about 25 or 30. Calmly go to the door and open it. Say "Outside" and smile at the dog, while staying calm. You do not move, it is the dog's job to move. Lean against the door frame and look relaxed.

Move your hand with a treat piece in it outside the step of the door. If the dog follows, say 'Yes" not too excitedly. One second after throw a treat at the dog. Call him back in. Repeat this again. It is important that the treat not be given as the dog is going outside, but one second after going outside.
Keep doing this, as many times as you have pieces of that one hot dog.

After about two or three days of 30 repetitions each of the game "outside with hot dogs". You are ready to start shaping his behavior when you see him going on the floor. Now is the time to say "Outside" in a firm, confident and hurried voice, jump into going outside. Have some dried treats about you or in your pocket for this. (cut up jerky dog treats or something that won't really spoil). Little pieces.


Run towards the door like it is a happy thing you are doing. Go to the spot where you will have him go. Calmly drop a treat when he is there. Start slowly wondering around the area in a relaxed manner and looking at the grass, eventually he will go and it is your job to catch him at it. After he has finished going say "Yes" and drop a little piece of treat. Praise, praise, praise, and pat and make a whole party out of pooping and peeing, clap your hands, etc.

After a while this should help the dear become a little less confused. When you can't catch him sniffing around the rugs or floor as every dog will do before going, then be kind and crate him so he can't make any mistakes.

All dogs throw a fit about a crate. Cover it up and put in earplugs and take him out every so often, you just don't want to leave him in there forever. The best way to house train is to set aside a day to watch for sniffing and squats that way you can act right before and teach more effectively.

Good luck, have fun, mark that good behavior.

Robyn (06/24/2009)

By Robyn Fed

House Training a Dog

Also, a dog needs to go out immediately after sleeping, eating, playing, running around the house or drinking. This maximizes the chance you will catch the dear girl doing her business then you can mark one second after with "yes" and a treat of cut up into little pieces, dog bacon like treat. Sorry for using the wrong pronoun for your girl. I don't know why I always call all our animals "He" either. My husband says I am going to give all of them a complex. (06/24/2009)

By Robyn Fed

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June 23, 20090 found this helpful

How long does it take to house train a Schnauzer/Poodle mix?

Ana from Providence RI


House Training a Dog

If no medical problems, try crate training. Make sure the crate is not too big or he will just use a corner of it, but if the right size he will wait until you let him out of the crate to potty. When you are home just watch him like you would do a child and you will learn his signs for when he is about to potty (sniffing, circling, etc.) and then take him outside. (02/24/2009)

By cats4me

House Training a Dog

If you can't be home all day, I agree with the crate training. Take them outside as soon as you let them out of the crate. We just housetrained a 6 month old puppy. We used the crate for bedtime to avoid night time accidents.

I am able to be home during the day, so I took him out every 3 hours on the dot. He was going every time at first. After a few days he wouldn't go after 3 hours, so we'd try again in an hour. Eventually I was able to lengthen the time in between trips outside. There were still a couple of accidents. They need to build up their bladder control. I think it took us about 3-4 weeks. Now he alerts with whines when he needs to go out. (02/24/2009)


By TraceyI

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February 23, 20090 found this helpful

How can I get my dog to stop wetting all over the house?

Darcey from Johnsonburg, PA

House Training a Dog


House Training a Dog

You have to limit the area the dog is in. We kept our puppy in the kitchen the first few weeks with newspaper on the floor. When she went on the paper we brought it and her outside and let her sniff it and then walked her around for a little while. Eventually it sunk in and she is a perfectly mannered dog now. (03/05/2008)

By Jane

House Training a Dog

Was your dog housebroken before? From the picture, it looks like you have an older dog. You need to take him/her to the vet and find out if there is a serious medical condition that is causing the problem. My best dog had diabetes and the manifestation of it was uncontrollable urinating. With medical help, insulin, this was stopped. Best of luck with your sweet dog. (03/17/2008)

By Jazzylazzy

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